Lorena Canals: The Perfect Playroom Rug

As a parent, it is a constant battle to find a balance between a child friendly home and one that suits your adult taste. Children are known to leave a trail of messes wherever they go, no matter what surface they are told to play on. Whether it is juice, paint, or food, parents sometimes feel as though they are following their child’s trail, making sure there are no permanent stains left. In the constant parental search for products that make sense for families, rugs can be especially difficult to find when it feels like your only option is a cheap “play room” rug that can be replaced with each major stain. Anyone channeling their inner Joanna Gaines knows rugs are one of the most important parts of any room; they can either pull together a room’s décor or add another visually interesting element. Once you have kids, playrooms become one of the most loved and essential rooms in the house and luckily Lorena Canals is on board with providing you the perfect rug option.


Lorena Who?

Lorena Canals is a company that provides rugs that are sophisticated and fun, yet comfortable enough to be a perfect fit in a family home. It is the perfect rug for a child’s playroom or bedroom. Need a rug that is easy to clean in your living room? It is perfect for that, too! The rug comes in an array of neutral colors and simple patterns that can fit well into the design of any home. Our personal styling favorite this year is hands down the Bereber Beige. This rug is the perfect neutral with a global touch and complements all different styles of decor. As with all of their rugs, this rug is hand crafted with non-toxic dyes and one-hundred percent natural cotton, and it also meets all safety and quality criteria for children. If you have been looking for a company with a mission statement and commitment to its products that you can trust, Lorena Canals is the best option! They easily eliminate all worries of placing a new rug under the feet and hands of your young children.

The Best Part…

Wait… we mentioned they were easy to clean but we have hardly touched on the best part and what truly makes these the PERFECT playroom addition. As we all know, kids are messy. I mean if we are being honest as parents, constantly carrying five things at once, we, to0, have been known to cause plenty of accidental spills or messes throughout the day. Even our pets are hardly mess or dirt free. Lived-in and loved houses just get messy! These rugs can be easily washed at home in any conventional washing machine. I am sorry parents, did you read that? Do you need us to tell you again. You can put this large, comfy and gorgeous rug RIGHT INTO YOUR WASHER WHEN IT GETS DIRTY! Now that you understand you know why there could be no better playroom (or any room, check out these amazing patterns) rug. An easily washed rug at home is a dream come true, saving you expensive trips to the cleaners or replacement rugs after each unwelcome mess or spill!

The combined simplistic design as well as convenient maintenance of the rugs allows this rug to perfectly mesh with any playroom or child’s bedroom! Lorena Canals is a trusted brand which makes the choice to place their product at the reach of your children an easy one.

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