2022’s Top Toys Your Kids Want for the Holidays

All you want for the holidays is to see your kids happy. And while sure, they appreciate educational books and amazing experiences, there’s not a child out there that would turn down one of these top toys! Toys are just plain cool. They’re not a one-time-and-done gift like an experience, and unlike a book, they’re made for actually playing! As long as you make sure there are batteries as well wrapped under the tree, you’re guaranteed to see a huge smile on your child’s face with one of these top toys.

Jurassic World

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Does your child love top toys that are all things “Jurassic World?” Then get ready for thrilling action and adventure this holiday season with the Jurassic World Super Colossal Giganotosaurus! At about 14 inches high and more than 3 feet long, the Giganotosaurus has a cool marbleized finish, realistic skin texture and color, posable arms and legs, and extra-wide jaws that can open and close and swallow up to 20 mini dinosaurs (sold separately) whole!

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Your child can also relive the thrilling flying action from the Jurassic World Dominion movie with this Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush Lego playset. Featuring an airplane with space for 3 mini-figures (including Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Kayla Watts) in its cockpit, spinning propellers, an opening cargo hold, and engines designed to break off under attack by the posable Quetzalcoatlus toy figure, this set has everything your child needs to inspire imaginative storytelling.

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2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Finally, get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World Dominion Epic Battle Pack Figure Set! With 4 action figures with movable joints (and authentic design) – Dr. Ellie Sattler plus 3 dinosaurs with attack features, this pack is ready for recreating an epic battle scene from the movie and further creative storytelling. You can even bring them to life with extended play using Augmented reality! Three fierce dinos, the Strike n’ Roar Giganotosaurus, Thrash ‘N Devour T. rex and Sound Slashin’ Therizinosaurus are ready to rumble in the Biosyn Valley.

Hope Haven

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Do you travel with your little ones a lot? Do you wish you had a more convenient way of traveling with their favorite toys? If so, visit Hope of Haven. They have some clever toys that will keep your kids entertained and won’t require an extra suitcase to do so. Here are some of our favorites!

Have you ever seen a doll house inside a suitcase? If not, check out the Coastal Farmhouse Special. This lunchbox-style doll house has magnetic sides and a rear wall. Furnishings are included with each purchase. The Bed-to-Couch Convertible Furniture Pieces will let your child tuck their favorite dolls in at bedtime. And of course, it also includes handsewn throw pillows and a knit mini-throw blanket.

The back wall is decorated in your choice of wallpaper and is also magnetic, allowing your child to decorate it with the two included miniature wall hangings. Two hand-cut rugs, a hand-assembled chair, and a miniature succulent planter are also included with the purchase. This holiday season, help your child’s imagination run with this Coastal Farmhouse Special. Add this to your shopping cart today!

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Give your kids the gift of warm hugs when you add the Hope Haven Plush Families to your holiday shopping list. These hand-stitched plush toys are no more than five inches in height and are designed to fit inside lunchbox-style homes, such as the Coastal Farmhouse Special. The families are available in a set of mice, deer, and bunnies.


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Calling all parents! Give the dinosaur-lover in your family a gift they can enjoy year-round. Give them the DinoSquad Armorstrike Dart Blaster by Nerf. This isn’t any Nerf blaster. The Dinosquad Blaster is designed to look like an actual dinosaur. Which dinosaur? The Ankylosaurus dinosaur, of course. The drum can hold up to eight darts. Sixteen darts are included with the purchase. This is the perfect gift for children ages 8 and up. They’ll love playing with it inside and outside.


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Kids are creative and their imaginations are powerful and capable of learning so much. This holiday season, sprinkle some packages from SmarterKids under the tree and watch their minds create an amazing playscape that will leave everyone impressed!

For children whose minds wonder how things work, the Beginner Electronics Exploration Kit is a standout top toys gift option. 14 parts come together to pave the way for 20 different projects. Watch your child learn the basics of how switches and circuits come together to make things happen. This kit features a color manual so that even the youngest creators can follow along with the instructions. Thanks to circuitsafe fuse technology, parents don’t have to worry about their children’s playtime becoming hazardous. Snap Circuits® are the only educational circuit-building toys that use this technology, so it’s a win for everyone this holiday season.

Children can create the world of their dreams with the Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes. Bright, colorful pieces create a kaleidoscope of fun for even the littlest hands in the home. These aren’t just building blocks, they’re magnets! As an added bonus, their fine motor skills will be tuned as their creations grow and expand. These blocks will stay wherever their imagination guides them and the different sizes, colors, and shapes pave the way for them to create long after the Christmas tree is taken down.

