Ultrasound Gender: To See or Not to See?


To find out the baby’s gender or not to find out? That is the question, and some expecting parents can’t decide. One thing most parents-to-be can expect from the moment they announce their pregnancy is that they will have people asking whether they’re going to find out if the baby will be a boy or a girl. You and your partner impatiently wait for the 220-week mark where you are able to tell in an ultrasound what you’re having. As that time approaches, parents may find themselves on two separate pages as to whether they find out or not. There are plenty of arguments made for finding out the sex of your child and similarly, there are arguments discussing reasons why not to find out the sex. 

Today we discuss both! Here are 5 reasons to find out and 5 reasons not to find out if your little one is a boy or a girl. 

5 Reasons to Find Out the Gender

1. Planners

For those parents who are planners, finding out whether their baby is a boy or girl will better help them prepare for their new arrival. You will like knowing what color theme you should be investing in so you can prepare the nursery accordingly. You can start buying gender specific toys and clothing to help prepare yourselves for when the baby comes home from the hospital.

Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

2. Intimate Reveal

You and your spouse have been anticipating that 20-week mark so that you are finally able to find out if you’re welcoming a little boy or a little girl into the world. There is something so intimate about finding out with your spouse at that moment that will live with you both forever. Try to record this moment so you can share it with others or have it as a keepsake for you and your spouse.

3. Gender Reveal Party

Finding out the gender of your baby can be fun especially if you reveal the gender in front of your closest friends and family. These days couples will invite their closest friends and family to a party where they announce their exciting news. Some parents-to-be may wait to find out the gender during this party while others find out beforehand but then surprise their friends and family at the gender reveal party.

Here are 5 common ways parents-to-be can announce the gender of their unborn baby:

  1. Black Balloon with either Blue or Pink Confetti inside: Pop it in front of your friends and family.
  2. Have a Cake Made: Have the baker use food coloring for the middle frosting and cut into the cake to reveal the color indicating the gender.
  3. Balloons in a Box: Put the appropriate colored balloons in a box. When you’re ready to reveal to your guests the sex of your baby, open the box and either pink or blue balloons will pop out.
  4. Silly String: Spray your spouse with the appropriate silly string color. Be sure to conceal the label on the can indicating the color of the string.
  5. Pinata: Instead of filling a pinata with candy, replace the candy with colored confetti. You and your spouse can take turns trying to break the pinata open so your guests can see the confetti hiding within.

Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

4. Creating a Bond

If you choose to find out the gender of your unborn child, it allows you to start building a bond with them. You can pick out their name and talk to them throughout the pregnancy allowing you to feel as though you knew them before you even held them in your arms.

Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

5. Better Baby Gifts

Selfishly, parents decide to find out because they can receive better baby gifts because it’s much easier purchasing gifts geared towards a baby boy or girl versus the unknown. Your baby shower guests and family members can have personalized gifts made for your baby. They can even purchase gifts that match the nursery theme you have picked out.

5 Reasons to Not Find out the Gender

1. Cuts down on Gender Disappointment

There is a common argument that not finding out whether your baby is a boy or girl at 20 weeks will help cut down on disappointment. Let’s say that you were hoping for a little boy and you ended up being pregnant with a little girl, but you’re then caught up in the moment of what just happened to even care about the gender. You’re just overjoyed and thankful for the new life that you and your spouse created that is now in your arms.

Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

2. Motivation in the Delivery Room

Some women argue that they were able to push steadily through difficult parts of labor because they were so motivated to finally find out the sex of their baby. That added motivation may be just what you need for the final push.

3. The Surprise is Unlike Anything Else

For those who go 9 months without knowing the sex of their child, the anticipation of finally finding out what you’re having creates a moment unlike anything else. When that final push is over, there is no doubt that both the mother and father are frantically trying to determine if they’re parents to a little boy or to a little girl. Plus, the surprise your friends and family have been impatiently waiting for is now a fun and joyous reveal.

Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

4. Oops!

On the rare occasions that doctors don’t have the sex correct, you are now stuck trying to obtain the needed items for the child that you thought was a boy when it was in actuality a little girl. By not finding out, you’re able to create a gender-neutral nursery that is accommodating to either a boy or girl. There is zero room for error with this plan.

5. Zero Revamp of Nursery for Additional Children

If you and your spouse decide to have more children, you won’t have to worry about changing the nursery to accommodate the new addition if it is the opposite gender of your first child. You save time, energy and money going with gender-neutral nursery themes because it’s easy to use the same theme for either gender.

Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Ultimately, at the end of the day, the most important thing a parent wants is a healthy baby. Whether you decide to find out at that 20-week mark or wait until the delivery room, neither choice is right or wrong.

When did you decide to find out the sex of your baby? Let us know some of your reasons why! 

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Ultrasound Gender: To See Or Not To See? 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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