Special Gifts To and From Baby

As you prepare for your second child’s upcoming arrival, a very popular trend is popping up – sibling gifts! We’re here to share with you our favorite gift ideas both to, and from your new arrival, sure to delight their older sibling as well for years to come.

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You want to make the transition from being an only child to becoming an older sibling smooth for your eldest, and yet you also want something heartfelt and personal that baby #2 is going to cherish for life. Why not consider buying, or making some sibling gifts! Here are some creative ideas on how to welcome your newest family member into the home, while also making your first born feel loved, special and included in the gift giving.

For New Baby:

  • Take your eldest child to Build A Bear Workshop and have them customize and create a new bear friend for their sibling. You can do add-ins such as a beating heart sound, or even record your first born telling their younger sibling that they love them, and blowing them kisses. All bears come with a birth certificate that registers them, as well as who made it for them. As a bonus, use the new bear to take their monthly photos with! This option tends to be on the pricier side, averaging between $15-$50 depending on what you choose

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  •  Have your eldest child paint their new sibling a onesie. You can put their hand prints on it, use an iron-on decal of your choice, or simply let them go to town with puffy paint. When they are done, you can either hang it up in the new baby’s room on some cute twine like a wall clothesline, or have them wear it home from the hospital. Your firstborn will love seeing their creation in use!
  • Get them a personalized photo frame to put in their bedroom and place a picture of their older sibling holding them as a newborn.
  • Have your child draw or paint their younger sibling a picture that will hang in their nursery. You can have them only use colors that compliment their new siblings bedroom and theme, or let their creativity run wild. This is a great option for kids that love arts and crafts, and something that the younger sibling will love growing up with, along with a heartfelt and personal touch for their nursery.

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  • Have your child write them a note welcoming their new sibling to the family, and then frame it for the younger child.
  • Have the older child help you create a customized board book through Pinhole Press.
  • Make a salt handprint of your two children’s hands – and make two sets and frame them in a shadow box for each child to cherish.

To Older Sibling:

  • Have the baby bring a special toy for the older sibling to open when they first meet in the hospital! You can choose anything from an inexpensive toy all the way up to a personalized American Girl doll that your child is sure to love for many years to come.

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  • Have the younger sibling bring them a special personalized Big Brother/Sister T-Shirt to wear. There are tons of options available through Etsy and most of them can even get their name embroidered on the shirt as well! Once your child outgrows the shirt, make sure to tuck it away in a special place for them, or put it on their favorite teddy bear.
  • Create a custom coupon book for your oldest child, and include coupons for a solo trip to dinner, extra bedtime stories, or a fun day out of the house.
  • Start a charm bracelet for your older female child. Hallmark has an inexpensive line of charm bracelets where you buy the beads separately, or you can choose a more expensive brand such as Pandora or Chamilia. Each charm will be a fun memory for them, and they will look forward to adding to their bracelet.
  • Get your older daughter a customized piece of jewelry, such as an ID bracelet, or a locket.
  • Make your older child a customized blanket with their name embroidered on it, or out of your favorite photo of them holding their new sibling.
  • Give the older sibling a durable (or toy) digital camera to get them involved with taking photos of their sibling (as well as a few hundred selfies), and frame one of their photos in the future.

Whatever you do, make sure to document the exchange of gifts and have fun thinking of different ideas that would help your first child feel involved, loved, and ready to welcome in their newest family member with open arms.

Did your child give, or a receive a special gift? Tell us all about it in the comment section!


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