How to Use Crystals: Advice on Sourcing, Care, & Styling Tips At Home

So you want crystals, but don’t know where to start. It’s a growing trend and it seems like everyone has them, but it’s easy to feel lost on how to use crystals. Knowing where to start, what to do with them once you have them, and not feeling included in the trend are all common issues. You’re not alone.

But the cool thing about crystals is that they are rocks. They won’t judge you. And while there are some important factors to consider in determining where you buy and how to use crystals, the single most important thing to know is that you can’t do it wrong. Let’s take a closer look at knowing where your crystals come from, how to use crystals and care for them, and how to style them in your home.  

Sourcing Your Crystals 

How To Use Crystals: Advice On Sourcing, Care, & Styling Tips At Home

Not all crystals are created equal. This is about more than just crystal properties, prices, and how to use crystals. This is about knowing where your crystals come from and, more importantly, who they come from.  

We’ve all heard of fair trade when it comes to some of our favorite food items like chocolate and coffee. But it’s more than just a stamp on a product. The idea of fair trade is that workers in other countries have a chance to establish ethical and sustainable business relationships in neighboring countries, and in this case that helps ensure that the laborers in the mines extracting the crystals you want to buy are being paid and treated fairly. This has a few implications for crystal consumers. 

You get what you pay for. Can you go to commercial stores and pick up a $20 set of agate bookends alongside your favorite throw pillows and décor? Yes, but chances are you are either buying decorative glass (not a real crystal) or that crystal came from a mine where the workers weren’t paid for their labor. That’s how the manufacturer can afford to sell so cheaply. Remember, when you see a bigger price, you’re likely seeing the value of the work that went into procuring, shaping, and shipping that crystal to you.  

Next to the care of the laborers, you want to ensure the crystals you buy are being harvested ethically. This means knowing your crystal dealer and where they get their crystals from. Are they coming from mines being monitored to ensure the resource is sustainable, or are they coming from mines being stripped for a quick profit? Not only do you want to support ethical and sustainable practices in sourcing your crystals, but you also want to ensure that your crystal comes to you with the best energy possible, and that happens when everyone involved in bringing that crystal to you is treated well.  

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Crystal Benefits and Care 

How To Use Crystals: Advice On Sourcing, Care, & Styling Tips At Home

How to use crystals is a topic of debate in crystal circles. Can everyone use them? Can you use them incorrectly? There are lots of questions people ask about how to use crystals, but the ultimate answer is really simple: the earth’s magic is for everyone, and you can use it however you like.  

You don’t have to do anything with your crystals. If you like one because it’s beautiful, you can have it. If you like one because it eases your stress, you can have it. If you like one because you read it has properties you’d like to work with, you can have it. There is no wrong way to enjoy your crystals, and everyone will do so differently. Your decisions on how to use crystals are entirely up to you.  

That said, some scientific studies indicate crystals have a vibrational frequency, and that certain care practices enhance their benefits. Einstein himself said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” If you so choose, there are a few simple practices that are believed to maintain and improve the energy of your crystals.  

The first is the moon and sun. You can place your crystals out under the full moon or in a window where they can absorb some of the daily sun to charge their atomic structures. The second is smoke, which can clear collected energy and intentions from your crystals, giving you a clean slate. There are also crystals, like selenite, that imitate the moon in clearing energy from your crystals. How to use crystals and whether or not you choose to use them only as décor or engage in energy work with them is a personal choice. You can’t go wrong. 

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Styling With Crystals 

How To Use Crystals: Advice On Sourcing, Care, & Styling Tips At Home

Whether you keep your crystals as décor or use them daily, you probably want to style them. After all, they are lovely, and the aesthetic they bring to a room isn’t one you want to hide in a drawer. Here are four key ways you can style your crystals. 

  1. Slabs—slabs make a wonderful base for curating other crystals. They can be a nice focal point in any space, adding color, texture, and energy. You can set air plants on them to give them a more earthy quality, stack books on or around them, even use them as serving trays. The options are endless.  
  1. Towers—towers make for not only an eye-catching design but also focus energy through their shape. You can use towers to concentrate energy, or simply to add height and texture to a space.  
  1. Spheres—spheres are easy to hold for meditation. Their smooth roundness is calming, can be used in massages, and look lovely sitting in bowls together, or on little pedestals as a feature.  
  1. Bookends—Perhaps the easiest to style, bookends make for a nice feature on any bookshelf. Crystal bookends can add aesthetic value as well as enhance the energy in a room.  

Styling with crystals is incredibly personal, and the options are endless. You can find coasters, carved trinkets, boxes and bowls, votives, and more. How to use crystals and style with them is a personal journey. 

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Now you are ready to begin your work with crystals. You know how to source them, use them, care for them, and style with them. Just remember, the most important thing for you to know is that how you choose to use crystals is entirely up to you.  

Once you’ve mastered learning how to use crystals, check out Daily Mom’s Lifestyle Section for more advice, tips, and tricks.



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How To Use Crystals: Advice On Sourcing, Care, & Styling Tips At Home

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