13 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Leave the doors wide open! If your kids are like ours, they can’t seem to get outside fast enough. If your little ones prefer the great outdoors for their adventures this summer season, be sure that you are ready to keep them occupied with the hottest toys of the season. Pick from any of these 13 outdoor toys for kids to show them a good time. Better yet, stock up on all the toys and activities you can to last all summer long. Cheers to a boredom-free summer!

Top Notch Outdoor Toys for Kids this Summer


Daily Mom Parents Portal Funboy

3, 2, 1…blast off into summer with Funboy’s seasonally inspired Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler! Your little ones will love running around this gigantic rocket ship as it sprays them with cool and refreshing water all summer long. Nothing says summer like a backyard party and with Funboy’s rocketship sprinkler you can entertain the kids for hours on end. Barbecue, enjoy a cocktail, and mingle with friends while the kids entertain themselves during their very own backyard party with Funboy. Add in a few water blasters & buckets for an epic space adventure fit for an astronaut this summer!

Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler
Funboy | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Knights Castle Sand Bucket

This summer let your little ones be the king of their own castle, their own sandcastle that is with the Playmobil Knight’s Castle Sand Bucket. This all-in-one sand bucket includes a bucket, sieve, shovel, sand molds and sand stamps for an all-inclusive castle building experience. Complete with a knight and horse, your child can enjoy hours of play at the beach or in the sandbox, building his very own fortress to protect. Durable and versatile, this sandcastle set will provide hours of imaginative play for your child all summer long.

Knight’s Castle Sand Bucket
Playmobil | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Wingball Football


Summer fun wouldn’t be complete without the all-new Wingball Football ideal for long days of fun in the sun! This futuristic football crafted of durable foam picks up maximum speed and distance in the backyard or at the beach. Reaching speeds of up to 88 miles per hour, this soft foam ball is the ultimate foam football for playing catch all season with its totally tubular design and lightweight; perfect for all ages, athletic kiddos will enjoy hours of fun with this innovative, awesome football!

Wingball Football
Hog Wild Toys | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

It’s summertime and the sun is shining. Time to gather up the kids, pack the car, and head to the beach! Make sure you bring along some sand toys from Pufferfish to keep the kids entertained for hours. Now, Mom and Dad can enjoy a rare moment to sit back and relax, catch up, or even join in on the fun with these outdoor toys for kids!

The Pufferfish™ DELUXE Kit is a beach party in a backpack – literally! With a SandBag, Really Big Shovel™, two Better Buckets, and five Super Scoops, all in their very own Mesh Bag, there are more than enough outdoor toys for kids for everyone. If you’re accommodating a really large crew (or just want to avoid sibling arguments) more of each of these pieces can be purchased individually as well.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

These are definitely not the flimsy plastic beach toy variety, either. Nope, these heavy-duty sand toys have some serious building power, plus the quality and durability to last season after season. Immediately upon receiving this convenient kit, feel free to toss all of the sad and faded beach toys that you will no longer need. What a totally different building experience! Create some magnificent sand castles – along with some amazing family memories – all summer long, with Pufferfish!

Pufferfish™ DELUXE Kit | Really Big Shovel™
Pufferfish | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Summer is here, school is out, the sun is shining, and moms everywhere are putting their kiddos outside to play with their outdoor toys for kids. The WaterPark Arcade will keep kids engaged and playing all summer long. This Step2 design takes water fun to a whole other level. The WaterPark Arcade features a water blaster that easily attaches to the garden hose for target practice and water fun.

The WaterPark Arcade from Step2 features spinners, round targets, cups, animals, and a bullseye that fills and spills a bucket of water. Your kids will love shooting the water blaster while aiming at all the different colorful targets. Making family memories is possible with this creative take on a summertime water toy and parents can be happy knowing they are practicing eye-hand coordination and fine motor movement skills. The WaterPark Arcade will help your little one with learning to share and showing sportsmanship by cheering on others. The Step2 WaterPark Arcade is so exciting and entertaining, Mom and Dad may get in on the friendly family competition too.

