Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

At this point Daily Mom has introduced a variety of diaper bags to our readers, from glamorous SugarJack to functional Ergo backpack, fun and colorful spring Amy Kathryn bags and even a daddy diaper bag, Diaper Dude.

But what happens if you don’t fit into the the glamorous type, the sporty backpack type or the girly type? What about all those hipster moms that seem to have coolest personal style to be envied? What if you’re a bit of a cool tomboy?

What’s a girl to do?

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

{Bag pictured above is a Lassig’s Green Label Backpack}

The answer is Lässig bags. Only a brand whose name translates from German as “casual” and says things like “We languidly do without PVC, nickel, azo dyes, cadmium and phthalates. And we partly even nonchalantly resort to recycled materials and organic cotton in our manufacturing process” can be cool enough to be worn on the shoulders of those whose style we wish we had.  So in the meantime we can try to copy their style and attempt to have their attitude by wearing the “hippest” (did we just say that?) bag around.

Before I go any further, let me just give you a visual:

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The biggest dilemma would be which style to pick and then which color/design to buy.


One of the biggest benefits of Lassig bags over some of the other diaper bags on the market is that among its wide range of styles Lassig features a very compact and highly organized interior system, number of well organized pockets and separators for any diapering and personal need.

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Take the above backpack for example. A backpack by its nature tends to be a slouchy structure-less bag that you tend to “throw” things in. Instead the Green Label Backpack is so well organized that you will find yourself using it in all situations. The main area of the backpack is separated by one big divider with a zipper at the top, with smaller dividers that are meant to expand and contract depending on your need. You can even unclip some of them if you don’t use them.

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

One of the dividers sports a mesh pocket for diapers and a cut out pocket for a wipes case on one side and elastic band pockets for diaper cream and other tubes on the opposite side. The exterior back of the bag has another zip up pocket that is the full length and width of the bag that stores a very stylish and compact changing pad.

Among other accessories included with this bag you will find:

  • zippered pouch
  • insulated sippy cup/bottle holder that is just as stylish as the bag itself
  • water repellent wet pocket
  • removable compartment for jars
  • hooks for a stroller

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


We, humans, were only given two hands and one has to wonder if evolution should not have done a bit better by helping us grow another hand or two. I am sure moms of multiple kids will agree. In this day and age, we, mothers, have to do everything, so our hands should not be occupied by diaper bags. Throw it on both shoulders to save your back. Instantly your posture improves (who can’t use that), your hands free up, and the weight of a heavy bag is distributed evenly on your shoulders.

The relief you will feel when you don’t have to lug a heavy diaper bag on your one shoulder and a heavy baby on your other hip will ensure that this is the only diaper bag you will use for casual outings (and maybe even not-so-casual events).

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

From one mom to another:

I don’t consider myself a stylish or a hipster mom by any stretch of imagination. I am just your average mom trying to find things that work for me. That being said, I’ve gone through about 4 different diaper bags in the last year.  I love all 4 of them, but the one I keep using over and over again is the Green Label Backpack.

I have a problem with my posture which contributes to my back pain that has gotten worse since I gave birth and having a heavy backpack full of diapers and baby clothes has helped me straighten out as well as take that uneven weight off my shoulders. It is the kind of diaper bag that is truly made with moms in mind, from organizers to style and design to quality. And knowing that I am buying from an environmentally conscious company has made me feel so much better about where my money is going.

Lassig Diaper Bags: Casual Versatility Meets Hipster Chic 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


LASSIG STORE: All bags OR Green Label Backpack
AMAZON: All bags OR Green Label Backpack

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Photo Credit: The Art Of Making A Baby



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