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SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY: Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, car accidents… while it’s painful to have to think about living through any natural disaster or catastrophe, it is so important to be prepared for the unthinkable. On the off chance that disaster strikes your family, it’s worth having a small stash of supplies on hand to help you survive. Let Boltwell do the planning for you with their well thought out emergency kits.

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The B72 Foundation Kit is a survival kit that has everything that 2 people need to get through an emergency that is 72 hours long. When you think of your family’s safety in times of emergencies, a solid emergency preparedness plan and kit is not something you can skimp on. The Boltwell B72 Foundation Kit includes all the essentials such as medical supplies, water purification solutions, energy bars, tools, makeshift shelter, and personal care products. You will have peace of mind knowing that this kit has you prepared when it comes to basics like nourishment, hydration, hygiene and shelter for your family during an emergency. You can also rest assured that the kit also prepares you with means for communication with items like a weather radio and reflective vests.

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  • Hygiene – dry shampoo, bathing wipes, hand sanitizer pen
  • Tools – 4-in-1 emergency tools, waterproof matches
  • Communication – weather radio, whistles, permanent marker pen
  • Hydration – water purification kit , 2 Nalgene water bottles
  • Shelter – Rain ponchos, fleece blankets, tube tent
  • Medical – Medical kit, N95 Masks
  • Nourishment – Protein shot, vanilla food bars, raspberry food bars, lemon food bars


Individual Essentials, B*7 Pet Kit, B*18 Germie Warfare Add-On Supplies


The B10 Must-Haves Kit is a sample of all the essential emergency preparedness items. The items in this kit are included for their versatility in multiple emergencies. So, if you want to make sure that your family has a little bit of every item needed during an emergency, then this is a good kit to keep around. You can also add on materials to survive floods, earthquakes, power outages, tornadoes, or whatever you think you may need. The B10 is basic must haves to keep your family and loved ones safe during an unexpected event.

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  • Hygiene – Disposable toilet bag
  • Communication – Weather radio, whistle
  • Medical – Boltwell First Aid Manual, micro first aid pouch
  • Hydration – Water purification tablets, water particle filter, Nalgene water bottles
  • Tools – Multi tool, water proof matches


B*68 Grab & Go Kit, B*14 Food Kit, Drinking Water Storage


Boltwell is a Kansas City, Missouri based company that has created a unique emergency preparedness concept that simplifies emergency preparedness and takes the fear out of being prepared. They specialize in not just basic emergency preparedness kits, but you can also check out kits for your specific needs based on the natural disasters that are common to the area you live in, such as house fire preparedness supplies, flood preparedness supplies, tornado preparedness kits, earthquake preparedness kits, and hurricane preparedness kits. They think of all the details and even have car emergency preparedness kits as well as pet first aid kits.




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