Postpartum Clothes To Help Get Your Body Back

The baby’s born and now you have your bulging, yet beautiful, after-birth belly. Most moms have them and most moms don’t want it! Whatever the case may be about how you feel with your postpartum belly, postpartum clothes like Belle Fit will help you out by reducing the excess weight and skin. If there’s anything we appreciate with postpartum recovery, it’s how fast us moms can get back on our feet (and into our pre-baby clothes).

The Benefit of Postpartum Clothes

Postpartum Clothes To Help Get Your Body Back

After multiple pregnancies and experiencing the recovery phase of the 4th trimester, getting back on your feet, feeling ‘normal’ within your own skin, and enjoying the freedom of movement without the baby weight is usually on mom’s mind. But first, gain back some mobility and flexibility by reducing your back pain. With BelleFit, the improved posture you’ll experience will help with your everyday activities by supporting your, thereby reducing your back pain.

But here’s the fun part… BelleFit will also significantly reduce your beautiful, postpartum belly so that you will feel more confident and comfortable in your body. It’s no secret, surprise, or ‘issue’ that women want to feel beautiful again. And sometimes, that beautiful feeling comes in the form of not still wearing maternity clothes 5 months after birth.

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It sometimes means you want to wear clothing that doesn’t make you feel fat and bloated. It sometimes means you want to feel slim and have people compliment you on how great you look after baby. It sometimes means that you want to accept and take pleasure in your post-baby-body sooner rather than later and without hours of exercising (that you really don’t have time for with a newborn anyway).

We 100% get that and so does Bellefit. Thank goodness! So here’s how BelleFit postpartum clothes can help you recover faster, slim down sooner, and feel really good in your post-baby-belly body. 

Postpartum Clothes To Help Get Your Body Back

Featuring an ultra-flexible, dual closure system, the BelleFit girdle is ideal for most women’s body shapes. The all-around compression (which is very comfortable by the way) provides the support you want with the slimming effect you crave!

With the easy on and off front and side closures, you can wear this as soon as the day after birth! You can also adjust the groin closure for your comfort and recovery whether you’ve had a c-section or natural vaginal birth.

Even when you wear these postpartum clothes all day long – nursing, standing, and caring for your new baby, you won’t overheat. The microporous fabric allows your skin to breathe because BelleFit knows the last thing new moms need is to feel compressed and hot!

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Postpartum Clothes To Help Get Your Body Back

The Dual-Closure Girdle®, also known as the “Double Corset” (above) combines the benefits of the Corset and the Girdle with a Zipper in one girdle. Its flexibility makes it one of the best postpartum girdles after C-Section or vaginal delivery. Feeling beautiful and truly wanting to feel beautiful with your postpartum belly isn’t selfish. You aren’t “wrong” for wanting it right away either. You aren’t being judged for wanting to get out of your maternity clothes and into your regular clothes within a few short weeks. It’s okay to want to slim down, feel great, look great, and know it after having your baby. We applaud you and Bellefit’s Dual-Closure Girdle® will help you do just that!

Postpartum Clothes To Help Get Your Body Back

When you’re ready to move to the next stage of shrinkage, use Bellfit’s Corset which has only the front closure. You have the option of two rows of hook and eye closures so that the corset shrinks with your body for comfort and compression. Again, the corset is ideal for either postpartum C-section or vaginal births. Now you’ll have the strong support needed to strengthen your core and to take control of your abdomen. There’s nothing more liberating than allowing for more effortless movement just after birth while caring for yourself and your baby.

Dual-Closure Girdle® | Corset

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Postpartum Clothes To Help Get Your Body Back

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