There are so many special occasions in our lives. When you put together a Pinterest perfect party, you need an invitation that matches all the details you created for your event. A new baby needs to be announced in a beautiful way, not just with a Facebook post or a tweet. Where do you turn to for beautiful invitations or announcements? If you want something that is “truly custom”, you need to know about Basic Invite.

About Basic Invite

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Basic Invite was created in 2006 to revolutionize the wedding invitation market. They wanted to make ordering invitations the easiest part of planning a wedding, and boy did they ever. Brides are able to customize all the designs to match their wedding perfectly, and they can do so instantly using Basic Invite’s technology. No trips back and forth to the stationary store to see proofs. You can see everything right away and try an almost unlimited number of options online until you are satisfied.

Basic Invite expanded their offerings to include all types of invitations and announcements. They still offer customization like no other, instant proofs online and paper proofs if you so wish.

Truly Custom

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Stationary options are everywhere but really, once you look at what Basic Invite has to offer, there will be no other options. The ease with which you can customize every single one of their cards is incredible. Every design has almost unlimited color options. Even your envelope will stand out with over 40 different colors to choose from. All envelopes are peel and seal, so you won’t spend an afternoon licking envelopes shut!

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Here’s how it works:

  • Select a design for your event or announcement.
  • Add and edit your text (and photos if applicable).
  • Change the color of each element on the card to over 160 different color options.
  • Choose your desired paper type, card shape and envelope.
  • View every change digitally and instantly. Order a sample if you want to actually hold the card in your hands before ordering a large quantity.

Basic Invite designs are on point and in style. Whether you are planning a rustic wedding, a baby shower barbecue, or a circus themed first birthday party, there is the perfect invitation for you. There are cards with classic, clean designs, trendy themes and many include whimsical drawings or daring details.  

Everything created by Basic Invite comes with The Love It Guarantee. If you don’t love your card, Basic Invite will make it right! They will reprint for free or they will give you a refund if you return the unwanted item. They can offer this guarantee because their products are superior, as is their customer service.

Family Announcements and Invitations

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While Basic Invite began by creating gorgeous wedding invitations, they now offer so much more. If you have a special family event or occasion coming up, check out Basic Invite to customize your stationary for exactly what you need.

Here are some of the family announcements and invitations that are available:

Why Print Invitations and Announcements?

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In today’s digital world where everyone is connected to their phones, tablets and laptops 24-7, why not just send a digital invitation or announcement? Is print out of date and unnecessary? Definitely not! Don’t settle for the everyday or average. We are all so overstimulated with screen time. Nothing seems special anymore. A social media share takes only moments to create and is forgotten just as quickly. You don’t want to commemorate the birth of a child with the same medium that you share pictures of meals and selfies. Email invites don’t work because they often go unnoticed in an inbox jammed full of junk mail and newsletters. Keep the special events special by commemorating them in print with a fabulous design from Basic Invite

Beyond the Invite

Basic Invite goes beyond invitations and announcements with downloadable printables for everything from custom Mad Libs to baked goods. They actually offer a lot of printables for you to customize and help you bring your event together. They also offer thank you notes and other accessories to match your announcement or invitation.

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What event do you have coming up? Will you be announcing the birth of a child soon? Customize your stationary needs with Basic Invite and your event or announcement will stand out! Make the special moments special with a card or invitation that is like no other. We have a giveaway for 50 free cards worth $50 from Basic Invite, so enter to win and let the party planning begin! 

If you want to include a photo in your birth announcment, read 5 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn to get the perfect picture!

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