The Perfect Toys for 2 Year Olds to Inspire Wonder and Joy

There’s nothing more fun than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. You have colorful twinkling lights, all the pretty wrapping, ribbons and bows, and of course, the presents. So let’s get shopping for the perfect toys for 2 year olds!

From sustainable wooden toys and snuggly plushies, to must-have storybook sets and ride-ons that get them moving, these toys for 2 year olds are sure to produce smiles and lasting memories on Christmas morning!

Amazing Toys for 2 Year Olds to Add to This Year’s Santa List

Coco Village

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Beautiful, lasting, heirloom-quality toys make the holiday season extra special. This season, Coco Village offers all of this and more with a beautiful line of toys for 2 year olds that will feed your child’s imagination.

There’s nothing like the perfect cup of coffee on a cold winter day, so invite your little one to share that joy with the Toy Wooden Coffee Maker Set. Put your orders in now, because your little barista will want to stay busy all day! By putting the sweet size-appropriate capsules into the coffee machine, they get to stir the coffee in the tiny cup using the equally tiny (and equally precious) spoon. Need it to go? No problem! This carrying basket and to-go cups can facilitate any order they can create.

Family dinners at the kids’ table will be the envy of all the grownups in the room with the Coloring Washable Tablecloth & Marker Set. This unique table accessory can make the special time spent around the table even more precious this winter, with this fun design filled with winter activities and snowflakes. Enjoy the creativity of your littlest family members year after year with this washable tabletop activity and enjoy the memories that come with it.

Dinosaurs create a sense of adventure, wonder, and creativity. Couple dinosaurs with music, and you have one of the perfect toys for 2 year olds. Give a gift that your littlest love can grow with. The Dinosaures World Wooden Music Box is filled with soft, gentle shapes and colors, while a whimsical scene is accompanied by gentle, relaxing music that will lull them to sleep. This music box is also a safe product for children, as it’s crafted with beech wood and eco-friendly paint. Small features are perfect for small hands, so as they grow, they’ll love to hear their music box as often as they choose.

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Is it going to be your first Christmas with your grandchildren or a special new preschooler? Are expectations from you high and you want to buy the best toys for 2 year olds for them? In that case, Alphapals has something extraordinary to offer. Alphapals Rainbow Backpack Set is multi-purpose, enhancing fun, holiday spirits and coziness. This backpack is here to snuggle, and it’s uber-soft! Not only that, it carries all of the adorable alphabet letters.

It doesn’t end here, these adorable alphabet letters can be the best source to engage your kids in early homeschooling, thus making learning fun, engaging and exciting. The letters’ vibrant colors add to their visual exploration and differentiation. These stuffed letters will become the little ones’ obsession, and they’ll carry them around everywhere. You’re welcome, parents!

Douglas Cuddle Toys

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Bring fairytale adventures to life with the Douglas Cuddle Toys noble plush dragons! If your child loves these mythical creatures, they will be thrilled to receive a collection of different dragon species. Featuring an array of specially selected designer fabrics, these dragon stuffed animals are crafted with rich, plush materials featuring a textured scale pattern for realistic fun. Whether these toys for 2 year olds play the role of faithful guardian or worthy adversary, the plush dragons are sure to be a fun and exciting addition to any mythical quest!

DOUGLAS classic animals have gestures and expressions that clearly distinguish them. Their faces evoke a sense of connection and endearment. Unusual breeds and hard-to-find species are easy to find in the extensive DOUGLAS line.

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FAO Schwarz

Some kids are mesmerized when they watch a train go around the Christmas tree. This year, give your kids magic they’ve only seen in Disney movies. Add the FAO Schwarz Ride on Train to your holiday shopping list and watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning! This ride-on train includes 15 feet of track, allowing your child to travel around the tree and presents. It can move forward and backward and has three incredible train sounds.

Are you wondering how many batteries you’ll need to keep this train operational? The train requires one, non-universal alkaline battery. The headlight comes with a rechargeable battery. Children ages three and up will love riding on this train. And even though it makes us think of the holiday season, there’s no reason this train can’t be used year-round!

