14 Holiday Gifts for the Tough to Shop for Teen

Finding the perfect gift is harder for some than for others. Teens are notoriously picky and particular when it comes to gift-giving. Their tastes change hourly- one day it’s trending and the next it’s “so last year, Mom.” As parents, we have to think outside the box to try and find something we think they might like (and not rolls their eyes at). And sometimes the perfect gift is the one they don’t even know they want. Here are some of our favorite holiday gifts for teens this holiday season.

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14 Holiday Gifts for Teens that are Hard to Shop For

Rocabi Weighted Blanket

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Holiday Gifts For Teens

One thing that we know teens all go through is a bit of anxiety. Between changing bodies, changing personalities, and- for military kids- changing schools, sometimes the anxiety gets so high that sleep is difficult. A weighted blanket like this one from Rocabi will not only help them sleep it will also help with some of their daily anxieties. Weighted blankets have been shown to reduce anxiety and calm a person’s body to help them sleep better. The soft minky cover from Rocabi makes it even more comfortable to snuggle up with at night.

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Video Game T-Shirt

Video Game Tshirt

Video games are all the rage (still) for teens these days. Right up there with sassing their mom and sneaking snacks into their bedrooms. Embrace it by gifting them this “I Love it When My Mom Let’s Me Play Video Games” shirt. They’ll think it’s cheeky, you’ll need the reminder that they really do love you, and maybe you can rotate out a really old one before they catch on.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Holiday Gifts For Teens

Teens are into music and hanging with their friends. Which makes this portable, Bluetooth speaker a perfect gift. It’s distortion-free at maximum volume, allows for the streaming of music from smartphones, and can easily pair with Comiso speaker. It’s lightweight, durable, and waterproof, so you won’t have to buy another one in a few months after a camping trip or outside party. The variety of colors is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of teens.

Jewelry for Isabella Grace

13 Holiday Gifts For The Tough To Shop For Teen

Isabella Grace Jewelry offers a variety of personalized bracelets and necklaces that will wow the child or teen in your life. Earrings in studs or hoops and stacking rings come in a variety of styles and are perfect for the trendsetter. Jewelry with tasteful charms like the Tiny Dancer necklace with initial charm and the Simple Initial Charm Bracelet are hand-stamped and hammered. The classic look of each piece allows the accessory to grow with them over time (yes – bang for your buck!). Bonus: the local artisans hand-make the jewelry with recycled metals whenever possible, making this a parental favorite.

Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag

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Who says playing outside with friends isn’t for teens? With this glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag game by Starlux, your kids and their friends can play one of the most classic kid’s games but in the dark. This fun game has 25 light-up game pieces that have 12+ hours of battery life. Your teens can play, run, and chase each other all without the use of electronics, in this fun and exciting outdoor game. Your kids and their friends will love playing this fun (and bright!) twist on capture the flag at their next sleepover or just while hanging out with friends on the weekend.

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Miroir Micro Projector

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Teens love their movies, and nothing is more fun than having a movie night with friends. But they can take the typical movie night one step further with a Miroir M75 Micro Pocket Projector. This projector is small enough to take with them to a friend’s house (and easy for you to pack for a PCS) or for their service member parent to take with them on deployment. It offers a bright and crisp image of up to 50” and has a 2-hour battery life- just long enough for a good movie.

It can connect wirelessly to Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more or you can connect it to your home device like a television or computer using an HDMI cable. The built-in speaker allows you to have your sound with you without additional speakers needed, too. It is a great gift for teens who love to have movie nights with friends or for deployed service members to bring with them on deployment. We also love it as a way for the whole family to chat with service members while they are deployed.

Del Sol

Heather Holiday Gift Guide

Surprise your teen with fabulous color-changing hair accessories from Del Sol. Choose from many designs like plumeria, butterfly, and swirls to add to any hair design for school, vacation or homecoming. The hair clips and headbands are sure to make brighten any day and any hairstyle. If jewelry is what your teen prefers, there are many beautiful and personalizable options with Del Sol. From color-changing charms to create a personalized charm bracelet to a necklace featuring color-changing plumeria, daisy or bow. The beauty of Del Sol products is that all are changed by sunlight, and in the sun a new color or detail is revealed. Get out in the sun to explore the beauty of vitamin D, and the color-changing aspect of Del Sol!

Heather Holiday Gift Guide

DIY Journal Set

Journal Set

Writing in school is not cool, but journaling is. Gift the teen in your life this trendy DIY Journaling Set and let their creativity run wild. The 70-page spiral notebook has room for adding photos, movie tickets, and notes from friends—just like we did when we were teens. Also included are stickers, gems, glitter frames, and more to create a cute and trendy keepsake. Everything they need is included in this kit. Encourage their creativity, allow them to have secrets, and one day they’ll share with you.

Luc & Bell Unicorn Bracelet

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Jewelry is a great gift option for pre-teens or teens this holiday season, and with unicorns being all the rage this Unicorn Double Wrap Bead Bracelet is a great option. It is a cute, simple bracelet that has a double wrap of beads and a sweet unicorn charm in the middle. It is a great gift option for siblings to give each other, as a stocking stuffer, or for best friends.

Embellish Active

Embellish Active

These fashionable and function leggings are made from original paintings by Emma Bell, not just generated by a computer. The soft, breathable fabric looks amazing, flatter all body-types, and are fade resistant. Your teen will love these leggings, and you’ll love their durability. Art and fitness combine in these leggings and make the perfect gift for the art-loving, active teen.

Celestial Silk Pillowcase

Celestial Silk

Silk pillowcases are soft and luxurious and the perfect choice for your teen. The cool surface makes for a relaxing place to sleep. Healthline states that silk is a healthy surface for the skin as silk absorbs less dirt and oil. Silk is also beneficial to hair, allowing it to be easily maintained. This gift helps your teen sleep well and healthy, all with the beauty and comfort of silk.

Kids Cook Real Food

Gifts For Teens

Teaching life skills to our children in the kitchen is daunting. Healthy eating is so important, as 1 in 3 American teenagers are obese or overweight, and without the practice of basic skills in the kitchen, confidence in cooking cannot be built. Enter the Kids Cook Real Food e-course. The online kids’ cooking class focuses on healthy food and can be done wherever you live. Eight videos for three-levels are included – beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Grocery lists and other printables are included on the website to assist with the videos. In addition to the video series, a private Facebook group is included for any questions and extra support. Give the gift of family time, life skills and confidence to the children in your lives!

Silicone Travel Straw

Silicone Straw

This travel silicone straw from Grand Fusion is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious teen on your list or someone who lives in California. It folds up nicely for travel, comes with its own brush, and helps keep that sugar off of teeth. BPA-free and FDA approved mean you don’t have to worry about what they’re made of. And anything that prevents worrying for the parent of a teen is well worth the purchase.

Peekaboos Ponytail Hats

This iconic ponytail hat has two (or three!) ponytail openings hidden within a soft and comfortable cable knit twist. The best part is that the openings disappear when not in use. Having 2-3 openings at different heights makes the ponytail hat both versatile and convenient. Peekaboos come in adult and youth sizes, as well as Open Bun Hats for those perfect messy bun hair days (aka Everyday).

The teens on your list may be “too cool” to squeal in delight when opening gifts, but we know they’ll love these ideas, and you for thinking of them this year. Make sure to share these holiday gifts for teens ideas with your friends!

11 Holiday Gifts For The Tough To Shop For Teen



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