Be Comfortable and Cool- FabKids for Boys

Shopping for boy’s clothing can be a challenge. Any mom who has dragged her son through the clothing aisles will attest to the fact that wardrobe negotiations can be brutal. You just want to find outfits that are presentable (so that he doesn’t look like he just rolled out of bed) and durable (so that the clothing will last longer than it takes for him to outgrow it). Boys just want to be comfortable and look cool. FabKids is where boys’ fashion, durability, and comfort all come together. They offer stylish, high quality clothes at unbelievably low prices, and the best part? These are clothes your boys will actually want to wear.




FabKids is a monthly service for kids’ clothing, tailored to their individual styles and needs. You begin by taking a short quiz about your son’s style, and then receive a personalized wardrobe of outfits to choose from. You’re not limited to that selection, but it really helps to narrow things down and make choosing less stressful.

When you register as a FabKids VIP, you will continue to receive a monthly email with style and outfit recommendations. The choice to shop is always yours. You can choose one of the recommended styles, browse for other styles, or just choose to skip that month, with no charges added. If you don’t choose to “skip the month” by the 5th, your FabKids account is charged the subscription fee and you’ll receive a credit that can be used toward one outfit (or $29.95 worth of individual pieces) in the future. The FabKids subscription fee is only $29.95 a month.


FabKids Harem Pants are a staple of their boys’ clothing line, and it’s easy to see why. They fit like the comfy sweatpants boys love, but are well made and stylish. These are great for kids who resist denim and corduroy during the cooler months.

The FabKids selection of t-shirts provides enough variety that every boy will be able to find a design that he loves. They’re soft and lightweight, making them perfect for kids who just want to be comfy.

FabKids clothing is easy to move in, and kids will feel free to play and be active. Your boys will be so comfy that they’ll move seamlessly from school to play without ever needing to change out of their “school clothes.”

A favorite FabKid feature is that you can customize a set according to your child’s body type. Normally, buying clothes in sets means you take the same size in both the shirt and pants. With FabKids, you can order an outfit with a size medium shirt and size large pants, which can be really important during the elementary school years when boys are growing so quickly!

Not only are sizes interchangeable, but styles are, too. There are many different prints and designs of shirts and pants to mix and match. Absolutely everything can be customized according to taste.

One of our favorite lines in FabKids boys’ fashion is their shoe collection. These shoes are seriously cool. Sneakers, boots, and slip ons are all available, but their Three-Strap High Top is guaranteed to be an instant favorite with boys!

Velcro straps and elastic laces on the sneakers and boots make it easy and fast for boys of any age to get themselves dressed.

Given their fashionable styles, comfortable fit, and affordable prices, we can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t love FabKids!

Wondering what FabKids has to offer for girls? Check out their Fall 2016 Girls’ Collection!

Photo credits: Sara Luke

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