The Family That Plays Together Stays Together

Life gets busy. Calendars get over scheduled. Don’t let active lives be the reason you don’t make lasting memories as a family. Now, more than ever, families need to be mindful of the time that they have with one another. They need to be resourceful in finding ways to connect. In addition to family meals, impromptu evening walks, and supporting one another at solo activities, read about ways that you can promote family togetherness in fun and playful ways.

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You don’t have to be a family of marathoners to appreciate a good family run…or walk! The best part of family events such as the Color Run is that individuals set their own pace, without judgement or pressure from others. The Color Run was created in 2012 with the goal being to create “the happiest place on earth.” This 5K event is good for all ages, as strollers and wagons are allowed. The Color Run is a nationally held event, with registration money often going to a local charity.


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The Spartan Race is a series of obstacles, each with varying challenges. This event is more than just a race, it is a lifestyle. It was founded on the belief that a strong body must have a strong mind. Also, pressure causes resilience, and signing up for an event keeps a person accountable and motivated. There are currently more than 200 events held in over 30 countries. Not only is this event a great event to do with the adults in your family, but there are also kid races to involve the younger ages. Starting at the age of 4, young Spartans can race against other Jr. Varsity Spartans of their same age. If you are ready to accept the challenge, read more about the Spartan Race and find a race near you.


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If your family has a passion for a cause, or a motivation to fundraise, then charity walks are a great way to mark off time on your calendar. A word of caution is to always check into charities before supporting them, as there is sometimes a backstory that is the opposite of charitable. For information on specific organizations and non-profits, visit the Charity Navigation website or Charity 101.


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The Turkey Trot is an exciting race held each year in the fall. In addition to cities promoting family walks and runs, some Turkey Trots have a charitable component. The focus is often on raising money for families in need to have a turkey dinner themselves.

If running isn’t your thing, families can also volunteer together during the holidays. Members can benefit from the connections that come with those they love, as well as the overwhelming sense of pride. Volunteer Match is an online community that matches those wanting to volunteer with those needing help.


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Gym memberships can be a pricey monthly expense for families, so it is important to make sure one is taking advantage of all included amenities once the commitment is made. In addition to adult classes and on-site childcare, most gym memberships also include some kind of family open swim, open rock wall times, and open gym options. Additionally, some gyms even host periodic events that cater towards families such as holiday events, daddy/ daughter dances, and movie nights. All of these are a great way to play together and bond as a family.


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If you have the space and the desire, there are many ideas when it comes to hosting a party. From a backyard BBQ to an organized theme party, the sky is the limit. Pinterest is a great place to find theme ideas, decorations, and games. Try throwing an Olympic Day party or a Family Circus. To enhance your backyard fun, there are many options of add-ons. Ladder Toss, Badminton, or Sack races are fun. For those that prefer the classics, check out Giant Connect Four, Yard Jenga, or Horseshoes.


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State Fairs are often a tradition. Families can watch shows together. They can participate in activities and play games. There are fun rides to be ridden. Last but not least, the yummy treats to enjoy at a state fair are worth the ticket price.


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Family vacations are a great way to spend quality time together. Being away from typical commitments (such as work and school) allow members to reunite on a different level than while at home. Distractions are less, stress levels go down, and carefree attitudes typically come out. This meaningful time is what will add memories to your family legacy.

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