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Welcome to the Supreme Back To School Guide! 

It is always an exciting time seeing the BTS (back to school) advertisements on TV or hearing them on the radio but it can be stressful thinking about everything that you need to prepare for. We have everything you need to organize yourself for your next school year. Preparing can feel daunting but if you have a to-do list and an idea of what you need, we can help you do the rest!

Prepping for Back to School

You can never feel prepared enough for the first day of school. We have ways to be a smart shopper and get things ready to go so you don’t have those back to school jitters. Make going back to school fun with these “prepping” articles!

Back to School Essentials

It can be overwhelming to shop for back to school items, especially when you have multiple children in different grade levels. As soon as you get those welcome letters, you see dollar signs! Our Back to School Essentials articles can show you unique and fun ways to start the beginning of school off on a great note.

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Fashion and Beauty

They are growing leaps and bounds each year and it seems like you need a new wardrobe every couple months to keep up. Find fashionable clothes and shoes in our Fashion and Beauty section. There will definitely be something here to style your back-to-schooler in for the first day and beyond!  

Beginning School with a Bang!

Kindergartener? Preschooler? Home-schooler? There are tips for everyone starting back into a routine in our Beginning School with a Bang section. You will be able to make sure your kids are comfortable and ready by using these tips!

Make Lunch Great

It can be difficult to make lunch interesting every day for your grade schooler. It is even tougher trying to figure out a bunch of good options that are healthy and will actually be eaten. In this section, you will find simple and healthy ideas to start the school year off deliciously.

Get Involved

Some parents are born PTA parents and some need a little guidance. Find some great tips on being involved in your child’s learning and what to expect during the beginning years of school. You will be a pro by the time they are in their second year!

Photos, Crafts, and Organization

You will want to remember this adventurous time in your child’s life. Find great ideas whether you are a momtographer or just want to be able to keep up with their crafts and projects in school. Here are some strategies to keep the school year organized and fun!

Homework and After-School Activities

When kids hear the word “homework”, they immediately cringe. Set them up for success by already being educated about this after-school process. Not only that, but you will find information on juggling everything that they are involved in after-school.



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