10 Fun Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender


Your 20 week scan is coming up and you have decided to find out the sex of your baby! The idea of sharing this surprise with your loved ones has become a very popular one. Here are 10 fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender, some of which, are sure to set you apart from the crowd!

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1. Fly

Letting helium balloons fly out of a giant package is not only a fun way but it is a very pretty one too! Capture this special moment by photographing everyone’s reaction as you all see the first glimpse of colour floating upwards. It’s a…
10 Fun Ways To Reveal Your Baby'S Gender 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

2. Bake

This idea is an oldie but a goodie and another very popular gender revealing choice. You just can’t go wrong with cake! Have your local baker put pink or blue in the centre of a cake, cupcake, cookie or pie. You can even have the results put in a fortune cookie! You get the idea. Reveal the surprise by cutting the dessert in front of family and friends.

3. Party

Who needs an excuse to party!? Gender reveal parties have become the latest trend in the baby world. If you have a flair for party planning then here is your chance to organize a big extravaganza. Get on Pinterest, set the theme, have guests cast votes, play games, create a treasure hunt, set up teams and choose the perfect reveal moment.
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Take some time out from all the baby preparations and have some fun at your favorite children’s store. Pick out a boy outfit and a girl outfit. Ask the sales clerk to secretly wrap whichever outfit corresponds with the gender written in the sealed envelope. Depending on the time of year, you can give it to friends and family to open at Christmas, on birthdays, or you can open it at your baby shower.

5. Paint

Gender Reveal from The Art of Making a Baby

Get messy with a can of paint! Or paint your nursery walls with the surprise color. Go to your local hardware store with a sealed envelope and ask them to give you blue or pink paint in an unlabeled can. Open the can of paint to reveal your baby’s gender with your nearest and dearest. You can also photograph the reveal or create a precious film like this one from The Art of Making a Baby. The build up to the moment and the suspense is almost tangible!

6. Wear

There are some darling gender reveal t-shirts available. You can even have your own made! If you are adding to your brood, this is a great way to get your older children involved. Have them wear t-shirts that say “I’m getting a baby sister or baby brother”. Get them to appear in a crowd of friends and relatives. Or, you can photograph your cuties and send cards to everyone.

7. Scratch

You are having a baby! Getting pregnant is as exciting as winning the lottery. Share your thrilling news with adorable gender reveal scratch cards.
10 Fun Ways To Reveal Your Baby'S Gender 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

8. Eat

This one is for you and your partner! Go out for a romantic meal and give the waiter a sealed envelope with the gender of your baby. For dessert, ask the chef to put blueberries for a boy or raspberries for a girl on your dessert. Get someone to photograph the moment when the waiter brings it to your table.

10 Fun Ways To Reveal Your Baby'S Gender 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

9. Break

Another fun way of finding out the sex of your baby is by hosting a piñata party! Get a piñata filled with blue or pink confetti. The sex of your baby will be revealed when the confetti showers down on you and your guests. Get creative with the confetti and try paper hearts, sparkles, or ribbon. Everyone will have so much fun trying to break open the surprise and the photographs capturing the moment will be beautiful!

10. Stop and Go!

Get your creativity hat on and your camera out! There are some absolutely adorable gender reveal stop motion videos out there. Check out this one, Jellybean’s Sex Revealed, created by Heather and Ben, wedding cinematographers at Sugar Leaf Films. Or, this one created by Drew at Mom*Tog. Is it a girl or boy for them!?

Stop motion can be created with a camera, simple video editing software, a lot of patience, a handful of creativity and it can be a whole lot of fun!

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Photo Credits: The Art of Making a BabyLauren Hardy Blog, Ashley Sisk, The Whimsical Photographer, Marina Mikus

Video Credits: The Art of Making a Baby, Sugar Leaf Films, Mom*Tog



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