Relief for a Family of Allergy Sufferers

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Seasonal and environmental allergies affect so many people all year long. You may end up snotty and coughing in the spring with everything outside blooming. Pet allergies can cause suffering all the time, as can allergies to dust and other stuff that hides in your home. Over 50 million Americans suffer from these kinds of allergies every year, and while we all experience allergies differently, we can all relate to the suffering that comes with the signs and symptoms involved. You are not alone. Here is the story of my family and how our different allergies affect us and how we learned to fight back and deal with the annoying symptoms.My family gets hit with allergies hard. I personally deal with “hay fever” in the spring, and I am married to a man who has a perpetually runny nose. Our son suffers from allergies in the spring as well. We live in the South, and every spring, as soon as it warms up just a little bit, our world gets covered in a blanket of pollen. It is like the South’s version of snow!

This year has been particularly hard on us. My son went straight from recovering from a cold to his allergies taking over. For the first time in his life, his eyes have been bothering him as well. That’s an especially tough symptom for a preschooler to deal with. He can’t quit rubbing his eyes and gets frustrated when they start watering. So in addition to dealing with my own seasonal allergy symptoms (coughing, runny nose, and sinus headaches) I have a grumpy 4 year old to deal with. I have two noses to wipe and I feel like I am dealing with both our emotions from being tired and uncomfortable thanks to the beautiful springtime world all around us.

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One way to deal with seasonal allergies is to stay inside on particularly dry days. Those are the worst days for pollen. If you wait to be outdoors right after a good rain, the pollen has been washed away allowing you to breathe easier. That doesn’t work for my family though. Our best days are spent outdoors, and when we stay inside all day long, we end up frustrated at each other. I lose my patience at the slightest annoyance, and my son expresses his dislike of the day declaring his boredom over and over again. We need to be outside. After winter, the warm weather is just begging us to head out on adventures everyday. In one week we will hit up the zoo, a state park, a favorite playground, and play in the back yard before dinner. We cannot stay inside during spring allergy season no matter how miserable our allergies make us. Our lives cannot and will not slow down, so we need allergy relief that can keep up with us.

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Flonase has been around for a long time. For years I received a prescription for Flonase from my doctor and loved the relief it afforded me. My son’s pediatrician just recommended Flonase for him as well. We didn’t need a prescription because it is available over the counter now and could be found easily at my neighborhood CVS.

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There’s one more wrinkle in our allergy story. My son hates taking medicine! We have been lucky that we haven’t had to force much medicine on him. His allergy symptoms were making him so miserable this year that I knew he had to take something, come what may! Liquid or chewable allergy medicines were off the table. So when the pediatrician recommended Flonase, I was happy to hear that we could give him a nasal spray instead of something oral. To be honest though, I was still nervous. The original Flonase formula does has a smell/taste and I figured my son would freak out once he breathed it in.

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There’s good news from Flonase though. Their new product, Flonase Sensimist, has no scent, no taste, and no alcohol, nothing to bother my medicine hating child! He can take one spray in each nostril every day and his allergy symptoms are handled. No runny nose, no itchy eyes, and no fits over medication. He can even administer the Flonase Sensimist himself with the easy to press, little blue button on the side of the bottle. The mist is ultra light and easy to inhale. Not a drop has dripped out of his little nose so I know he is getting all the medication. My husband and I are also using Flonase Sensimist. Everyone has their own bottle and everyone is feeling the power of relief.

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My whole family is using Flonase Sensimist now and we are all experiencing amazing relief from our allergy symptoms. Our seasonal allergies are not slowing us down a bit, and we are not trapped inside the house. We are enjoying the springtime in our beautiful southern city. In fact, we have plans to attend an air show this weekend in a nearby city so we will be outside all day long. I know we won’t be suffering from seasonal allergies no matter how high the pollen count gets. We know that we can #BeGreater this spring by being outside! Bring it on spring. We will take your best because we can handle your worst now. How will you #BeGreater this allergy season?

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Try picking up some #SensimistAtCVS for everyone over the age of 2 in your family who is suffering from seasonal allergies, and don’t let a snotty nose or itchy eyes stop you. Get outside and enjoy the world! We would love to hear your allergy story too. Share your experiences with us on social media. Tag @CVS_Extra and use @BeGreater and #SensimistAtCVS.

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Kristen Douglas
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