Storytime Toys

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Over the years, we’ve found that classic toys and games are often overlooked in favor of toys that seem to provide some sort of “educational value” in the form of flashing lights (and way too many batteries). However, we’ve found that toys for 2 year olds that encourage our children to build, act, move and engage seem to have longer playtime than those that just make a lot of noise.

Storytime Toys does just that by bringing childhood classics to the next generation in a brand-new way. With Goldilocks and the Three Bears, let your kids fully immerse themselves in the classics this Christmas.

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Make the setting of a story come to life as you and your child build out the Giant’s Grocery Store in Jack and the Giant’s Grocery Store and Beanstalk, just like in the story! Read the included storybook and then use the included characters to act out your own version of the tale.

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Each set is made of yoga mat material and high-quality card stock that can sustain even the toughest little builders. The pieces fit together like a 3-D puzzle and fold flat in a portable carrying case conveniently designed to fit on your bookshelf. Assembling the Away in a Manager Nativity Story is as easy as pressing tabs into place. No tools or screws are required.

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

With Arthur’s Tree House, kids can read a story, play, and imagine themselves as part of the story while building out the details. They will love Storytime Toys so much, that you’ll quickly be looking for another story to jump into!


The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Slumberkins books and cuddly creatures help parents and caregivers teach important social-emotional skills while raising resilient, caring, and confident children. The Alpaca Bundle supports stress relief. The bundle features the adorable Alpaca Kin or Snuggler, as well as an affirmation card and two books (Alpaca Will Be There and Alpaca Holds Your Worries). Alpaca teaches children to share their worries with trusted friends and family during difficult times reminding them they are not alone.

Slumberkins offer a variety of adorable creatures with accompanying books that focus on everything from Conflict Resolution and Emotional Courage to Gratitude and a Growth Mindset. Slumberkins boasts a new Apple TV Jim Henson Show featuring the loveable Slumberkins critters, too.

The Bigfoot Bundle focuses on self-esteem. The bundle features the cuddly Bigfoot Kin or Snuggler, as well as an affirmation card and two books (Bigfoot, You are Lovable and Bigfoot Copes with Hurt Feelings). The Kin is a soft traditional plush friend, while the Snuggler is a small, cuddly, blanket friend. Slumberkins, created by a special education teacher and a family therapist, is an emotional learning brand with the mission to empower children to be caring, confident, and resilient.

iPlay iLearn

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

iPlay iLearn produces toys for 2 year olds that provide children with the opportunity to develop the most necessary skills for the 21st century: collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving. Their line of toys that are both fun and educational are great toys for 2 year olds this holiday season.

The Pirate Ship Playset comes with a pirate base camp, a big pirate ship, a small pirate ship, five pirate figures, plus additional pieces such as a flagpole, a shark, a parrot, and a treasure chest. Kids can use their imagination to create exciting adventures with this pirate ship playset. With a popular pirate theme, this 3-in-1 playset comes with adorable accessories.

These help children develop their imagination and creativity while playing. It helps improve children’s fine motor skills, cognitive ability, and communication skills while playing, as well as encourages imaginative play and creates more interesting pirate adventure scenes. These toys for 2 year olds are made of toddler-friendly materials and are full of cute details.

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

The iPlay iLearn dinosaur toy set comes with a dinosaur-shaped storage box and is easy to assemble into a big dinosaur. The assembled dinosaur has lights and a real dinosaur roar, also has small wheels on the feet so you can push it forward. The handle on the top of the box makes it easy to take anywhere you want. The robot toy building set consists of 5 take-a-part dinosaurs: Pterosaur, T-Rex, Velociraptor, Centrosaurus, and Triceratop. The realistic multi-color design can attract children’s attention to creatively assemble.

Every detail of the dinosaurs is designed according to real dinosaur proportions, with a high degree of simulation, strong limbs, flexible tails, and opening mouths as well. This transforming robot toy allows kids to explore different possibilities, enhance their imagination and improve motor skills. It is a good tool for STEM education for early childhood.

