Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Sugarjack is the diaper bag for the glamorous mom.

Now, we know that motherhood is not always glamorous. In fact, you might be lucky if you can get out of the house with clean hair AND a clean outfit. But with a Sugarjack diaper bag on your arm it is easy to forget that you aren’t a celebrity. The bags are so luxurious and functional that you will feel an instant confidence boost.

Sugarjack bags are designer leather bags and the quality of the leather is obvious from the moment you put your hands on it. Their bags come in so many styles and colors that you just can’t help but want every single one of them!

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Sugarjack bags come loaded with many additional, high-quality accessories. Each one comes with a luxury changing mat, insulated bottle holder, a zippered pouch for wet items, and a zippered bag for your use, or for holding baby’s pacifiers, diaper creams, etc. The bags also come with a gorgeous drawstring bag! Here is what their website has to say about the precious, organic drawstring bag:

Each Sugarjack baby bag is placed in a drawstring bag to protect the leather. This bag can be placed on the door of your nursery to store diapers or as an overnight bag. The design includes a unique hand drawn print commissioned exclusively for Sugarjack. The fabric is made entirely from bamboo fibre. It is 100% biodegradable and is a breathable fabric with anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

For those evenings when you and your husband can manage a date night and your mother is staying with your little one, you don’t have to transfer all of your lipstick, credit cards and hand creams from your diaper bag to a purse.

Why not? Because Sugarjack makes bags that do double-duty! This bag is great for converting from diaper bag to purse and back in less than a minute! Simply unsnap the baby organizer and you have a stylish handbag that no one would ever guess was a diaper bag!

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We believe that being a mom means that you are putting your child’s needs and wants ahead of your own. However, we don’t think that you should sacrifice your own style for your motherhood functionality! Sugarjack bags are able to do everything that other diaper bags do, but they are also exquisite and luxurious on top of being incredibly versatile!

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There are more pockets than things you could find to put in them! The front pocket is large enough for your tablet, there is a phone pocket in the baby organizer, and with the additional matching zipper bags and changing pad, all you need to add are diapers, wipes and a bottle! Additionally, all of the bags come with internal hooks; or in the case of Ava, at the base of the strap, to which buggy clips attach so that you are able to safely and securely clip your bag to your stroller without damaging the leather handle.

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Why We Love Sugarjack

I fell in love with this Sugarjack Ava bag from the moment I received it! The leather is designer quality, and the color is a rich, metallic grey. I am able to use this bag as a purse until my husband and I have our own little one and can put the baby organizer in for good! And does anyone guess that my gorgeous new handbag is really a diaper bag? No one could even tell!

I was able to put it into good use while watching a friend’s sweet baby! It fit the cloth diapers, wipes and solution, bottle and I still had room for my phone, keys, and makeup bag – not to mention the front pocket where I had put a wet bag and a change of clothes!

Being the fashion addict that I am, I can truly appreciate a good handbag when I see it – and Sugarjack takes the cake!  This is the perfect diaper bag for any stylish woman who calls herself a mom!

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Sugarjack 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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