From Rags to Raches | Trendy Threads for Your Tots

From Rags to Raches | Trendy Threads for Your Tots
Dani – September 7, 2017

Even though the 2017 school year has started, that doesn’t mean we ever stop buying clothes for our kids, especially when we discover a new, hip brand that gives us all the feels – not to mention clothing envy; why DOESN’T kid’s clothing come in our size?? If you’re an avid Shark Tank watcher, then you may have even seen this new favorite apparel brand, Rags, featured in the tank last year, landing three star-studded offers. Their trendy threads for babies through grown ups are nothing short of unique and uber fun, not to mention their new designs fly off the online racks – that goes to show how large and ridiculously loyal their fan base is. We were thrilled to get our hands on some of their classic “rags” and a few other items for the kiddos, and we’re telling ya, it’s some good stuff people. Check it out.

Rags to Raches

It never fails to amaze us how incredibly awesome moms are, how some of the most amazing companies are founded by and run by women. With no exception is Rags, started by a creative mom, Rachel, who simply began selling her old children’s clothes to make extra money to keep the lights on. Out of desperation came an amazing demand for her kid’s clothing, more specifically, the pieces that she had handmade. One of the pieces she came up with that was a royal hit in her Instagram shop were these snap-less onesies she created out of her husband’s t-shirts, what she called Rags; fashionable, functional, and fitting like a glove, they not only were the perfect outfit she’d been looking for her son to wear, but all the other moms knew she was onto something too.

With their support pouring out of their wallets, Rachel began setting up shop behind the sewing machine and pumping out hundreds of Rags every week. As she shipped piece after piece out of her garage, big things started happening, and before she knew it, Rags was being featured on Forbes, the Huffington Post, Vogue, Shark Tank, and now Daily Mom!

Shine Bright

Here’s a Rag, folks, in all its wonder! A glorified onesie that fits babies up to 6 year old, sans snaps, buttons, or zippers, it easily slips on through the patent pending, won’t-stretch-out elastic neckline and goes off the same exact way. Made from a very stretchy, and cottony soft spandex/jersey knit fabric, your kid will be able to lounge in comfort from sun up to sun down, all while making a fashion statement like no other.

The Shine Bright design features short sleeves and a full length, down to the ankle fit, with contrasting striped sleeves and leg cuffs for a unique vibe. We love that most all of Rag’s clothing are gender neutral pieces, making it easy to pass down through the kids, and giving modern parents a better choice in “one-for-all” apparel.


Not only does Rags make the piece that put them on the map, but they also think outside the box and offer a few other different products that are just as trendy, hip, and cool, such as this Duh. t-shirt. In another unisex style, and offered for moms and dads too – thank ya! – this super soft, short sleeve tee is just enough to let everyone know your attitude for the day. The curved tailed hemline and long and lean fit make this the perfect shirt for layering, lounging, and basically rocking out anywhere and everywhere.


Another t-shirt option from Rags is the Brave one. In a few different color options, this silky soft, thick tee is made for both boys and girls, from tiny toddler to tweenager. Again, it has a long and lean fit, so it won’t just look like some blah t-shirt, even if you order up a size, and it’s easy to pair with any color bottoms, due to its neutral, clean-lined feel. Give your child an encouraging message to wear right on her sleeve as she goes about her school days, extracurriculars, and weekend feels.


Here’s another awesome Rag for you to love on, the Jinx!! Again, this design has short sleeves and an ankle length body, featuring an old-school graphic, with just enough colors and fun mixed in for all genders. The Rag gathers a bit around the hips, giving it its trendy vibe, but if you want even more room in the “trunk”, then order up a size. And caring for your Rags are easy, just toss ’em in the machine for both washing and drying, which you’ll soon come to love, as these will easily be go-to picks for your kids each day.

Clipbacks & Tats

Now we’re dead… How can you resist topping your little one off with this clipback, 100% cotton denim hat? Sized for tiny heads, with an adjustable clipback style, shallow fit, and vegan leather logo patch at the front, it’s the perfect trendy accessory to don with their Rag or any of their favorite outfits.

Everyone knows a kid’s obsession with temporary tattoos. If that dark spot on their skin isn’t caked on dirt, it’s more than likely an old tattoo. There are some vices that we just need to embrace when it comes to our children and letting them thoroughly enjoy their childhood, and tattoos are one of them. But, let’s not get carried away here, we can still let them mark up their body in a stylish way. That’s where Rag’s temporary tattoos come into play. Each sheet they offer has five different, totally rad designs… literally. And they’re not cheesy either; in fact, the author of this post may or may not have chosen one of these tattoos to become her next permanent ink… juuuust sayin’.


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