A Unique New Year’s Eve for Kids: Celebrating at Noon

Coming up with ideas for New Year’s Eve for kids can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, as parents we are so exhausted from the day that we are likely not going to make it to 12 am, so how on Earth could we expect our kids to stay up that late? But not staying up to watch the ball drop doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate this meaningful holiday together. This year you can make New Year’s Eve for kids a little more fun with a Noon Years Eve party!

Noon Years Eve is exactly what it sounds like, celebrating the new year at Noon instead of Midnight! This not only gives your kids a chance to celebrate the New year in a fun and unique way, but it also frees up your evening plans for some adult celebrations on the town (or the couch)! Here are some fun ideas for a mid-day celebration of New Year’s Eve for kids!

A Unique New Year’S Eve For Kids: Celebrating At Noon

Decorate the Entire House

A New Year’s Eve for kids should be just as special as any other party, so don’t skimp on the decorations! Gold and black are class New Year’s Eve colors, and it’s so easy to find decorations that kids will love hanging up. From streamers to balloons, the possibilities are endless!

But don’t stop at just one room! Just like New Years’ Eve parties for adults last awhile, New Year’s Eve for kids should keep the party going for some time! Having different activities and stations set up for them to bounce back and forth can keep them entertained for hours.

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Party Activities for New Year’s Eve for Kids 

Music/Celebration Station

A Unique New Year’S Eve For Kids: Celebrating At Noon

Your kids are going to want to jam out and party hard for this holiday, just like they’ve seen so many others do in the past. Dedicate an entire station just for this activity so they can get all their cheers out at once! Have bells and noisemakers for each kid and crank up their favorite music for a good ole’ fashion dance party!

Toasts to the New Year

While you’ll want to have a ton of snacks on New Year’s Eve for kids, having a special drink for them to toast to the new year will make them feel even more special. Sparkling cider is always a great go-to drink that’ll make kids feel like they’re one of the adults, but throwing in little details like rock candy or gummy bears will make this drink sparkle even more. While they’re filling their glasses with sparkling cider (or whatever drink you choose), have them predict what will happen in the new year. You may be surprised at what they think will happen!

Writing their Resolutions

New Year’s Eve for kids and adults is an important time to reflect on the year and what we want to do differently in the new year. This past year has been tough on all of us, so writing down goals and aspirations can be a bit therapeutic for everyone. Print out some special worksheets and have your kids focus on their aspirations and write down their New Year’s resolutions!

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Family Time Capsule

Creating a family time capsule is a thing that should be on everyone’s bucket list. When you’re thinking of ideas for New Year’s Eve for kids, consider complimenting the resolutions and start a new tradition. A family time capsule can be full of memories, jokes, or treasures. Your kids can write down their favorite moments of the year, or the jokes Dad made that everyone tries hard to forget, and mark them with the year.

You can add on to this capsule (without looking inside!) each year and set a date in the future for you to open it together as a family

Ball Drop

A Unique New Year’S Eve For Kids: Celebrating At Noon

One of the most favorite ideas for New Year’s Eve for kids is having a surprise confetti drop taped to your ceiling. You can fill this “ball drop” with balloons, confetti, and Hershey Kisses! As soon as the time hits Noon, pull a string to let the balloons and goodies drop and watch the kids celebrate their first kiss of the new year!

Everyone’s favorite moment on New Year’s Eve is the moment that the ball drops and it’s officially a new year! There are a few ways to recreate this iconic moment at home. Search around your local thrift store and see if you can find a vintage disco ball to hang in the house like a pinata. Slowly lower the ball for the last 10 seconds before Noon hits and celebrate with another dance party!

Countdown Wall

Part of New Year’s Eve is everyone watching the clocks, waiting for the exact moment to celebrate. Hop on over to the store and buy a brand new clock to hang on a wall for them to keep an eye on. If you plan on having a New Year’s Eve for kids that lasts a few hours, then buy a few and label underneath them what country they belong to so the kids can celebrate the new year from around the world.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “They won’t be staying up until Midnight, so won’t the clocks be off?”. Remind them that this is a Noon Years Eve party, so celebrate this type of event at Noon, not Midnight.

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Don’t forget the snacks

When planning a New Year’s Eve for kids, snacks are probably the most important part. No one wants their kids to get hungry while partying hard. Plan to make your snacks cute and compliment the new year! Peanut butter cookies topped with a kiss are always a hit, and you can even arrange a fruit or cheese platter in the numbers of the new year. There are endless ways to spin New Year’s Eve on your treats!

A Unique New Year’S Eve For Kids: Celebrating At Noon

Planning a New Year’s Eve for kids should be fun and shouldn’t require you to push them past their bedtime in order to be a part of things. Every holiday is special, and your kids need those moments of celebration, now more than ever. Plus, celebrating a Noon Years Eve frees up your plans! So whether you plan on a night out on the town or clocking out at 8:00 pm with the kiddos, you can rest easy knowing you created a joyful celebration to end one year and start a new one!  


Now that you have your New Year’s Eve for kids is all planned, let’s work on the next big holiday! Get ready for Valentine’s Day early and read 12 Fun Valentines Celebrations!

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A Unique New Year’S Eve For Kids: Celebrating At Noon

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