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If you are looking for a lightweight stroller with a sleek European design and smooth ride, made from the safest materials, look no further than the Nuna PEPP. This is a stroller that will carry your child from birth through toddlerhood with a bevy of features you’re sure to love.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Nuna PEPP is the chic and sleek design. This is not a bulky, cumbersome stroller that you’ll dread loading up in the car and maneuvering in and out of stores. The PEPP is compact, lightweight, and a pleasure to look at!


The progressive suspension technology in the Nuna PEPP provides for an extremely smooth ride for your little one and pleasurable strolling experience for you. You can easily maneuver the PEPP with one hand if need be!


Plush & Cushy Certified Oeko-Tex® fabric

The comfort and safety features of the Nuna PEPP are what really make it stand out from the competition. One of our favorite things about this stroller is that the plush, cushy fabric that Nuna uses is Oeko-Tex® certified. What does this mean? Fabrics that are certified by Oeko-Tex® go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they are made from only the safest materials. This means that the fabric your baby will spend so much time up against is proven to be free from harmful substances.

3-position recline

For new babies and sleepy toddlers, the PEPP provides a handy 3-position recline that will take the back of the seat from upright to lying nearly flat. Reclining is made easy by the use of two sets of zippers along the sides of the seat.

3 or 5-point harness

The PEPP offers a 5-point harness for the most secure ride for little ones that easily converts to just a 3-point harness for toddlers who need a little bit more freedom to move.

Expandable Sun Shade

When the sun is at that annoying level where it’s straight ahead and shining right in your little one’s eyes, you can flip out the expandable extension of the sun shade on the Nuna PEPP. Not only is this very handy, but it’s a great looking design feature as well!

2-position adjustable calf support

To provide added comfort when your child is sleeping, the PEPP offers adjustable calf support to position their feet more in line with their bodies when in a reclined position. Only the best of comfort for your little one!


Adjustable handle

This is a stroller that is comfortable to push around no matter how tall you are! By pulling up on the sliders on either side of the handle, the handle expands by up to 8 inches to accommodate even the tallest parent. If you’re on the shorter side, you can push it down right up against the umbrella of the stroller.

Easy one-touch rear wheel braking system

The rear brake on the Nuna PEPP isn’t the typical tiny lever that you see on many other strollers. It is a large pedal that you don’t have to put all your body weight against to push down – the gentle tap of one foot will do.

Peekaboo window

Sneak a peek at your little bundle of joy while you push them around without having to crank your neck around the front of the stroller. The PEPP’s weather resistant peekaboo window is also fun for literally playing peekaboo!


A big selling feature of the Nuna PEPP is the fact that it is lightweight (only 19 lbs) and folds down almost completely flat, making it great for travel and storage. You can also store it upright on its back wheels without it falling over! When it’s time to open it up, simply undo the side latch and pull up on the handle – only one hand needed!

Watch this video to see the Nuna PEPP in action!


Nuna PEPP Specs:

Recommended Use: birth to 50 lbs
Product Dimensions: 41.3/37.4 in high • 21.7 in wide • 33.1/29.1 in deep
Folded Dimensions: 28.74 in high • 21.7 in wide • 10.2 in deep
Product Weight: 19 lbs

With an additional adapter, the PEPP is compatible with the following infant car seats: Nuna PIPA™, Maxi-Cosi® Mico, Maxi-Cosi® Prezi, and Cybex Aton.



Nuna PEPP Stroller


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