Who loves dinosaurs? These Jumbo Dinosaurs are an absolute must-have for the dinosaur lover in your home. Bright, realistic colors and textures make playtime come to life with these jumbo figurines. This set comes with 6 dinosaurs: triceratops, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, spinosaurus, and apatosaurus. The name of the dinosaur is imprinted on the bottom of the figurine, so your little one can learn to read the names of their favorites. These top toys can go anywhere with your little one since they’re so easy to keep clean and tidy, and as an added bonus, they’re hollow so playtime doesn’t have to come to an end at bath time!

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays
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Help your sweetie find their center with the Children’s Yoga Mat. Yoga encourages focus and concentration while providing an outlet for creativity and fostering a healthy lifestyle. These qualities are so important not just for adults, but especially for children. This yoga mat features 24 of the more child-friendly poses with illustrations that help them achieve their goals. Some poses include dolphin, happy, shark, and tortoise. With the Children’s Yoga Mat, your little ones can stretch, exercise, and then go on about their holiday adventures with an attitude of “namaste”.

OG Slimes

For slimes that come in amazing colors, scents, and textures, shop OG Slimes. They have something for every child. We have our favorites. For the glitter lovers in your life, grab Crystal Ball. It has a milky clear texture and smells like fruity pebbles. If fruit scents are popular in your house, make sure you check out Mangonada. This orange and red colored slime smells like fresh mango and has a swirled icee and jelly texture.

For kids who love Halloween – pretty much all kids – OG has some spooktacular selections. We love Trick or Treat. It smells like grape soda and sweet candy and has a fluffy and snow fizz texture. For something strange in your kitchen cupboard, add Slimer to your shopping cart. This vibrant-green slime smells like a green apple and has a milky clear texture. Two googly eyes are included. And if you’re looking for a slime that’s stranger than usual, add the Upslime Down to your shopping cart. It has a cherry scent and a jelly and lava rock texture.


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

For the little girl in your life who is also a horse lover, she will fall in love with this toy horse and with the rider Lottie doll. Complete with everything one needs to be an equestrian-riding jodhpur, tweed-style formal riding jack, shirt with tie, boots, and riding helmet for the doll and the pony comes all saddled up as well. The best part is the doll has bendable knees for a more realistic posing and imaginative play!

Pair with the toy horse stable to really create the scene and for hours of endless play. This is the perfect accompaniment to the Lottie doll, with two traditional half-style doors, a tack room with a bench, shelf, and hanging hooks complete with freestanding wooden fences, and a drinking trough. The roof is removable which allows for multiple little hands to play with it at once! All dolls and accessories are created to mimic real-life experiences that are inspired by kids for kids.

If your little girl loves to explore the walk in the park Lottie doll is perfect that comes with her own pet dog. This Lottie doll can stand on her own two feet, and comes dressed in a cozy jacket ready to go exploring! Throw in the campfire fun playset for even more imaginative play.

Complete with a campfire, marshmallows on a stick, a sleeping bag in a tent, food, a lantern, and all the camping necessities for a full night of fun under the stars for doll and child. Lottie dolls have definitely made the list of top toys this holiday season.


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Looking for some fun and unique top toys for stocking stuffers that the kids will love this year? Check out Hamee!  Hamee has become known worldwide for its selection of Japanese toys, cell phone accessories, and gadgets including the Otamatone and squishies.

Available in a variety of designs, the Otamatone is the perfect toy for lovers of all things cute, silly, and weird, and not only makes for a great stocking stuffer, but also a great gag gift, as well as a unique and amusing gift for violinists and other musicians. Simply press and slide fingers up and down the touch-sensitive stem to play different notes. You can also squeeze the Otamatone’s “face” to create a “Wah” effect and shake the stem while playing a note to add Vibrato.

Surprise Squishy Capsule Toys contain a fun mystery water-filled squishy character in each egg, making them perfect for any kid who loves “surprise eggs!” They make a great alternative to stress balls for kids and adults alike and double as an adorable accessory for your kid’s room or desk. The little Squishy figures of adorable animals and your favorite characters are sure to be a favorite this season.

Nutt Heads

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Bring the crew together for some good-natured family fun this season with Nutt Heads. The super-fun Kids Against Maturity game will give you some of the best laughs you’ve ever had. From the 600 cards included, you have to give the funniest answer to the question card to win the round. Play it with three or more players and be sure to include plenty of kids, because this game has potty humor that they’ll go crazy over! Prepare for non-stop giggles all around!

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Joke King is another incredibly fun 600-illustrated card game from Nutt Heads. It will help you and your kids enhance your imagination and storytelling skills. Play Joke King with four or more players and use your skills to create a joke which will make everyone laugh to be crowned (cardboard crown included) and win the game!

