10 Best Finance Podcasts for Money Wellness

Podcasts are great – you can listen to anything you want, wherever you want. But instead of listening to stories or chit-chat, why not fill that same amount of time with some beneficial information to better your finances? After all, financial wellness is important for lower stress and a more confident financial future. Check out one of these financial podcasts for money wellness while you’re walking the dog, driving to work, or hitting the gym. And who knows? Maybe, this time next year you’ll be on your way to financial greatness.

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1. Young Wealth Podcast

One of the best personal finance podcasts for young adults is going to be the Young Wealth Podcast. It’s the perfect podcast for those wanting to begin building wealth at a young age. Hosted by Ethan Lang, founder, and CEO of Launch Wealth, even those who are a bit more experienced are bound to learn something new. Ethan asks great questions and gets right to the point with his tips, tricks, stories, and experiences, helping listeners learn more about investing and financial subjects.

2. NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast

The American personal finance company, NerdWallet, whipped up one of the top-rated finance podcasts using their in-house writers to answer real-world money questions. The hosts have created a judgment-free zone ensuring a friendly and supportive answer for listeners, and the interaction with the guest contributors makes the knowledge even more valuable.

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3. The Investing for Beginners Podcast

To many, the stock market can be overwhelming and complicated. So what are you to do if you want to learn? Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern explain and educate even beginners on how to use strategy and elements to invest smart and watch those investments grow. By listening to one of their finance podcasts even the average person will feel comfortable taking on the stock market with ease.

4. Planet Money

Need a little switch in your finance podcasts? Listen to Planet Money from NPR. You’ll walk away understanding more than just money, but the world. Listen to hosts discuss topics from “Sports Tickets Enigma” to “Favorite Tax Loopholes” that will keep you interested and pining for more. This is definitely one of those finance podcasts that will get you believing that economics can not only be interesting and educational, but funny and twisted too.

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5. Women & Money with Suze Orman

Her 40+ year of experience and most recognized personal finance face makes Suze Orman, the Matriarch of Money, one of the most popular hosts of finance podcasts in America. In about 30 minutes each Wednesday and Saturday, listeners get amazing and unique advice to help transform their finances. From “The Real Cost of Having a Pet” to “What you Need to Know about the Debt Relief Program”, there’s financial advice for everyone. Control your own destiny by listening in to her unique personality, humanity-focused wisdom, and and appreciation that money is just the means to living a full and amazing life.

6. Mad Money

What started as a show on CNBC in 2005 is now also now one of the best daily finance podcasts. Go inside the mind of Jim Cramer, one of Wall Street’s most respected and successful money managers, and get a personal guide to making money! Jim is a fiery, energetic, and opinionated host who delivers tips on stocks, investing, and anything worth buying, selling, and holding. But it’s also funny, a bit sensational, and very educational, so definitely worth a listen. Add this to your list of finance podcasts today.

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7. Money Girl

Downloaded a mere 40 million times by her loyal fans, Laura Adams is the show host of Money Girl finance podcasts, bringing actional advice and tips listeners can immediately put into practice. Laura makes it fun and easy to understand personal finance, which can sometimes be quite complex, and also easy to digest. Each episode is only about 20 minutes and covers a variety of topics from real estate investing to emergency funds. It’s short, friendly personal finance advice to help you live a richer, fuller life.

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8. Financial Feminist

It’s hard to argue with the world’s #1 business podcast. Tori Dunlap guides listeners on how to spend less, make more, and get financially confident, while also kicking some patriarchal butt at the same time. You’ll never get bored with new guest episodes every Tuesday, and additional mini-finance podcasts every Thursday. But beware! You might just become financially successful and more financially feminist by listening.

9. Fiscal Fitness

For those searching for finance podcasts that also have a love for fitness and hitting the gym, the Fiscal Fitness Podcast may be the best fit. Hosts Kelsa and Jill are financial coaches as well as fitness enthusiasts who can whip any budget into shape. You’ll learn how to take the stress out of money, budgeting, and spending, and gain the confidence, security, and strategies to also be successful with financial wealth all while using fitness strategies you already know. Listen to episodes like “Practicing What You Preach” where you’ll hear about and learn that the fitness habits you’ve learned and gained can also be used for financial wellness too.

10. The Ramsey Show

This wouldn’t be a true ‘finance podcasts to listen to’ list without having the infamous Dave Ramsey and The Ramsey Show on the list. One of Apple’s most popular finance podcasts, Dave and his team of co-hosts take multiple calls throughout the show and answer questions from real listeners. Using learnings from his own experiences Dave offers up a no-nonsense education in getting out of debt and building wealth. Hear stories and problems from all types of people, and the solutions that work.

Listen to one, or listen to them all. Whatever finance podcasts you decide to listen to, it’s all about just taking one step at a time toward a better and healthier financial lifestyle. So fill your podcast time with some self-improving listens and this time next year you’ll be in a much better place with your money.

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