Creating a Registry for Baby #2

Are you of the mindset that each child is deserving of their own baby shower, regardless of their birth order? Check out our suggestions for creating a simple and streamlined baby registry for a second child.

Creating A Registry For Baby #2 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Nowadays, it’s far more common to have a baby shower for all your children, and the age old tradition carries on for every new addition to your family. After all, this time around you know what you need, and what you can live without. You’re well versed, and a seasoned parent. We’re here to reassure you that we also think that every child deserves a special event and party- whether you choose to go the traditional route of having a baby shower and registry, or simply just a baby party!

Baby Registry for a Second Child

Creating a Registry:

You know what the needs of your family are, but now is the time to look at all of the new fun products that have become available on the market since your last child was born. Items such as diapers and wipes are a given, but consider going beyond that and think of how certain items may help you as a mother of two (or more.)

Do you plan to breastfeed? While many moms say that having a second nursling is actually easier, and less painful than your first may have been, there will still be an adjustment period where you and your child may struggle with a correct latch. Register for your favorite brand of nipple cream, breast pads and soothers. If you don’t plan on breastfeeding, will you need additional bottles, or new nipples? Don’t forget those, as well!

Will you be using your breast pump again? Dig it out of storage and check out all of the additional items. You may consider simply replacing the tubing and the valves and membranes, as they may be old and damaged, which would lead to possible bacteria contamination. If you’re going to be pumping often, having an actual system that allows you to pump and store breastmilk easily may also be a lifesaver to you, and it may not have been around with your firstborn!

Are you having a different gender child? Registering for clothing isn’t typically recommended, as clothing changes seasonally and may be clearanced at any given time. Keep other essential items in mind, such as crib sheets and towels. Having 2-3 extra sheets on hand keeps you free from worry during those middle-of-the-night disasters that we all know so well.

Will your diaper bag need an upgrade? Let’s face it, lugging around a big enough bag to fit one child’s worth of extra gear may be hard enough. Pay attention to dimensions on bags, and how much usable room is within the main storage compartment. If you’re a cloth diapering mom, you may want to also add in an extra diaper-bag sized wet bag, as well.

Has your diaper pail seen better days? Has it seemed to lose the ability to trap the stink in anymore? Is it simply old and worn out? Most commercial diaper pails are at a reasonable price point for most people attending a shower, so it’s a great addition to a wishlist. If you’re a cloth diapering mommy, consider adding a diaper sprayer, a spray pal, and some new wet bags to your list.

Love the clean baby smell? Who doesn’t! Make sure to include your favorite brand of soaps, lotions and creams on your registry.

Did you get your perfect baby carrier the first time around? If not, research which carrier would best suit your individual need. Daily Mom has some great guide resources on some of the most popular brands, such as Boba, JJ Cole, and Lillebaby.

Will you need an additional baby monitor? Maybe you’ll want to have a video monitor that would also monitor your oldest child’s bedroom as well, such as this kind from VTech featured in the Daily Mom Monitor Guide.

Do you yearn for the ease of a double stroller? We know that life doesn’t stop when you have more than one child, so do yourself a favor and plan to register for a double stroller. Go to the store with your first born and test them out! Are the handlebars a good height? Is there enough storage underneath? Will it fit folded up in your vehicle? These are all valid questions, because double strollers are not a small investment! Find one you love, and don’t be shy to scan it into your registry. In the meantime, check out the latest addition in our Stroller Guide Series featuring the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller.

Mommy Tips:

  • Look into doing an Amazon wishlist, as opposed to a traditional store. The wonderful thing about a baby registry through Amazon is the “Universal Wish List” tool that allows you to add items from external websites to your registry. Are you lusting over that crib bedding by Oilo? With the universal wish list tool, you can easily add that to your registry with just one click! The item will still be removed from your registry just as if it were coming from the Amazon website if someone purchases it for you. Making a list on Amazon is a great way to compile your thoughts and finances on what you’ll need, regardless if you’re sharing it with people or having a shower at all.
  • If you’re a lover of Pinterest, you may want to consider registering with BabyList. You can add anything you want from any site online (including Amazon) as well as services for the parents such as a home delivered meal or a babysitting coupon.

Creating A Registry For Baby #2 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Having a Baby-Party:

If completing a registry and having a traditional baby shower isn’t for you, simply having a baby party may be a wonderful option. Getting together with friends to celebrate a life milestone is completely normal, and well accepted! Below are some fun ideas of how to incorporate your newest addition into the parties.

  • Have a gift card party!  Tell your friends and family that all your family really “needs” are some gift cards to your favorite retail or online store (such as Amazon). You can put the money towards whatever you will need down the road, or something big up front, such as a double stroller or a crib.
  • Have a diaper party! Have your friends come with diapers and/or wipes in hand. This can also be done if you’re cloth diapering, by letting people know your preferred brand. Chances are they will jump at picking out the cutest bum-fluff to come with!
  • Throw a mocktail party! Get creative with your booze-free drink options, and get together with a bunch of friends to celebrate. Having them bring a favorite outfit or baby layette would be a fun way to celebrate your newest family member’s arrival!
  • Plan a girls night out! Go out to dinner with your girlfriends and leave all the kids and husbands at home.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it!

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