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Roast Master is for friends (17 years+) who want to enjoy a memorable time together. It allows third-degree insults that will make everyone laugh until their stomachs hurt. Just fill in the blanks with funny one-liners and let the others laugh their hearts out.

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2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

This simple and creative getting-to-know-you quiz game features three fun characters. The players must match the answers to question cards by laying the heart, yeti or brain card face down. If the person reading the question guessed your answer correctly, they win. Heart and Brain – Awkward Yeti is great for family get-togethers and an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your children over the holiday break.


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Bring out your child’s imagination and entrepreneurial spirit with Swingly doorway storefronts, one of the definite top toys this year. Complete with a window, so you know when this Farmer’s Market is open for business. With double-sided prints, there are fruits, veggies, and more for the customer with a cash register and sweets on the other side.

Easy to install in minutes with the removable hanging strips that fit any standard door, plus machine washable for kid durability! Comes with fabric money and a shopping list for more realistic play and interaction. Kids and parents alike can have hours of interactive play together, with other doorway storefront options available as well!


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

KIDdesigns is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge, interactive electronic toys, learning aids, and real electronics for kids of all ages. Let your children express themselves by giving them a chance to sing this holiday season. The Cocomelon Bluetooth boombox is ready for the ultimate sing-along party! Just press play to hear 24 built-in Cocomelon songs, including ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and many more! The kid-friendly controls make it easy to sing your heart out using the real working wired microphone for kids. Lightweight and portable, this kid’s karaoke machine runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can bring the party anywhere!

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2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

The Gabby’s Dollhouse Sing Along Boombox makes the purr-fect gift for any fan of the popular show! Sing along to built-in music using the real working wired microphone, Slide up the windows on the ‘dollhouse’ to reveal characters and fun sound effects. This boombox is battery-powered for portable, endless fun and the kid-friendly controls make it easy to play along!

IMC Toys

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Get ready this holiday season for lots of hugs and kisses, followed by loads of giggles when your “baby” receives their new baby from IMC Toys. IMC Toys is a world leader in innovative character-based top toys, including Club Petz, Yo-Kai Watch, Baby Wow, Cry Babies, and VIP Pets.

Our little girl asked for Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy Jenna this Christmas, and we can see why! Jenna has colorful rooted hair, and sparkly blue eyes and wears a very trendy outfit! Like all the Cry Babies, she cries real water tears and makes over 10 realistic baby sounds when you remove her pacifier! Recommended for ages 18+ months and older, Jenna is the perfect baby doll for little boys and girls to nurture and role-play with. She’s also lighter in weight, so kids can carry their Jenna everywhere they go.

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

For your slightly older child, meet the ALL NEW BFF by Cry Babies! Now your favorite characters from Cry Babies Magic Tears are all grown up, including Jenna! Accessorize your new BFF with all their fun accessories including 9+ surprises: 2 pieces of clothing, a bag, a headband, a pair of matching shoes with a pair of socks, and a necklace! If your child loves playing dress up as much as ours do, then BFF by Cry Babies dolls make the perfect toy for kids 4 years old and up.

Finally, VIP Pets are back with a new series, Glam Gems! With 12 inches of long hair and 9 surprises to unbox, kids will be able to create unlimited styles with 6 included accessories! Discover the jewel hair extension kids can use to add to any style on their VIP Pets or on themselves! It’s the perfect wear-and-share hair accessory! There are 12+ new characters to collect!


Bring the magic of Pokemon to your home when you add the POKEMON Pikachu Electric Charge Plush to your shopping cart today. This isn’t any ordinary plush toy. While it’s still soft and cuddly, it has a few other amazing features. This Pikachu toy features 30 unique interactions. Does your child want to have an imaginary battle between Pikachu and his other action figures? Press Pikachu’s tummy to engage it in a thunder attack. If your child wants to hear it talk, rub its head.

Spiderman and his friends are going to save the day thanks to the Web Spinning Hauler. This 8-inch vehicle isn’t your ordinary, everyday van. It transforms. One minute Spidey is at the helm. The next minute it could be Ghost or Miles. If that’s not enough excitement for your little one, they’ll love the web darts that shoot out of the vehicle. For the perfect addition under your Christmas tree, wrap this up today!


Fire in the Hole! The Plunderin’ Pirate Game combines strategy and skill as pirates attempt to link four cannonballs in the pop-up pirate ship. The unique, fun game is designed for 2 to 4 players, aged 7 and older. Fire in the Hole! is a 100 percent plastic-free, biodegradable, carbon-neutral game.

It’s Bananas! The Monkey Tail Game will keep your family and friends hooting and howling with laughter. Attach an inflatable tail around your waist and squat to collect “bananas.” Is it a workout or a game? You decide. This fast-paced game is geared toward everyone age 6 and older.

