14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts for the Outdoors

Sure, kids love video games, books, and dolls, but wouldn’t it be nice to get the children in your life something they can do while outside? Playing outside allows kids to explore the natural environment, test their physical limits, and build self-confidence. Outdoor play also can mean more mess, which we all know means more fun! So this holiday season get the little one’s in your life some of these Fabulous Kids’ Gifts for the Outdoors!


If you’re wondering what type of “big gift” Santa may be bringing your kiddo this holiday season, perhaps the elves will be assembling a new bicycle from woom! The innovative, ultralight woom 6 makes a great gift for a child of ages ten to fourteen.

This impressive bike has eight gears and is engineered with premium-quality aluminum, 26″ wheels, and a generous trail angle, which makes it easy to handle. Ergonomically designed, this bike’s sitting position offers supreme comfort, no matter how long the ride.

Additionally, the woom 6 comes with a preinstalled legged kickstand, as well as side protection to lean against walls. The two independent V-brakes are carefully designed to provide maximum stopping power, security for your child, and peace of mind for you! It also has Jagwire cables that provide reduced friction and smooth performance.

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

While biking over winter break, safety comes first! Woom offers kids’ bike helmets to provide your children with maximum protection while biking, but also skateboarding, skating, or participating in other sports.

Available in three sizes (XS, S, and M), be sure to check the size chart and grab one that fits your child best. Helmets are designed with scratch-resistant, smooth polycarbonate and are lined with an EPS foam inner shell for comfort and safety.

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

These helmets come with a specially designed bumper that provides additional protection to the face and features a reflective woom logo that increases visibility, even in low-light conditions. The internal air channels offer maximum ventilation, reducing sweat and keeping heads cool. Make their holidays merry and bright this year with gifts for the outdoors from woom!

Power Pony

Do you want to get some special gifts for the outdoors for your little one? Do your kids have a passion for ponies? This Power Pony is just right for you – you’ll be the best parent ever this Christmas! Riding on this majestic pony, your kid will feel like a royal.

Power pony comes with all the tools and is super easy to assemble. The colorful lighting and pony sounds make playing even more fun. Furthermore, the handles near the pony’s ears ensure stability and confidence while riding it.

You can choose the color of your kid’s preference. There’s only one drawback to getting this Power Pony; they will get addicted to playing and having fun with it! Now they’ll have a lot more interactive and healthy movement than spending all day on their tablets.

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14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

Give your vehicle’s gas bill a break! Grab an electric scooter by Razor and take it for a ride on a warm summer day. You’ll get some much-needed Vitamin D. Your car will get some much-needed rest. And with all the driving you’re not doing, not only will you save on gas but you’ll cut back on the need for oil changes; wear and tear on your tires, and more. Check out our favorite scoot

For pre-teens and teenagers who aren’t old enough to drive, add the Black Label E100 Scooter to your shopping cart this holiday season. The Black Label E100 has a 12V battery that provides 35 minutes of drive time! The throttle is thumb-activated and right at their fingertips. Your children can ride this scooter to and from school. They can also travel to after-school activities or their friends’ homes.

Are you worried they’ll go too fast? Don’t! The Black Label E100 won’t travel any faster than 10 mph. The brake is located under the handlebar. The front pneumatic tire and airless rear tire provide a smooth and stable ride over uneven surfaces. You won’t have to worry about cracks in the sidewalk causing your kids to fall over.

Get your kids and teens off their screens and outdoors when you introduce Razor to your home. Razor takes quality family time to a whole new level with their scooters. What are you waiting for? Let Razor help you and your family live life on the go!


14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

Do you want to get the title of a Favorite Aunt from your niece/nephew because you gave them the coolest Christmas present? Haven’t decided what to get for your young daughter or little sister? We got your back, as Yvoltion is here for the rescue. Yvolution Twista Skates are for the win!

Available in four vibrant colors these skates are perfect for young kids to upscale their skating skills. The best thing about these gifts for the outdoors is that it allows you to enable learning mode, which is more stable, safe, and offers additional support. The incline mode is when your little skater is ready to show off some skills at the “expert” level!

Neon Combo Skates are even more fun skates with flashy neon lights. The drip these skates have is just outwardly. The little children will wow their peers, and at night it is much more spectacular. These skates are definitely going to bring the brightest smiles to children’s faces.


Are you looking for gifts for the outdoors to give your little one this holiday? Well of course you are! Your kid is going to love this luxurious Rollplay 6V Porsche Macan! This Porsche marvelously mimics the feel of a real car with its realistic engine noises when started, horn to beep, and led lights for driving during nighttime. Furthermore, the tires are covered with rubber traction strips to ensure stability and smooth movement on bumpy roads.

