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SPOTLIGHT ON PLAY TIME: For the baby on the move, we present the Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer.

Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer For the baby on the go

 Combi All-In-One Mobile EntertainerCombi Collage 1

Do you have an active baby that loves to be on the go from the moment they wake up? You’ll love the Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer for it’s versatility, practicality, and overall cute factor. The Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer is both a walker and a jumper, allowing you to buy one item and convert it when they outgrow staying in one place for an extended period of time. Your baby will love to kick up his heels and walk all around the house in this fun and adorable race car, that comes in many different styles sure to please even the pickiest of babies.

Cool Features

The Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer features an adjustable height selector with three positions available, along with an easy twist knob to lock the wheels, or the jumping ability.

Combi Collage 2

The dashboard features a fun wheel with different colored buttons that play four catchy tunes, and a working, honking horn. When you turn the wheel, the bunnies on the dashboard also move, and it also has two rear view mirrors so he can make sure to check his blind spot for siblings at all times.

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As if being able to convert from jumper to walker wasn’t enough, the Combi All-In-One Mobile Entertainer‘s car dashboard is removable, turning it into a handy tray for snacks, toys, water bottles- you name it. 


Check out some of these awesome colors and designs, guaranteed to get your baby revved up with excitement:

Combi Collage 3

Spotlight on Combi

Combi USA was started in 1989 as a branch off of the #1 Selling Japanese company, Combi Corporation. Combi gets it’s inspiration from the sleek lines and modern designs of hip products produced in Japan, and transforms them into useful items for the average American family. Combi is derived from the word “combination,” referring to the important relationship between children and their caretakers.

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      Thanks for your comment. As always, you should use caution with a walker of any sorts around stairs, and keep dangerous items out of reach of children. If you’re concerned about the mobility of this product, you can always lock the wheels and use it as a stationary activity center/jumper, as that article recommends at the end.

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