UpRoar: A Game of Silly Sounds makes the perfect stocking stuffer. The hilarious card game gets everyone performing crazy antics like mooing like an angry cow. Find the word pair and sound it out – the quick game is simple, unique, and quite funny. The game is geared toward those aged 8 and up.

A Jar of Pickles

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

The Boba Milk Tea Plushie makes a perfect gift for your boba-lovin’ teen or tween. The adorable, luxe stuffie will look amazing on a bed, a couch, or riding along in the car. It can even be used as a pillow at a sleepover. Boba Milk Tea was created in Taiwan in the 1980s. The specialty drink with sweet chewy pearls, tea, and milk is a delicious global sensation.


Dinosaurs, slime, toys? What more could a kid want on Christmas morning? These Jurassic Park Dino Slime Eggs make for great stocking stuffers and sensory gifts. Each dino has its own unique battle wounds, accurate to epic clash scenes each species experienced within Jurassic World movie moments! Unwrap your egg, ooze through stretchy lava slime, and reveal your species! Each slime egg includes:

  • 1 x Stretchy lava slime
  • 1 x Super detailed mystery pop-n-lock dinosaur figure
  • 1 x Battle token
  • 1 x Collector guide

Looking for fun stocking stuffers, Jar of Pickles offers a variety of fun keychains to decorate purses, and backpacks, or to actually use as keychains. The happy foodie keychains boast a simple smiley face bringing them to life. Choose from Ice Cream, Fries, Avocado, Sushi, Boba, and more.


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

If your kids love junk food and plushies as much as ours do, then they’ll love getting an ISCREAM interactive plush on Christmas morning. Whether your kid is into pizza, tacos, donuts, popcorn, or chicken nuggets and french fries, these decorative pillow sets come with everything they’ll need. We particularly love the Chicken Nuggets complete with nuggets, ketchup, and a dipping container. Made of soft, furry, and fleece material, these are quite possibly the cutest nuggies you’ll ever see.

DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Shopping for a gamer this holiday season? Available in multiple gaming formats, your gamer will be able to unleash their inner dragon and fly beyond the Hidden World, on their fiery adventure to find and rescue Thunder’s family and save the legendary dragon kingdoms in Dreamworks’ Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms! Soar and dive through unexplored realms of fire, ice, and beyond. Use your speed, tail, and claws to defeat strange creatures and giant bosses in your way. Level up Thunder to become the ultimate hero choosing which new powers to unlock. All dragon kind is depending on you!

Banana Phone

2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

If you are looking for a hilarious Christmas gift that will get everyone talking and laughing, look no further than the super functional yet hilarious Banana Phone. This banana-shaped Bluetooth®-enabled mobile handset/speaker connects to your smartphone, and you can also make and receive calls using your voice assistant (Siri/Google). It also has an enhanced speaker that plays your favorite tunes, a micro-USB for recharging, 120-hour battery life, a 60ft Bluetooth range, and a charge for up to 20 hours of talking with your friends and family. So you can blast music for hours and have your family on their feet with this portable gadget.

Banana Phone belongs to the 1% For The Planet Member organization. They donate 2% of all revenue to support Gorilla Conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So this Christmas, give your friends and family a dose of potassium with the hilarious Banana Phone. It’s guaranteed to get everyone laughing!


2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays

Looking for coloring kits on the go, that take up little room but offer hours of entertainment? Look no further, these coloring kits are exactly what you need to add to your bag when heading out with your kiddos! Great for long car rides, a meal out, or just an extra distraction for the sibling who is not partaking in other activities. Each kit comes with a coloring/activity roll, canyons, and a convenient box to keep the roll intact, which is perfect for travel. Chose from a variety of options from the flower gardens, under the sea, wondrous jobs, and more!


It’s important to educate young kids about diversity, and gifting your little munchkin Koolorez dolls will educate them about multiculturalism. These lovely dolls share the beauty of the Caribbean and African culture and fashion. The super sweet Olivia Doll is 12.5 inches and features moveable joints so that you can pose her in fun positions. The purpose of Olivia is to facilitate diversity through play and empower children of African descent to embrace their beauty and completeness as individuals. Your kiddo will play with Olivia for hours and will love using her imagination. Give your little princess Koolorez dolls and ignite their imagination and inclusivity this Christmas with black culture and beauty.

Toys can be such great gifts from those that teach, encourage play, make you laugh, inspire creativity, and do so much more. These top toys are sure to not only bring so much joy to your child but bring tons of fun play throughout the year.

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2022’S Top Toys Your Kids Want For The Holidays
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