What’s the first thing party guests see when attending the big bash? Your front door. Instead of having a boring entrance, create an affordable, fun, and easy-to-make showstopper worthy of oos and ahhs to help celebrate each of your family members’ birthdays all year round.


This birthday balloon wreath is easy even for the crafty-challenged. Just set up shop in front of your favorite television show and start tying. Read on for simple instructions on how to make this birthday wreath.

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • A wire wreath form (You can use any size you want, but keep in mind that the bigger the wreath the more balloons you’ll need.) For this wreath, we used an 18″ wire form.
  • Lots of latex balloons (Minimum 9″ sized but preferably a little larger). For an 18″ form, you’ll need approximately 500 or more balloons.
  • Extra decorations such as a “birthday” pin and ribbons to make this wreath the true center of attention.
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How To:

  1. Simply tie the balloons around each row of the wired wreath form. The more balloons you use, the fuller the wreath will look.
  2. Finish off the wreath with extra birthday decorations, such as ribbons and birthday pins.
  3. Hang up your work of art!
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Helpful Tips:

  • Hit up the dollar store for your balloons and finishing touches. However, if you want your wreath to stand the test of time, use good quality balloons.
  • Use only on doors that are under cover from a porch or overhang. This wreath won’t withstand rain or extended periods of sunshine.
  • Only hang this wreath for shorter periods of time because the latex balloons will show age and deterioration over time.  Store your wreath hanging in a room-temperature room between uses.

How to Make A Birthday Balloon Wreath 3 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Making this birthday balloon wreath checks off one box of a long list of to-dos for all future parties, allowing you to focus on the rest of the decorations, the cake and most importantly, enjoying your celebration.
How to Make A Birthday Balloon Wreath 4 Daily Mom Parents Portal
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Photo Credits: Melissa Wistehuff

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