Creating a Book Nook for the Perfect Spot to Read

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Packing things up in boxes and bags, cleaning, and getting ready to unpack it all again is stressful and daunting, but it’s a simply inevitable part of the process of switching homes. Sure, it causes a lot of headaches and stress while it’s all happening. But if your move is anything like ours, all that stress will disappear when you finally find yourself moved into your dream home!

Our humble abode is not impressively big and super stylish, but it is perhaps the finest home in Texas that we could pull with our budget. It’s packed with modern and functional designs and features that fit our lifestyle. Our family loves to read books so we spared a space in the house for a reading nook. It has shelves all over and a nice oversized, comfy couch where two people can sit (or curl up side by side!) and read. 


What is a reading nook for?

The reading corner was specially made for our kids to encourage them to read books. The hope was that it would rid them of the impulse to get hooked on mobile phones, tablets and digital toys. We are placing importance on reading in our children’s early years because it will help their cognitive development. A recent study showed that children who read for pleasure become more intellectually competitive than those who just read for compliance, like for school homework and examinations. 

Any special book to keep on the shelves?

We have stored different book genres in the reading nook, with the children’s books placed near the bottom so that they are easy to reach, while ours are placed on the upper shelves. 

We have science fiction, non-fiction, drama, action and adventure, romance, mystery, self-help, health, guide, travel, spirituality and new age, history, math, comics, cookbooks, biographies, and fantasy. All of this has made our book nook look like a mini library! 


What’s reading got to do with us?

Reading enhances brain activity as it teaches children new vocabulary and introduces information. It can take us all to another place and time, allows us to delve into the minds of people, look into the future, and explore the outer limits of our imagination. Like music, reading takes us on a sentimental journey, where we get to feel what the characters feel and think what they think. 


What type of lights are recommended?

To make our reading corner extra cozy, we kept it well lit enough to see the words clearly regardless of the font size, but not so bright that you might get a headache. Instead of flourescent lighting, which can cause eye damage, we used string lights. Others may use table or floor lamps depending on the architecture of the reading nook.


What does a reading couch look like?

Some people are comfortable with just sitting or reclining while reading, but others prefer a more relaxed position like lying down with stretched legs and moving from side to side. Options may vary from a barrel chair, kid’s sofa with compartment, sofa bed, sleeper sofa or bean bag chair. 


Is a reading nook exclusively for children?

Reading nooks should be a special cozy place of fun, comfort and pleasure for children, but all other members of the family must feel the same way the kids do in that secluded part of the house. Family reading time once or twice a week can be good family bonding activity. 

A book nook is a great addition to any house. If you are just building a new house here in Texas, I suggest you work with someone who understands what you need. I worked with a Texas home builder to help me create the perfect reading nook for me and my kids. We laid out the plans so that I could choose a spot that had the right light to provide a great view!

Want some books to add to your child’s library? Try these 11 Unique Stories to finish off creating the perfect book nook!

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