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Never would I think a tiny baby would enjoy sitting and reading a book! I was wrong. Register for books to get your baby’s library started early. A single book can be $5-$10 a piece, so, having to stock that library yourself can get a little pricey.

Think Ahead

The appeal of all the adorable teeny newborn gear can be very strong. But, don’t forget to think about what your little one might need in a few months.

registry collage

Bigger clothes– It can be hard to buy clothes in advance because of changing seasons but, sleepers in every size would definitely be useful.

Convertible car seat– You may use the infant car seat for a year or only three months, make sure you have your next seat one ready to install.

Baby proofing gear– Your little one will be up and moving before you know it so, add any gates or additional baby proofing gear you need to your registry.

Daddy Diaper Bag

I know, you probably have a very adorable floral bag for yourself, right? Well, dad’s not going to want to carry that around the mall or museum. Go pick out a man-friendly diaper bag that he won’t be ashamed to tote on a family outing day. Think about getting a bag like this, specifically designed with men in mind.

Something For Mommy

Do not be shy about putting something for you on your registry, just make sure it’s kind of baby related.

Nursing bras– Baby needs to eat and mom needs support, right?  Nursing bras are completely appropriate to add to a registry. One tip though, go with something simple, for everyday use, grandma is not going to want to buy your baby a black, lacey unmentionable. A basic black or white bra like this one will serve you well.

Digital camera– If you do not have a nice point and shoot camera to keep with you, this would be a great addition to any registry. Everyone will understand your desire to capture priceless images of your new baby.

Baby Banz Earmuffs


There is no reason baby can’t tag along to an NFL game or music festival. Having these awesome earmuffs will allow you to do something with your hands other than cover baby’s ears.

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