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It’s that time again! Back to school means back to routines and schedules. It also means your little artists will be bringing home drawings and paintings galore. Most kids love seeing their creations displayed throughout the house, but how can you do that without the artwork taking over every last inch of fridge and wall space? We’ve found a bunch of creative and cute ways to display your little one’s masterpieces!

1. Photoline

A photoline is a piece of wire that mounts right to your wall and includes clips so that you can easily hang art work, tests, quizzes, and even important fliers for school events. It’s also a breeze to change things in and out so you always have new pieces of artwork to look at! We love this one from Umbra.


2. Easy Change Artwork Frame

Although it looks just like a standard picture frame, this frame has a super sneaky side door that allows you to slide in new artwork all the time. Hang this in any room and make your child’s artwork look fancy on your walls!


3. Personalized Magnets

If you love the tradition of hanging great work on the fridge, spice it up with these personalized magnets. Get one for each family member and that way everyone can have his or her place to shine. Bonus: If you’re feeling crafty, get a few sheets of magnetic printable sheets and have your kids make their own personalized magnets using your home computer and printer!



4. Hanger Display

If you’re looking for something that’s decorative, unique and green, this cool hanger display, from ScissorsPaperCloth on Etsy, is the way to go. Repurposed vintage hangers are decorated with your child’s initial. Just open the hanger, clamp the artwork in and mount on the wall.  They’ll look cool in any room of the house.

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Photo Credit: The Quinntessential Mommy