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Universal Brand Development

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Celebrate 40 years with the most adorable, friendly lost alien – E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial. The ET Plush Figure brings the beloved alien to life when you press its finger you hear iconic movie phrases – “Be Good,” “ET Phone Home,” “Ouch,” and more. Movie fans of all ages can’t help but press the finger, again and again, to hear E.T.’s famous words and see the finger light up.

The E.T. Plush Figure is the perfect way to share this iconic ‘80s movie with your family for the holidays. The 11-inch, Mattel E.T. Plush Figure has a molded plastic head and a soft, plush body. Of course, the E.T. Plush Figure is great for cuddling but it does make a terrific display piece for a fan, too.

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Be good. Give E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 40th Anniversary Ornament with Light and Sound a home on your Christmas tree this year. Movie fans and children of all ages will delight in the adorable E.T. ornament. When you press the button, his chest glows red and you hear iconic phrases from the movie like “I’ll be right here,” “Elliot,” and “Ouch.” The ornament is 2.25 by 4 by 2 inches – the intelligent, extra-terrestrial will look perfect on your tree.

The Fisher-Price Little People Collector E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial Special Edition Figure Set features E.T., Elliot, and Gertie. You can share your love for the 1982 heartwarming film with your littles this holiday season. The adorable 3 Little People figures are perfect for playtime and imagination, but come packaged for a movie fan’s display shelf.

Play Maysie

Every Christmas, parents want to buy awesome toys for 2 year olds that will put a smile on their faces and get them jumping for joy. So what better way to get that spark of excitement in your child than a beautiful dollhouse from Play Maysie. These lovely portable dollhouses fold out on both sides for a mess-free play environment and, best of all, the pieces won’t get lost.

Inspired by vintage tin lunch boxes, you’ll want to collect all three bundles, including the Home (living room & kitchen), Cozy (bedroom & bathroom), and Wild (camping & fishing). Your little munchkin will be engaged and entertained for hours. This dollhouse makes taking your kids anywhere during the holidays easier because they can bring these toys with them!

The portable Home Case Bundle includes the home case, canvas carrying strap, a 12-piece set of wooden magnetic accessories, a set of super soft six hand-sewn fabric dolls, a drawstring pouch, two interchangeable floors, and a cute sunshine luggage name tag.

This beautiful Travel Dollhouse features a living room on one side and a kitchen on the other. There’s a wooden sofa, coffee table, and plant on the magnetic living room floor and a wooden sink and dining table on the magnetic kitchen floor. Your kiddo will pretend to cook in the kitchen or play in the living room. It will also help your child develop fine motor skills and strength by using her fingers to move the wooden magnets and dolls in Play Maysie’s dollhouses.

This holiday season, enhance your child’s creativity with Play Maysie’s super cool dollhouses and keep your kids engaged with hours of imaginative play. 

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This Christmas, give your little munchkin the most adorable friend they bring to school or trips with them every day. My First Pac Pac Luna from Miniware is the cutest unicorn backpack your little one will love and will take it everywhere she goes. This cute backpack is made from sustainable, earth-friendly materials and has a fluffy exterior that gives your little ones with separation anxiety a soothing and soft experience.

The adjustable padded straps keep your child super comfortable and ready to start their day. Luna has a large interior with plenty of padding and sectioned compartments to maximize storage space. One of the best features is the insulated bottom compartment, which keeps food fresh. Luna is the perfect backpack for school, camping, and trips to Grandma’s house. This backpack will quickly become your little princess’s favorite travel companion. So surprise your kiddo this Christmas with the prettiest Pac Pac from Miniware.


The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

The 32-Piece Pastel Mini Pack will spark the imagination as you and your child build unique creations together with 16 squares, 8 isosceles triangles, and 8 equilateral triangles. Connetix magnetic tiles grow with children as their play becomes more complex. The beveled design gives Connetix strength while allowing clear refractions to shine through the earth-toned pastel tiles. Your children will immerse themselves in STEAM learning as they build and create.