The Porsche Macan is user-friendly as well; it features two doors, making it easier for the littles to get in and out with ease. It even has a cup holder where you can put your kid’s favorite drink as they hit the road. Parents will be delighted to share endless videos with family and friends of this wonderful gift, highlighting the glee and fun the kids are having. 

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

Do your kids love spending time outdoors, but you want a non-motorized option? Then they’ll love the FLEX Kart XL Pedal! This awesome ride-on offers kids the thrill of zipping around the neighborhood as fast as they can pedal. It’s perfect for ages 4 and up, or anyone who wants to enjoy gifts for the outdoors while getting a little bit of exercise (and out of your hair!). The FLEX Kart XL Pedal is also a thoughtful gift because it’s super convenient for parents – it folds down for easy storage and portability between uses.

Parents won’t have to worry about taking up too much space in their garage or shed – just fold it up and stow it away until next time. And speaking of durability, this kart features EVA tires that are built to last. Plus, the seat is adjustable so that it can grow with your child from this season to the next!

Radio Flyer

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

Ready, set, go! This Christmas, introduce the little sweeties on your list to the Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Cart. This electric go-cart is perfect for children ages 3-8, as the adjustable seat can grow with them or easily change between turns. Large rear wheels provide sturdy support as well as a fun way to drift on down the road!

The Ultimate Go-Kart was named a 2020 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, so you know that it’s a quality product that is safe to use properly. Often, the complaint against electric ride-on gifts for the outdoors is that the battery takes too long to charge and doesn’t last long enough for playtime. However, that’s not the case with this toy! Little ones can “fill their tank” in only 45 minutes (just long enough for a lunch break) and hit the road before they miss a single adventure.

A seatbelt keeps your little one put and a racing flag increases visibility which adds to the safety of this toy. With three driving speeds (2.5, 5 and 8 MPH) and a single-speed reverse set at 2.5 MPH, your child will enjoy fast and thrilling adventures. Parents can control the amount of thrill if they so choose by using the parent-controlled speed lock, which allows parents to control the driving speed. Safety, fun, and functionality are all equal partners in this toy that is sure to top every child’s holiday wishlist.

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National Sporting Goods

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

Let children enjoy endless fun and active playtime with the Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower. It will quickly become one of their favorite backyard activity gifts for the outdoors. Watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning when they see this amazing set.

The durable and interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double self-locking springs make this set hard-wearing and tough, yet surprisingly lightweight and easy to assemble, making it easy to move around. Made of high-quality plastic material that features UV protection for long-lasting outdoor play, this will be a favorite playtime activity rain or shine.

The Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower allows children to explore their adventurous side and experiment with their own physical abilities. They can climb, hang, swing, or crawl as well as use teamwork to help each other reach new heights!


Get ready to slide through the Christmas holidays with the Bobsled Snow Tube from WOW. You can find all types of inflatable gifts for the outdoors at WOW, from water toys and water ski tubes to floating and towable tubes for three people. WOW is a company founded in 2010 by Leroy Peterson and produces innovative products for enjoying water and snow in a safe but adventurous manner.

Their super cool inflatable Bobsled snow tubes feel like you’re driving a snowmobile. Depending on your preference, you can either kneel or sit while riding this snow tube shaped like a bobsled. Snow is shielded from the tube because of its unique shape, and you can keep a tight grip with the two molded handles.

You’ll love the PVC slick bottom that makes riding fast and fun, and the durable construction of heavy-gauge cold crack PVC with heat-sealed seams guarantees you’ll have years of fun with this snow tube! Now you can WOW all your friends with this amazing Bobsled. So get your heart pumping this holiday season as you fly down hills with the thrilling Bobsled Snow Tube from WOW!

Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr.

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

Building, taking apart, and creating can keep little ones busy for hours. Not only do their hands stay busy, but their minds are figuring out how things work. That’s why this holiday season, we’re thrilled to welcome Red Toolbox’s Stanley Jr. under the Christmas tree again with their lineup of Stanley Jr. Take Apart Toys. This yellow and black construction toy front loader makes playtime feel like the real thing. Use the tool included in the kit to take it apart, put it back together, and play with the toy built with your own hands again and again!

An excavator has fascinating mechanics, who wouldn’t want to figure out how they work? This Stanley Jr Take Apart Excavator Kit includes a plastic screwdriver, bolts, and a construction worker. When it arrives, all the instructions are included to make your little creator feel like a real worker. This sturdy digger truck comes already assembled and features a rotating bucket, adjustable arm, roof-top opening cab access, and 2 tracks. 12 attached bolts unscrew for disassembling or reassembling the vehicle’s frame, cab, and attachments, all with the included screwdriver!

