KateBackDrop: New Curated Crafts to Fancy Home Decor Ideas – A Must-Have in 2022

Pictures are one of the most important ways that you document moments and memories in your life but what about using photo backdrops as crafting time together as well? Whether you are looking to get the perfect background for your pictures or try your hand at something new and unique when it comes to DIY projects, Katebackdrop supplies a plethora of options. 

So, if you are that mom snapping pictures of your precious kids, a professional photographer taking family portraits, a crafter with endless ideas and Pinterest boards full of activities and one-of-a-kind DIY projects, Kate Backdrops have the perfect backgrounds and materials to meet all your needs while taking your ideas to a whole new level. 

Katebackdrop: New Curated Crafts To Fancy Home Decor Ideas – A Must-Have In 2022

What is a KateBackdrop?

KateBackdrop recognizes that sometimes good photography and crafters need inspiration or foundation to start. Traditional blank canvases and large uninspiring sheets of paper just won’t do it. However, if you use traditional backdrops and likewise materials, it can become expensive and not very durable or usable for crafting and other DIY ideas other than for photography. Kate Backdrops are gorgeous photography backdrops that will help you create the perfect images and artistic creations every time with a durable and affordable backdrop. Since they come in a variety of sizes, colors, images, and patterns to meet your needs, curating DIY crafts with a variety of designs can turn an expensive idea, into an affordable memory with your family with DIY projects. 

For example, for photography projects, photographing a large family group, the 10 ft x 10 ft KateBackdrop will be a perfect size. Singular portrait photos or using the backdrop to display your business’s products could easily be accomplished with the 5 ft x 3 ft size. Custom sizes are also available by directly contacting the company. For your creative vibes, choose from a variety of sizes for endless opportunities when crafting with toddlers to tweens (or even the girls over wine for an afternoon craft project).

Katebackdrop: New Curated Crafts To Fancy Home Decor Ideas – A Must-Have In 2022

KateBackdrops are Portable and Easy to Store

Each backdrop is custom printed with a thermal printing transfer process onto innovative warp-knitted short pile fabric. The fabric is soft to the touch and not prone to creases. The backdrops are collapsible and portable. Unlike many backdrops that cannot be folded and must be hung, you can easily fold each backdrop up to store it or transport it from location to location (say for homeschool co-op class). Folding the backdrops will not damage the images either. 

KateBackdrops are Durable and Washable

The backdrop products offered by KateBackdrop are not only portable but also durable and washable. When the inevitable spots that can come from everyday use or from photographing children appear on the backdrop, you can easily throw them in the washer. The innovative fabric and thermal printing transfer process will keep the images from fading even in the wash so that they will last for years. Kate Backdrops are machine washable and dryer safe as well so that you can always keep them in pristine condition. 

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KateBackdrops Come in a Style Perfect for Any Occasion

KateBackdrops are priced affordably so that you can stock up on a plethora of backdrops for every season. Kate Backdrops offers everything you need for beautiful spring pictures, fun summer pictures, exquisite fall portraits, and cozy Christmas pictures. Outdoor scenic views allow you to bring your photoshoots indoors without losing the beauty of the outdoors while backdrops designed with adorable indoor scenes elevate your pictures and crafts without requiring you to buy and use a ton of extra expensive props and supplies. 

Snowy mountains scenes provide the perfect backdrop for your winter photos and fun seasonal creations, colorful classroom backdrops set the atmosphere for delightful back-to-school photos and engage students with various patterns for learning. For more formal portraits, Kate Backdrops come in a variety of solid colors, patterns, and textures that could work for a variety of picture styles. 

Imagine using those gorgeous backdrops in some DIY projects during a cold afternoon indoors with the kids. These creative ways to use backdrops (since they are similar to wallpaper) give you more versatility if you don’t see yourself as a budding photographer, but you still want to do something creative around the home. Here are some more ideas if you have full pieces or scraps leftover, but aren’t ready to toss in the garbage just yet! 

Katebackdrop: New Curated Crafts To Fancy Home Decor Ideas – A Must-Have In 2022

Kate Backdrops are the Perfect Solution for Keeping Up with Childhood Photos

Before you start gluing, sewing, matting, and cutting consider what you can do first with the backdrops. Most moms know how expensive and frustrating it can be to hire professional photographers to document seasons, memories, and the progression of their children’s childhood. While these moments are so important to document and sentimental for many moms, it is often not in the budget. KateBackdrops offers a budget-friendly way for even the most amateur photographer to document these precious childhood moments – with your cellphone! With KateBackdrops, moms can get those precious spring Easter pictures, fun summer watermelon pictures, silly Halloween pictures, and beautiful Christmas pictures without breaking the bank on professional pictures.

This way, all you need to do is have your kids then join in the fun and create their own holiday cards from the backdrops they just used for their pictures, and send them to friends and family!!

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KateBackdrops Makes It Easy to Find the Perfect Backdrop for Your Event

One of the most fun trends seen at events and parties is a photo booth for your guests. From weddings and birthday parties to church services, photo booths are the perfect way to add an element of fun to any event. KateBackdrops organizes their hundreds of backdrop options by theme, holiday, and style making it super easy to efficiently search for exactly what you are looking for. If you can’t find the perfect backdrop, Kate Backdrop also offers a custom backdrop option that allows you to design your own unique backdrop for your event. 

For events that traditionally include a photo set up such as proms and graduations, KateBackdrops has a variety of options to create the perfect photos. There are a plethora of theme options to fit your event. Starry backgrounds create beautiful prom photos while a bookshelf backdrop provides an excellent background for the graduate in your life.

Katebackdrop: New Curated Crafts To Fancy Home Decor Ideas – A Must-Have In 2022

KateBackdrops Helps Make Beautiful Photos a Reality

KateBackdrop’s innovative thermal printing process creates durable, portable photography backdrops that can be washed and last for years without breaking the bank. Unlike other photography backdrops, Kate Backdrops makes it easy to create the perfect craft, hobby moment, or photographer’s dream for every holiday, event, special occasion, or even business at a fair price. KateBackdrops offer the best value backdrops in beautiful scenes, colors, and patterns for everyone with a creative eye and a knack for something different!

KateBackdrops are the Perfect Addition to Your Photography for Your In-Home Small Business

Whether you are selling perfectly curated crafts or trendy boutique clothing, a backdrop from Kate Backdrops is just what you need to improve your decor and create more visually appealing images for your customers. In addition to scenic offerings, KateBackdrops also come in simple backgrounds such as solid colors or simple patterns like shiplap that are the perfect backdrop for a variety of products – making them stand out professionally and elegantly. 

KateBackdrops can take your photos for your business’ website from plain and boring to show-stopping and attention-grabbing. Great photos can be one of the best ways to engage your customers and increase your product sales. Improving your product photos can also help customers build trust for your brand and present your brand in a more professional light. Just imagine all the gorgeous flat lays you see on Pinterest as your own!

For the DIY-lover in you, Katbackdrop offers a wide variety of options, crafting supplies of all sizes, photography set-ups, and DIY projects to blow up your Pinterest boards! No pinning is needed, but with the plethora of options given, it’ll be hard not to keep all those great ideas to yourself! Visit KateBackdrops today with your favorite crafters and budding photographers and bring your ideas to life!

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Katebackdrop: New Curated Crafts To Fancy Home Decor Ideas – A Must-Have In 2022



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