10 of the Best Finance Books for Kids

We all should know good money management skills. And yet, it’s not generally taught in schools. Many of us didn’t learn it well into our adult years, most likely after a few bad financial decisions. And even then, some just never learn, which can lead to some pretty devastating financial decisions. For those of us who don’t want our children to repeat those not-so-good moments, we’ve picked out 10 of the Best Finance Books for Kids. Grab a seat, snuggle up with your kiddo and work together to teach them all about good money habits.

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Finance Books for Ages 3 to 6

What Is Money? Personal Finance for Kids

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

It’s never too early to teach kids about money. That’s why we think this book is perfect for the little ones. Not only does it explain money and what you can do with it, but goes through where it comes from, why they should save, and includes activities at the end of the book. The author also has a few other personal finance books for kids including “What is a Credit Card?”, “How do Spend Wisely”, and “What is Supply and Demand?”. Pick up a copy or the entire series today and get the conversation going.

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Money Ninja

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Geared for kids aged 3-11, Money Ninja and all the Ninja Life Hacks books help children learn valuable life skills like money management. They’re easy to understand and relatable to kids. Lessons like delayed gratification and investing for future goals, supported with colorful illustrations and adorable characters from the series ensure keeping the attention of young readers.

A Boy, A Budget, and A Dream

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Kass budgets her money carefully. But her irresponsible brother Joey spends every dollar he earns, and he eventually realizes he hasn’t saved enough money to pay for something he’s been dreaming about. Teaching kids about savings and patience, Joey either needs to quickly learn to budget or risk giving up his dream. This book promotes financial literacy, delayed gratification, asking for help, and diversity to all families.

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10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Finance Books for Ages 7-12

Finance 101 for Kids

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Research has said that most kids already have acquired money habits – good or bad – by age 7. Get a jump on it today and teach your kids how to handle their money now. Just like many parents, the author was frustrated by the lack of resources available that apply the concept of finance to real-life situations. He was then inspired to create an informative and entertaining book to help children get on the right path to making smart personal financial decisions. If you like 101 for kids, there’s also a Finance 102 for Kids available too!

Grandpa’s Fortune Fables

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

A great way to inspire young readers to become financially responsible is with the best finance books written in story form. Grandpa’s Fortune Fables feature a 13-year old girl named Gail sharing her Grandpa’s adventures to a faraway island where he learned how to look after his money and became a very wealthy man. She follows his lead and now has more money than most of her peers. Even more fun? There’s a code to solve!

The Everything Money Book

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Forget porcelain piggy banks and change rolls, kids these days are starting small businesses and actually investing. Though, that doesn’t always mean they’re doing it in a responsible way! Help educate a young mind on how to manage their money with one of the best finance books for kids that includes online banking,

Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Start-Up Success

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

When it comes to the best finance books for entrepreneurs, this one takes the cake. Young entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss reading Mo’s Bows by Moziah Bridges. His own company is what kidprenuers dream about achieving. Mo shares his knowledge on working hard, giving back, and reaching for the stars. Any child with dreams of owning their own business should read this!

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Finance Books for Teens

Real World Money Lessons for Kids and Teens

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Get your teen ahead of the financial game with one of the best personal finance books for young adults, which teaches what many school systems fail to – how to manage your money! If every teen read this book, more adults would be financially responsible. Real World Money Lessons for Kids and Teens gets them thinking about money in a healthy, realistic, and age-appropriate way before they’re 18 and thrown into the real world. A great gift for any teen, they won’t be able to thank you enough when they’re older.

How to Adult

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

Prepare your child for the adult world with one of the best finance books for teens – How to Adult. Written by a personal finance teacher, this book contains straightforward explanations, practical examples, and hands-on tools that will help jump-start a teen’s personal finance journey. Readers will learn the foundational concepts of personal finance and building wealth, how to budget, save, and invest wisely, what taxes and insurance are and how they work, and how to prepare for life’s big expenses. Avoid financial pitfalls by gifting a copy to your favorite teen.

The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance: A Visual Reference for Everything You Need to Know

10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to get teens to sit down and read a book that they SHOULD read (and not one they WANT to read). Or sometimes a kid is just more of a visual learner. This Infographic Guide to Personal Finance is one of the best books for those who love to see important information in graphics and charts. It’s an easy-to-read and follow illustrated personal finance guide that’s graphically appealing in easily digestible bites.

Don’t let the next generation make the same mistakes we’ve made with money. Educate your own children, a family member, or just a friend with any one of these best finance books to help them better manage their money. You won’t regret it and they’ll thank you for it.

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10 Of The Best Finance Books For Kids



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