Youthful Luxury from Party to Beach

We can all admit that one of the fun parts of having a little girl is going crazy with her wardrobe. Finding special, beautiful, unique things for her to wear is an ongoing source of fun and joy. We all love to see our little girls looking beautiful! Biscotti and Kate Mack offer dresses, outfits and bathing suits that will make your jaw drop. Bring out your girly girl side as you discover some of our favorite luxurious looks from Biscotti and Kate Mack!

For the Flower Girl

Incredibly romantic and full of texture and special detail, Biscotti is the master of fabric embellishment! Their special occasion dresses are absolutely perfect for formal events like weddings. Whether attending one as a guest or walking down the aisle with a basket full of petals, your princess will steal the show. The Blushing Rose is full of romance and whimsy with the full skirt and pearl and fabric flower embellished bodice.

For a look of more modern romance, the Crazy for Daisies is a sweet little shift dress adorned in an all-over texture of fabric daisies. The daisies have pink and yellow sequins in their centers for a tiny pop of color on the otherwise completely white dress. The floral texture gives a beautiful unique look that is unlike anything else!

For The Birthday Girl

For the casual birthday party, when you don’t want to make a big fuss but still want your girl to feel special, the Follow Your Heart tunic and leggings is the perfect combination of special and wearable. The knit fabric is comfy for playing and it’s striped with a hint of sparkle in the silver metallic thread. The tunic is skirted with delicate fluffy tulle ruffles speckled with silver foil hearts that add a playful touch.

For events with special significance where you want your little one to be the shining star, the Clair De Lune is breathtaking in its texture and special details. Her first birthday party or even her birthday photo shoot would be perfect for this delicate look. Layers of crinkle chiffon make up the skirt while the bodice is embellished with sequins and beads.

For The Posh Playdate

These special playtime looks by Kate Mack are perfect for those summertime days with friends. Plenty of stripes, ruffles and flowers adorn our favorite nautical summer looks. The Seaside Petals romper is trimmed with ruffles and fitted to perfection for playtime tumbling. The Red Regatta dress has a nice full skirt for twirling in the sun while the neckline is lined with big textural roses.

For the Beach Babe

The Red Regatta skirted bikini is a girly take on a classic red bathing suit. The top looks like a big red bow trimmed in white for a nautical preppy feel. She will love running into the waves with the skirted bikini bottoms that flow in the beach breeze!

Kate Mack swimsuits are treated with an Ultra Violet Protection Factor of 50+

The Jenny Annie swimsuit is perfect for your beach princess! It’s such a special suit for her first trip to the beach or for a birthday pool party. Classic black and white polka dots are accented with a pink tulle bow on the chest and a generous full tutu at the waist.

There is no sweeter first bikini than the lovely navy and white Seaside Petals bikini. In classic nautical colors, the stripes actoss the bikini top are made from rows of flower petals! The bottoms are also accented with petals along the waistline for a feminine look with a bit of drama to make a big splash at the pool scene this summer.

Watch the adorable outfits in action!

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