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The Stanley Jr Take-Apart Cement Mixer Kit is chunky and includes four oversized wheels that are easy for small hands to maneuver. The rotating and detachable drum features a red and black degree label from 0 to 360 so your little one can experience the full rotation-just like the real thing! 10 oversized bolts are ready for playtime with the included plastic screwdriver, and once your little one finishes putting it together, the playtime can continue for hours.

Edx Education

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

The Step-A-Trail 6-Piece Obstacle Course lets your kiddos build coordination and confidence as they practice balancing and climbing. The nonslip step logs and stumps can be moved close together or further away to create various challenges for your children to learn, balance, and hop from each obstacle. They are made of durable molded plastic.

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

The obstacle course, which can be set up inside or used as gifts for the outdoors, features textured rubber grips on the top and bottom of the stumps and logs. The obstacle course is perfect for children aged 18 months to 5 years old, but it can support big kids and adults who want to play with the littles, too. (The Step-A-Trail was weight tested up to 792 pounds). The Step-A-Trail Obstacle Course is such a fun gift that can be played with year-round.


Your soccer athlete will love the Pro-S Vento Shin Guards. The shin guards boast a streamlined design with integrated protection, all while maintaining a full range of motion agility, and speed. The form-fitting SmartFlex pads provide lightweight protection. The shin guards rest in moisture-wicking fabric. They come in black, white, pink neon, and mint/black.

The Pro Ankle Guard provides excellent ankle support. The low-profile ankle guards are in moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric so your athlete stays dry and comfortable. The ankle guards feature SmartFlex™ pads to absorb impacts. They come in black, pink neon, and black/mint.

Stomp Rocket

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

What gifts for the outdoors can you get every kid on your holiday list? The Original Stomp Rocket, which turns 30 this year! Giving a Stomp Rocket set is a classic — it never gets old! No batteries are required, it is easy to set up, and it gives kids the chance to be outside and move while teaching STEM principles. The Stomp Rocket X-Treme Stunt Planes include 3 X-Treme Stunt Planes (Hovercraft, Tornado, and Cobra), a sturdy adjustable launch stand, and stomp pad with an air hose. This air rocket plane launcher is the perfect toy for girls and boys ages 5 and up.

Run, Jump and STOMP to see whose rocket flies higher with the special dueling launch stand that allows two kids to launch rockets at the same time, up to 200 feet in the air! Learning has never been more exciting and fun. Kids of all ages will intuitively learn STEM principles by experimenting with the relationship between flight and force, launch angle, wind, and many other aspects of flight. 

Little ones will love playing outside with the Jr. Glow Rockets Stomp Rocket. This educational STEM toy teaches them about gravity, trajectory, force, and the power of air in an exciting and interactive way, as they stomp on the projectile launcher to propel the glow-in-the-dark foam rockets up to 100 feet in the sky. Including the rocket launcher toy and four rockets, it’s perfect for your child to enjoy a day of fun outside with friends.

Plant Magic Club

Attachment to nature and love for gardening is one of the most long-term beneficial gifts you can give to your children this Christmas. So, to execute this thoughtful present, subscribe to the Plant Magic Club. The subscription box with fun activity gifts for the outdoors is a great and productive way to bond – and create memories with your kids while connecting with mother nature. With the Plant Magic Club box, kids over five years old get on an educational journey by exploring different aromatic plants, and the aromatherapy makes them feel calm, relaxed, and cheery.

The box includes a range of adventurous activities that stimulate hands-on learning, including puzzles, science projects, historical plant information, etc. Making plants their friends will enable your children to make the world a greener and cleaner place. Doing this fun monthly ritual with the exciting subscription box from the Plant Magic Club might sow the seeds of botany passion in your little ones.

Franklin Sports

14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors

If you’re looking for extra-special gifts for the outdoors for your favorite sports-loving fans this season, turn to Franklin Sports. This Pro Hoops Over-the-Door Basketball Set is just the right pick for those winter days when it’s too cold to shoot hoops outside. Gift recipients can now practice free throws, layups, and dunks, all without leaving the comfort of their room. Keep a fun reindeer games vibe going all winter long with Franklin Sports!

There’s no such thing as too much time spent outside. So this holiday, get all the children in your life one of these fun and exciting gifts for the outdoors. Both they and their parents (if they’re not you!) will be sure to thank you!

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14 Fabulous Kids’ Gifts For The Outdoors



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