Boho Home Decor: 25 Items to Create A Relaxed Sanctuary

Bohemian or boho home decor is the decorating style for the rule-breakers, those who love texture and covet a laid back vibe. It embraces a relaxed, eclectic, and unconventional feel, unlike any other. From natural colored textiles to eye-catching macrame, we’ve got a list of 25 boho home decor items that will help you create a totally relaxed sanctuary.

Boho Home Decor: 25 Items to Create A Relaxed Sanctuary

Tribal Rug

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Before bringing in a bunch of bohemian furniture and decor, lay a rug (or two, or three) down as a base for the comforting and relaxing feel. Tribal patterns and medallions are very popular in boho design, so almost any pattern works, as long as the color palette is kept neutral — blacks, ivories, grays, and browns.

Vintage Rug

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If a tribal pattern is a bit too geometric, look for a rug with a vintage aesthetic instead. A rug that has a warm, eclectic look is perfect underfoot. For those looking to add in some color, this is the place to do it. But neutral colors are great for a vintage rug, too.

Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

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The neutral colors and the heavy textures make seagrass baskets a great addition to any boho home decor. Use it as a plant pot cover, store toys in it, or use it purely for decoration. We especially love the white detail along the top.

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Fiddle Fig Plant

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Speaking of plants, they’re a must-have for any boho home decor. Whether faux or real, placing multiple plants of various shapes and sizes around the space is required. For those without a green thumb, pick up an artificial fiddle fig. The fake ones look pretty realistic, but there’s no watering needed!

Hanging Pots

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, plants are a big part of boho design. They’re fresh and natural, which goes hand in hand with boho home decor. One way to keep from crowding the floor with all these real (or faux) plants is by going up. Take them to the ceiling in some macramé hanging planters to feel enveloped by living things.

Macramé Wall Hanging

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The handicraft of tying knots to create a textile, called macramé, is popular in bohemian design. Though the art can be found incorporated into products (see the hanging pots above), the simple, yet beautiful design is elegant enough to just be displayed on a wall alone, like with this Taufey geometric wall hanging.

Hanging Shelves

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This set of 2 hanging shelves is perfect for any wall, but with it’s simplistic design and macramé rope, it’s the perfect way to show off some favorite tchotchkes in a boho home. Stagger them for a fun and unique look.

Minimalistic Side Table

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Boho is all about collecting different items, but sometimes you just can’t find what you need in a thrift store. So when it doubt, buy furniture for boho home decor that is mid-century minimal in design, wood or white finish, and black or gold metal. This table from Amazon is perfect for a boho room.

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Picture Frames

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Display all your favorite photos in bohemian frames that have fun textures and patterns. To keep them consistent, make sure they’re all neutral colors, but have fun with the patterns.


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If it’s a boho bedroom you’re designing, then stick with natural, pastel colors like ivory, blush, and sage. Bedrooms that ooze boho home decor are ultra-comfortable, soft, and cozy, and don’t incorporate anything that requires a ton of upkeep. Get bedding that welcomes no-fuss wrinkles, and for that extra detail, choose bedding that has pom-poms too.

Suede Ottoman

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When designing a room, every item that’s chosen needs to incorporate the style. For an ottoman or stool that screams boho, a contrasting texture like leather (or in this case, faux leather) is a nice compliment to an otherwise pretty, soft, and inviting room.

Cable Knit Throw

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Nothing says cozy like a chunky knit throw, especially one in a soft sage color. Lay multiple blankets around the living room, across the foot of a bed, or in a chair and no one will want to leave.

Velvet Soft Pillow Covers

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Velvet is a texture all it’s own, which is why we love these super soft throw pillow covers. The pack of two is perfect to cover up any existing throw pillows that may not work for the new boho home decor. Just make sure to get them in a pastel or nuetral accent color so they work with the rest of the room.

Moon Wall Hanging

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Appreciate the moon phases in this boho wall hanging accent piece. The hammered metal detailing looks amazing draped along an accent wall, or as a make-shift headboard. The gold color works well with other pieces in boho home decor so it’ll be sure to look good.

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Botanical Plant Wall Art Prints

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Boho home decor is filled with natural elements such as plants and wicker, so it’s no surprise that plant art prints work well in a bohemian room. This set of prints in light sage compliment whatever other boho items you have going on, while also looking splendid on their own.

Gold Light

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Every room needs lighting, so don’t miss out on a chance to make a boho home decor statement with your lamps too. This mid-century modern looking lamp with white fabric shade is all the right colors, and the simple design makes it perfect for the bohemian look.

Fairy String Lights

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Lighting is important in creating an inviting and relaxing sanctuary. Because fairy lights are small and give off a nice warm glow, they’re perfect to string around a bohemian themed bedroom. When it’s time to settle down, just turn these lights on and the room automatically becomes serene.

Floor Pillows

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Having a mandala in a bohemian room is almost required. Go with a small one like with this floor pillow and you can move it around the room as you like. Plus, it’s comfortable, so what’s not to love?

Floor Pilllows

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These square floor pillows with sophisticated tufted design make sure everyone who enters the space will have a cozy seat. The chenille covers come in an array of neutral pastels and are fun to have scattered all over the floor. It’s totally bohemian.

Leather Accent Chair

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Our favorites are blush, tan and this leather color, but almost any color will look great on this mid-century leisure lounge chair. The black metal legs are perfect on this handsome accent chair, and work well with anyone’s boho home decor.

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Fabric Accent Chair

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Of course, sometimes it’s important to have something a little more substantial and cushioned to sit on. If it’s a mid-century modern and neutral color, chances are it’ll work perfectly with your boho home decor. We really like this walnut wood lounge with light brown fabric. It’s a beautiful piece on its own.

Black Round Mirror

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Reflect light while providing a place for guests to check their look in a large mirror. The thin black bezel is the perfect finish to keep it simple, but sophisticated. It will look great placed over a side table or on a wall on it’s own.

Himalayan Salt Light

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Bohemian design is all about natural, so bringing in natural elements like Himalayan salt, is one way of doing it. Place a tealight in this holder for a beauitiful warm glow, all while getting the benefits of himalayan salt.

Bohemian Curtains

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These curtains are black, ivory, geometric, and have tassels? It’s like they have boho home decor written all over them. Pair the set with solid white or ivory sheers, for a soft, translucent, and serene feel.


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These gorgeous charger plates are hand carved from mango wood and have a white distressed finish, making them a great gift as well. Display them on top of a table and fill with beautiful trinkets or just drop pocket change after a long day.

The bohemian design style is super popular right now. And why wouldn’t it be, with its serene and relaxed feel, neutral color palette, and ultra-comfortable materials and textures? Boho home decor is easy to find and simple to throw together. With this list of 25 boho home decor products, anyone can create their own bohemian sanctuary.

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