21 Adorable Father’s Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers to Craft

For many first-time moms living with new partners and their babes, coming up with some Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds can often be a daunting task. You’re trying frantically to come up with unique ways to celebrate the special father in your life, but what do you buy a dad who already has everything he needs…or a new dad of a 1 year old? How do you keep it exciting enough for your one year olds who don’t understand yet the importance of Father’s Day? The good news is that there are plenty of creative choices when it comes to honoring dads on their special day.

From crafting family tree photo frames together as a keepsake or having an hour full of tea party silliness, there are so many wonderful Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds & toddlers out there! We’re sharing 21 simple yet adorable Father’s Day ideas that are sure to put smiles all around – perfect activities for both parent and child bonding moments!

21 Adorable Father's Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers To Craft

Make Father’s Day Special by Involving The Kids At a Young Age

The purpose: Father’s Day is a day to honor all the amazing dads out there who have tirelessly worked to provide for their families. For many dads, this day holds a special place in their hearts as it serves as a reminder of how much they are loved and appreciated. While store-bought gifts are nice, there is something extra special about a crafted gift from your little ones. It shows that they have put in time and effort to create something unique and heartfelt.

From hand-drawn pictures to homemade cards, these simple gestures can make a big impact on Dad’s special day. So, this Father’s Day, encourage your little ones to put their creativity to work and surprise Dad with a special gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Reality check: Keep your expectations low, after all, it’s a 1 year old! It’s important to remember that these little kids are just that, little kids! They aren’t Picassos (yet). Crafting can be a tricky task, especially for those who are still learning how to use their hands and express themselves appropriately. Keep the projects simple and consider using some of the ideas in this post as a starting point. Don’t worry if the project does not turn out exactly as you had planned – the most important thing is that your little one enjoys the experience and has fun creating these Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds and toddlers!

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10 Father’s Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds for DIY Crafting

1. You Rock Father’s Day Frame – Have your little one decorate a cardboard frame with rocks and pebbles. This is a great way to have them practice their motor skills while creating a memorable Father’s Day gift.

2. Teddy Bear Card with Photo – Using construction paper, some stickers, and a printable, grab a photo of your little one with Dad, and create an adorable card for Dad that will last a lifetime!

3. Finger Paint Playdate – Set up an outdoor playdate where your toddler and their friends get to finger paint on large canvases, which will then be given to Dad as a gift. This is probably the most favorable one for Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds and toddlers alike!

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21 Adorable Father's Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers To Craft

4. Plant Flowers in the Garden – Let your little one help plant a garden full of beautiful flowers that will surely bring a smile to Dad’s face watching this little person catch the glow of the sun on their scrunched up face.

5. Create A Memory Book – Print out some family photos and let your little one create a memory book filled with all the happy memories shared with Dad. This is one of the thoughtful Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds as they being to recognize pictures of themselves.

6. Dinner for Dad Placement Mat: Show Dad he is special with a unique placemat that celebrates his place at the head of the table. Every time Dad looks down on dinner, he’ll know his little boy or girl made that just for him. Make it even more special by having the kids customize their own matching mats. Be sure to laminate it!

7. Make Dad An Animal Card – Have your toddler express their love for Dad through meaningful words or drawings on a handcrafted card made just for him with an animal they love the most. This is one of the most adorable Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds as they get excited seeing their favorite animal made for Dad!

8. Kids Alphabet Photo Frame. This is a fun and easy way to spruce up any wall in your home! With this alphabet frame, you’ll be able to showcase photos of your children while also having a toddler-infused creation just for dad!

9. Fruit Plate Assortment – Get your little one involved in baking dad’s favorite treats and surprise him with a sweet treat at the end of the day! It’s one of the more delicious Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds for sure!

10. Create A Father-Child Memory Box – Gather mementos, photos, and special notes from your time together and create an adorable memory box to be treasured for years to come!

These are just some simple yet creative ideas that are sure to make Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds extra special! Whatever activity you choose, it is important to remember that quality time spent together is what matters most – so take some time out of your busy schedule, bond with your little one and make the man of the house feel special!

11 More Creative Father’s Day Gifts that are Toddler-friendly

1. Tie-Dye Shirts – Bring on the nostalgia! Have your little ones help create a one-of-a-kind tie-dye shirt that Dad will love to wear around the house.

21 Adorable Father's Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers To Craft

2. Handprint Card – Create a heartfelt card with your toddler’s handprints and decorate it with fun words and phrases. This is perfect to put some 1 year old quotes down!

3. DIY Coupon Booklet – Give Dad some special coupons that can be used any time during the year, like an extra hour of snuggles or breakfast in bed! You can easily create this in Canva (an online design software), print it out, and have your child color it, help them cut it up, and glue it together like a real coupon book! This will be one of the Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds he’ll swoon over for sure.