Waterpark Arcade
Step2 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Pickleball Paddle Set 


If you are looking to crush it at pickleball, you will need the best pickleball paddle for your playing style. This summer, get ready for the best Pickleball Paddle Set ever! This fantastic set includes two paddles, four balls, and a bag so you can play anywhere! The lightweight paddle features ergonomic grips on each handle, and the polymer honeycomb core and graphite carbon fiber face allow the player to make great impact hits. The core was developed for generating nice bounce, reduce ball deflection, and enhance the strength of your shots.

Pickleball is a fun game to indulge in no matter what your age is. If you are serious about the game, upgrading to the Pickleball Paddle Set will help you improve your pickleball game. 

Pickleball Paddle Set

iPlay iLearn

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Whether you are trying to improve your swing as a competitor, for fun, or looking to nurture your child’s baseball enthusiasm, owning a pitching machine is infinitely useful. iPlay iLearn is a company that produces toys that provide children with the opportunity to develop the most necessary skills. Collaboration, teamwork, creativity, imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving are all benefits that make iPlay iLearn outdoor toys for kids absolutely necessary this summer.

The 2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine is great for practicing baseball and tennis pitches. The awesome set consists of a pitching machine, one remote control baseball bat, a tennis racket, and six soft EVA balls. The balls pitch every 5-7 seconds on automatic. This outstanding pitching machine teaches kids about visual processing, concentration, sports ability, and hand-eye coordination. The machine can be adjusted for floor or raised setups and can be used inside or outside. The 2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine provides constant repetition which is the most important step to becoming an expert! 

2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine
iPlay iLearn| Facebook | Instagram |Youtube

Starlux Games

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

With summer in full swing, you’re going to need a plan for how to keep your kids entertained at the pool so you can relax.  Whether you’re entertaining a youth group, hosting a birthday party, or planning a family get-together, Starlux Games promise a dynamic activity that everyone will love doing together at the pool. As an industry leader in group games, they proudly offer novel forms of play using glowing game pieces and cutting-edge LED technology.

Leap into the water with new ways to enjoy your pool – the light-up Starlux Pool Party™ kit! The outstanding game includes eight glowing game pieces, ten game options, and hours of brilliant excitement. Use this light-up game set to experience Sharks & Minnows, swimming games, pool rings, dive games, treasure hunts, swimming rings, and more with a new twist! Kids, teens, and young adults will never get bored – they make for perfect outdoor toys for kids this summer.

Starlux Pool Party™
Starlux Games| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Waterline Toys

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Many people enjoy spending time in the water as a refreshing activity, but it can be even more enjoyable with the right water toys. You can look forward to hours of fun in the sun with Waterline Toys. They have a unique new toy to enjoy at the pool, beach, river, or lake.

The exciting Skim to the Pin® Game is an outstanding water toy that includes two SkimBe Discs and one Skim to the Pin. It provides hours of fun for family and friends of all ages! You can skim it, skip it, slide it or jump it! It has a durable design that can withstand intense fun and works in all the elements! With a comfortable thumb grip, it’s easy to glide across different wet surfaces. The smooth skip and slide of the SkimBe are just like skipping rocks!

The right water equipment can take a regular day on the beach and turn it into a fun-filled adventure on the water! You can look forward to making memories while enjoying yourself with Skim to the Pin® Game. It also makes an excellent gift for special people who enjoy life on the water.

Skim to the Pin® Game
Waterline Toys| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Sandy Beach Doll

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Going to the beach can be a blast no matter what time of year it is! However, the beautiful blue sea isn’t always enough for the family’s younger members so entertainment is essential. Having some outdoor toys for kids ready to keep your child occupied might just save the day. Sandy Beach Doll is the only beach toy brand to revolutionize the pail plus shovel concept by offering hours of imaginative play, topped off by a cute feminine touch. 

The adorable Sandy The Beach Doll, complete with a durable frame, stand-up design, and special shovel, is the first-ever doll made for the beach. The playful sun-kissed beach doll has a small opening at the top of Sandy’s head, which allows kids to fill the doll with water or sand. This innovative toy features a transparent 13” tall hollow doll body, with an adorable bathing suit in three color options of pink, blue, and green. She also comes with a shovel, a lovely tote to allow for easy transportation from the beach to the bathtub, and doll-sized sunglasses to match her carefree personality. The unique Sandy Beach Doll will keep your kids entertained at the beach for hours.

