50 Tech-Free Rainy Day Activities

Whether the forecast is calling for a solid day of rain, or just those pesky summer afternoon storms, you know you’ll be stuck inside the house for a while with kids who would much rather be playing outside. Here are 50 indoor activities that will keep your kids occupied and off the iPad!

Keep this list stored away for when winter hits and when the kids aren’t feeling great. These ideas are great for snow and sick days too!

1. Build a fort with chairs and blankets.
2. Bake cookies.
3. Fill up the kitchen sink with bubbles. Stick your kid on a stool and let them splash away.
4. Make a bath tub noodle pit. link post
5. Play with living sands.
6. Read books in unique places, like the bathtub filled with blankets and pillows!
7. Dance to music.
8. Paint mess-free with Magic Paint Posters. Dip a Q-tip in water and paint away!
9. Pull your kid around the house in a laundry basket “car”. Tie a heavy-duty rope to one end of the laundry basket. A large blanket or a cardboard box will work too!
10. Make a toy car wash. All you need is a baking pan, water, dish soap, and toys that are “dirty”!
50 Tech-Free Rainy Day Activities 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
11. Make paper dolls.
12. Have a tea party.
13. Go on a treasure hunt.
14. Camp out in the living room with a tent and flashlight. Don’t forget to make s’mores!
15. Play some old fashioned board games.
16. Have a spa day. Enjoy homemade manicures and pedicures.
17. Sit in the garage or on the front porch and watch the rain.
18. Blow bubbles inside.
19. Play a card game.
20. Use Do a Dot Art Markers and stamps in addition to crayons while coloring.
50 Tech-Free Rainy Day Activities 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
21. Rearrange your kid’s bedrooms. Have them help decide where their furniture should go.
22. Sort through old toys and clothes with your kid’s help. Make 3 piles: DONATE, TRASH, KEEP.
23. Write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa the old fashioned way, with pen and paper.
24. Put together a puzzle.
25. Play with play dough. Check out our DIY version!
26. Play hide and seek.
27. Take silly pictures together with your camera.
28. If your kids are older, teach them to cook. Pick a recipe you can make together.
29. Be creative with a big cardboard box. It can become anything!
30. Grab all the pillows in the house and toss them on the living room floor. Let your kids jump and play.
50 Tech-Free Rainy Day Activities 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
31. Teach your kids some yoga moves.
32. Have an indoor picnic.
33. Put on a puppet show or a play.
34. Look at old photo albums or your kid’s baby books. They will love seeing pictures of themselves!
35. Play dress up.
36. Make art lacing cards.
37. Create a “tunnel” at the foot of your bed by draping the comforter over the footboard.
38. Make paper airplanes.
39. Go bowling. Grab a ball and various items around the house to use as pins.
40. Splash in puddles and play in the rain, only if it’s not lightning!
50 Tech-Free Rainy Day Activities 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
41. Build a tower with blocks and then knock it down.
42. Use kitchen items as musical instruments, such as pots, pans, and spoons.
43. Play playroom floor hopscotch.
44. Clean the house. Give kids dust cloths or the Swiffer and let them help you clean!
45. Bring out any bubble wrap you have laying around and let the popping begin.
46. Learn origami.
47. Create a slide by laying a mattress on the staircase.
48. Give the dog a bath. Obviously, this only works if you have a dog, and if your dog likes baths!
49. Blow up balloons and toss them in the air.
50. Stay in your pajamas all day and do NOTHING! A little boredom is good for kids. Unstructured time teaches them how to discover and explore their passions, how to utilize their time well, and sparks creativity.

Now go ahead and see how many activities you can cross off the list before the sun comes back out! Have a happy rainy day!

Photo credits: Dani, The Art of Making a Baby 



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Dani lives in North Carolina with her husband and two toddlers. She is a stay-at-home mom who loves to clean and organize anything and everything. Her happiness is found in Jesus, days at the spa, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. She strives to live a simple life by being debt-free and limiting social-media.

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