4. A Set Of Coasters – Let your toddlers get creative by painting or drawing their own set of coasters for dad to use while unwinding after work.

5. Create a Vision Board – Gather old magazines, photos, and things that remind Dad of happy memories, and let your little ones design their own vision board to give as a gift.

6. Personalized Mug – Have your toddlers decorate a plain white mug for Dad with some washable markers or paints – this way he can think of them every time he uses it!

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7. Birdhouse – For the more adventurous dads out there, have your toddler help you build an adorable birdhouse together and place it in the garden as a surprise as new birds come and check it out.

8. Picture Frame Collage – Have your little ones gather photos from past adventures with Dad before they were born and arrange them in a beautiful collage frame for him to cherish forever! Everyone will adore these Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds in 20 years!

9. Custom T-Shirt – Design a custom t-shirt with your toddler’s art and special messages for dads to wear proudly.

10. Father & Child Personalized Apron Set – Create matching aprons that feature your little one’s artwork and write personalized messages on the back for an extra special touch!

11. DIY Keychain – Let your toddlers create their own keychain creations for dad, using beads, charms, and other bits of fun materials they find around the house.

No matter what you choose to do, these simple Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds and toddlers are sure to put a smile on every dad’s face this Father’s Day! From craft projects to heartfelt cards – each gift is sure to be appreciated.

5 Bonus Ideas For The Office Dad

21 Adorable Father's Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers To Craft
  • First up, try making a unique paperweight that Dad can use on his desk at work. Use your toddler’s handprint or footprints to create a personalized touch.
  • Second, why not make a custom desk calendar? Have your toddler draw pictures for each month of the year and write down important dates that they want to remember.
  • Third, create a DIY pen holder from an old can or jar. Let your little one decorate it however they like with paints, markers, feathers, glitter, and more!
  • Fourth, make a personalized paper clip holder for Dad’s desk. Let your toddler choose their favorite colors to paint the container and add some fun designs.
  • Finally, surprise Dad with a personalized wall art piece that you and your toddler create together. It could be a painting, drawing, or even a collage.

These 5 bonus ideas are sure to make Dad’s office extra special and put a smile on his face this Father’s Day! No matter what you choose, your little one will be proud of their gift and you’ll have fun making it together. Enjoy the special day with your family!

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Budget-friendly & Decorative Father’s Day Ideas for 1 Year Olds to Start a Tradition

Gift-giving is all about showing our loved ones how much we care, but let’s face it- the cost can add up quickly when looking for meaningful Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds – like jewelry. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds that are guaranteed to make a big impact. Whether you’re handy with a glue stick or a baking whiz, there are endless options for thoughtful and personalized gifts.

Get creative and have your little ones:

  • Put together a recipe book of family favorites. Homemade treats like cookies or biscuits are always a hit, especially when packaged in a cute jar or basket.
  • Draw on balloons with markers or even paint them with their handprints.
  • Make streamers out of paper towels by cutting them into strips and attaching them to string.
  • Decorate wine glasses with stickers or markers.

Not only will these decorations be heartfelt, but they will also be unique and add a personal touch to your Father’s Day celebration. With a little creativity and effort, you can give a gift that will be remembered long after the holiday season has ended. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and have some fun with your toddlers while creating memorable decorations for Dad.

Bonding Father’s Day Ideas for 1 Year Olds & Babies

21 Adorable Father's Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers To Craft

Looking for ways for the new dad to bond with his baby? Consider giving him a cozy blanket that he can cuddle up with and read stories or watch movies with the little one. He can also take his baby for a stroll and enjoy the outdoors together. And don’t forget about playtime when it comes to more Father’s Day ideas for 1 year olds! Dad can bond with the baby during tummy time. Lastly, having a picnic in the park is not only fun but also an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for Dad to savor some quality time with his family, now that the weather is favorable.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share special memories and create moments that will stay with dads forever. Providing a memorable experience for your dad this year doesn’t have to involve expensive gifts; it just takes some thought and creativity.

In this digital era and nearly instant gratification, it’s time to slow down and give your Dad something that’s handmade with love by their one year old or toddler! So, get to crafting a gift with your baby today – even the simplest of gestures can make a world of difference for a new dad! Remember, it’s not about the amount of money spent but rather the effort you put into finding something that’ll show him how much you appreciate him. After all, for loving fathers, nothing is more important than knowing their little ones care at such an early age.

Honoring Dad: The History Of Father’s Day



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21 Adorable Father's Day Ideas For 1 Year Olds & Toddlers To Craft



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