French Knot

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

Give the gift of timeless elegance, with a hand-knitted and beautifully embroidered piece from French Knot, such as this sweet animal friend named Sophia. Sophia the Cat is hand felted and embroidered by artisans in Nepal. She is made with love and cannot wait to be a part of your family this holiday season. Standing 15″ tall, her legs can bend to sit and strike a pose.

Using high-quality, brightly colored yarns with intricate embroidery and detailed patterns to create lasting designs that can be passed down for generations as family heirlooms, you truly won’t find designs like these anywhere else but from French Knot. Be sure to check out French Knot’s collection of mittens, scarves, hats, sweaters, pet clothing, and Christmas decor for your home and for your tree, like their new angel tree toppers!


The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

This Christmas, watch your little one open the lovely Tara Doll. The perfect doll for telling stories and exploring diverse cultures, Tara will enable children to introduce diversity through pretend play and cultural exploration. Tara is made by Culturorama Toys, which is a women-owned enterprise that creates beautiful Indian dolls. Their multicultural toys for 2 year olds promote understanding and inclusivity among young children. Tara is a super soft and huggable doll designed in the USA and handcrafted by women artisans in India. She is made from 100% cotton and detailed with hand embroidery.

This adorable 16-inch doll has wide black embroidered eyes, a sewn-on nose, a cute smile, and eyebrows. She also wears a delightful Bindi in the center of her brow, stunning matching bangles on both hands, and she comes with her hair styled. Tara likes to sing and paint, and when she grows up, she wants to be the CEO of her own company. She is popular at school, and Tara always watches out for her friends and stands up for them against anyone being unkind or unfriendly.

A generous portion of the sales from Culturorama Toys is donated to educate girls in India through partnerships with women-owned small businesses. They hope that by implementing this initiative, more women and girls in India will be able to lead happier, healthier lives, and they strive to impact and change as many people as possible. Join Tara and her friends to diversify your toy box this Christmas and explore Indian culture and all it offers.

Bedtime Defenderz

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

When it’s time for lights out, nightmares better watch out! The Bedtime Defenderz team is on a mission to protect kids from the bad guys when it’s time to turn in for the night. Magnus is the leader, Bruno is the brawn, Lex is the heart and soul, El Soñador is the scrapper, and Zigy is the speedster. Each of the 5 heroes is 10 inches tall and made with high-quality plush material.

They’re soft and tough (and also surface washable, which is a must for toys for 2 year olds). Each Defender comes with a comic book to read at bedtime, along with a power band (slap bracelet) your youngster can use for role-play communicating with their Defender. Each one’s belt buckle also glows in the dark to ward off the bad guys so your little one can get to sleep easier.


The holidays are a time to travel, so many people plan to visit family or go on road trips. However, it is important to pack lightly, given the limited space available in cars and airplanes. Toys tend to be the first thing to disappear from the packing list, which upsets the little ones. 

However, Riderz stuffed animals like Briana the Bunny are designed to reduce travel clutter and keep kids entertained for hours. These adorable 9” stuffies will fit most cup holders in cars, strollers, and backpack water bottle holders. The Riderz stands up straight thanks to its weighted bean-filling bottom and soft-filling upper body. The adorable Briana the Bunny, like the rest of the Riderz’s stuffies, includes a handy mesh pocket that can store treats, stickers, notes, and other small accessories. 

The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy

This Christmas, make holiday travel easy with Riderz! These adorable stuffed toys for 2 year olds will keep your little munchkin entertained for hours, making your holiday journey relaxing and peaceful. 

Santa has it easy this year with this fantastic list of toys for 2 year olds. Spirits are sure to be merry and bright on Christmas morning with any one of these fun and festive finds. Kick back with a cup of coffee and a camera, mama, and get ready for squeals of gift-opening delight!

Don’t get run down shopping for toys for 2 year olds: Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care!


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The Perfect Toys For 2 Year Olds To Inspire Wonder And Joy



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