5 Pregnancy Safe Teas For The Tea Lover

There is nothing more soothing and comforting than sitting down after a long day with a hot cup of tea, or a warm cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. That is, unless your pregnant. With all the information out there, you don’t know which are safe teas in pregnancy, and all you’re craving is a good cup of tea! The good news is, there is tea safe for pregnancy to drink and we have five herbal teas that are safe teas in pregnancy. Some are even recommended by professionals to aid in pregnancy and birth.

Safe Teas in Pregnancy

daily mom parent portal safe teas in pregnancy

Drinking herbal teas is a better option than caffeinated drinks, including some types of tea and coffee. It is suggested to limit caffeine intake to 300 mg a day, therefore herbal teas or tisanes (which are teas made from dried fruits, herbs and flowers, rather than tea plants such as green or black tea) can be delicious and curb your cravings. Green tea also contains L-Theanine which is helpful in improving anxiety, depression, and stress relief.

Remember that every pregnancy is unique just as every individual is unique, consult with your caregiver first before trying any type of herbal drink. If you are still concerned, avoid drinking herbal teas during the first trimester.

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 Ginger Pregnancy Tea

This “belly-friendly” tea is one of the top safe teas in pregnancy and a great tea to add to anyone’s cabinet. Ginger (tea) is not only great for pregnancy, but it is also an effective remedy for colds and sore throats as it helps to clear up congestion. The reason why ginger is a great pregnancy tea is due to the fact that it helps the process of digestion, as well as nausea, making it the perfect drink for the mom-to-be, especially in the first trimester where some women suffer from morning sickness. Find out more about ginger and other healthy ingredients at HealthTrends.com.

To enjoy this pregnancy tea, chop a few slices of fresh ginger and add it to a teapot filled with water, once it boils, remove and enjoy. Try it with a little bit of honey and lemon, especially if you are feeling a little under the weather. Another tasty option is boiling some milk (what ever kind you prefer) and adding shaved fresh ginger and letting it simmer a little bit. Add honey and enjoy instead of a latte.



An ancient herbal remedy, peppermint has more than breath-freshening qualities. Peppermint has been used in different civilizations for stomach issues of different kinds, from IBS to infant colic. Peppermint tea can be very soothing and relaxing as it calms the stomach and is a perfect tea safe for pregnancy. We know that, with pregnancy, comes heartburn and morning sickness, therefore this tea may be the perfect option.

Peppermint is another top safe teas in pregnancy and also helps to relieve gas and bloating, as well as diarrhea, and if drank before bedtime, will alleviate muscle tension, helping you sleep better. (Tip: You can even buy peppermint essential oil to relieve heartburn, however, check with your health care professional before you indulge.)

daily mom parent portal safe teas in pregnancy

Rooibos Tea

This South African Rooibos tea, sometimes referred to as red bush tea since it is cultivated from the red bush, is a caffeine-free tea that is often times given to children in South Africa and is consumed unrestricted, unlike other teas. This is one of the reasons why Rooibos tea is one of the best safe teas in pregnancy. We love that Rooibos tea has such high anti-oxidant qualities, which help fight free radicals, which also means it is great for the skin!

Rooibos tea has a high source of  calcium and helps to aid in digestion and stomach issues. Rooibos tea, unlike other teas, actually helps your body absorb iron, an essential mineral for pregnancy and postpartum. (Tip: Try this pregnancy tea as a coconut chai tea latte; we promise you won’t regret it!)

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Stinging Nettle Pregnancy Tea

Often times referred to as nettle, this “weed” of an herb is filled with so many benefits, it is unbelievable. Nettle tea during pregnancy is a nutrition-packed option, as it is high in magnesium, calcium and iron, which are all excellent and essential minerals to ingest during pregnancy. It also helps with numerous stomach issues such as IBS, constipation and bloating. Stinging nettle has been found to be great for other ailments too like arthritis, asthma, allergies, anemia and even prostate health in men.

If you’re looking to try nettle tea, look for one that contains the leaf and not the root, and consult your caregiver before purchasing nettle tea as it is known for it’s stimulating effects during pregnancy, and for that reason, many professionals recommend it alongside red raspberry leaf tea. You will also find nettle in most mother’s tea for pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it aids in the production of breast milk. (Wondering why it’s called “stinging” nettle? That is due to the fine hairs on the leaves. When in comes into contact with skin, it releases an irritating chemical.)


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe for Pregnancy

daily mom parent portal safe teas in pregnancy

Probably the most well known pregnancy tea, red raspberry leaf tea is many times prescribed by professionals to pregnant mothers for it’s uterine stimulating qualities. Red raspberry leaf tea is believed to help tone and strengthen the uterine muscle, allowing for a more efficient labor. However, red raspberry leaf tea is more than just a safe tea for pregnancy. It is also high in magnesium, potassium, b-vitamins and iron plus, surprisingly enough, it also helps with skin problems such as eczema and allergies as well as gingivitis and gum disease.

Red raspberry leaf tea is also a great tool for women suffering from menstrual cramps and anyone with stomach issues and a delicious tea safe for pregnancy. Due to uterine stimulating abilities it is suggested to drink red raspberry leaf tea during the 2nd and 3rd trimester and to avoid it during the first trimester.


Grab your favorite mug and relax with a hot cup of tea safe for pregnancy. It will do wonders to soothe your spirit, as well as many pregnancy-related ailments you may be suffering from. Or, with springtime rolling in, brew some tea safe for pregnancy in this adorable solar powered tea jar and drink it on ice! Delicious and eco-conscious!


For more ways to relax while pregnant, check out Relaxing Remedies for Your Pregnant Body.

daily mom parent portal safe teas in pregnancy

Disclaimer: This post is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional. Please read our terms of use for more information.

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I hate drinking plain water, but wasn’t sure what type of tea to drink while pregnant. Not sure if you can answer this question, but do you know if red raspberry leaf tea is safe for women with a history of preterm delivery? My 1st daughter was premature and I had contractions all the time during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters with her pregnancy- now I’m having the same thing happen again with my second child. I’ve been avoiding the raspberry tea because I’d hate to increase my contractions or have it throw me into full-blown labor. Thanks in advance if you have any insight on this topic!!

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