Sandy The Beach Doll
Sandy Beach Doll | Facebook | Instagram

Relevant Play

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

At a time when a large number of kids are glued to electronics, many parents are looking for hands-on toys that will engage their children. However, it can be hard to guess what will catch a child’s interest and hold their attention. As toys go, you can’t get much more hands-on than moldable sand from Relevant Play. Relevant Play is passionate about creating awesome toys for children that encourage imaginative and open-ended play. They believe playing and learning go hand-in-hand and that it should always be fun.

Relevant Play compound products include Mad Mattr – The Unbelievable Dough You Build With, Kinetic Sand, Shape It!, and Toki Dough. To complement these, they also have a wide range of innovative molds, like the Ultimate Brick Maker®, and accessories to further enhance enjoyment!

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

The adorable Mad Mattr Bakery Activity Set helps your little one create delicious-looking make-believe donuts, cupcakes, and cookies and add as much faux-frosting as you like! The Mad Mattr Bakery is full of yummy-looking pretend treats made by you. Activity Set comes complete with four 2oz packs of colored Mad Mattr to mix, shape, mold, and play (pink, purple, orange, and yellow). The set also includes seven molds to create whimsical make-believe chocolate chip, sprinkle, or sugar cookies, round or pointed cupcakes, and donuts.

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

The delicious Ice Cream Activity Set makes delicious-looking pretend cones and popsicles. You can swirl your colors for fantastic flavors and also create toppings! The adorable activity set includes three shades of Mad Mattr to mix, shape, mold, and cut. The safe cut tool and seven molds allow kids to create magical make-believe sugar and waffle cones, round or swirl ice cream, and popsicles. Keeping a child’s likes and dislikes in mind can help you choose a set they’ll love. With Relevant Play, the possibilities are endless, so you should be able to find one that suits your kid’s personality!

Mad Mattr Bakery Activity Set | Mad Mattr Ice Cream Activity Set
Relevant Play | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube | Pinterest

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Xino Sports

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Hours of seemingly endless sunshine await the children in our lives as summer peeks around the corner. No more schoolbooks, classrooms, or computer screens filling the days, rather a day filled with bouncing adventures await with Xino Sports and their outdoor toys for kids. This summer, choosing the Deluxe Hopping Ball For Kids means choosing hours of exciting play for your children that will keep them busy, strengthen their bodies, improve hand and eye coordination, and enhance their balance. With Xino Sports, their summer days will begin and end on a high note!

Deluxe Hopping Ball For Kids
Xino Sports | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Doodle Hog

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-11 Outdoor Toys For Kids: Never-Ending Sunshine And Fun

Painting for kids is an excellent activity that fosters creative exploration, skill-building, confidence, and develops cognitive skills. Doodle Hog creates non-toxic, washable dab, dot markers, and much more. They are art-loving people on a mission to doodle, draw, paint, slime, and color your world! Doodle Hog empowers kids and adults of all ages with tools to express themselves with art and crafts. From innovative drawing tools to slime kits and more – their vibrant, high-quality products get rave reviews.

Paint Your Own Squishy is packed with fun and excitement. This popular kit contains three fabric paint pots in teal, pink, and white. This kit also comes with a color mixing chart, one brush, and a high-quality super slow rise bunny squishy in a mug. The non-toxic kit contains everything you need to paint your adorable bunny squishy. Kids can spend hours getting creative with this painting kit and decorating their squishy just the way they want. Doodle Hog products make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Paint Your Own Squishy
Doodle Hog| Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Whether you decide to spend the gorgeous summer days and summer nights at the beach, pool, or backyard, these 11 outdoor toys for kids are bound to keep the kiddos entertained. The kids will be begging to stay outside from dawn until dusk with these exciting activities and outdoor toys for kids. Along with the outdoor toys for kids, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, water bottle, and snacks galore to keep yourself and the kids healthy and fueled for never-ending fun.


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11 Outdoor Toys For Kids Never Ending Sunshine And Fun



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