7 Ultimate Ways to Use Protection Crystals 

Protection crystals aren’t new. Nothing about crystals is new—while some crystals form in a matter of days and others form over years, this process has been ongoing as long as Earth has existed, and people have used crystals for protection for just as long. So while they may seem like a fad, crystals are not just a trend. Protection crystals are natural powerhouses full of Earth’s energy, and we can use this energy for different kinds of protection. Whether you like to wear, carry, or style your home, you can use protection crystals in a variety of ways

7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

EMF Protection 

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) have become a sort of buzzword. And with the global spread of 5G, lots of people are seeking ways to shield their homes from this energy. Sure, we live in a world powered by electricity, but humans, and the rest of the living world, evolved without the presence of EMFs, and their overwhelming presence in our modern society can easily disrupt our bodies and way of being.  

There are many options for protection crystals for EMFs, but two of the most popular choices include Tourmaline and Shungite. Both of these crystals are technically minerals and act as strong guardians against EMFs. You can wear them in jewelry for personal protection, or place them in areas of your home, near TVs, computers, or even use stickers on your Bluetooth devices, to shield your home from harmful energies.  

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

Personal Protection 

Personal protection is another incredibly common and versatile reason for using protection crystals. You can use these crystals in your daily meditation, skin care routines, as jewelry, and so much more. Popular choices here include Selenite, Amethyst, and Prehnite.  

Selenite is a stone for clearing and cleansing. It is said to have been named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, and carries the light of the moon wherever it goes.  

Amethyst is a stone for emotional and spiritual protection. Its deep purple and pink colors remind us to stay in our hearts, to love, and to receive love.  

Prehnite is the stone of healers. It is also sometimes used intentionally around dream states and connecting to other thought planes. Its multi-dimensional green tones are soothing to observe.  

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

Negative Energy Protection 

Protection crystals can also be used to help guard against negative energy. You can wear protection crystals or carry them in your purse or pockets for personal protection wherever you go, or style them in your house to protect your home’s energy.  

Obsidian gained popularity for its nickname as Dragonglass in the Game of Thrones series. But George R.R. Martin didn’t choose this stone randomly. Obsidian is volcanic glass, and it shields against and absorbs negative energy. 

Quartz is a high-frequency crystal. It comes in many colors and varieties, including clear quartz, rose quartz, and smokey quartz. Because of its high vibrational frequency, quartz is a great protection crystal against negative energy.  

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

Attract High Vibrations 

If you’re looking to change your frequency and attract higher vibration, protection crystals can help here too. As noted above, quartz has a high frequency that makes it a great choice as a protection crystal. Similarly, Apophyllite, Citrine, and Pyrite have energies we can use to attract and manifest.  

Apophyllite and Citrine are both high-frequency stones that disperse positive energy wherever they are. Apophyllite has quartz-like structures that shimmer and flake easily, while citrine has a golden color reflective of the sun.  

Pyrite, commonly known as fool’s gold, is great for manifesting. You can hold this stone during meditation, or write affirmations on small notes and tuck them into the crevices of your pyrite to help with manifestation.  

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

Grounding & Stabilizing Crystals 

Ever have those days where you feel a little wired, over-caffeinated, and like you’re just floating away? Protection crystals can help you to ground down in the present and stabilize yourself in times of heightened emotion or chaos.  

Jasper comes in many forms, including red jasper, ocean jasper, and desert jasper. Each type has slightly different properties, but all jaspers help to balance yin and yang, making them an excellent grounding stone.  

Agate stones offer strength and courage and help us to feel stable in times of stress. They help us find mental and intellectual balance.  

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

Wearing & Carrying Your Protection Crystals 

Regardless of how you are using your protection crystals, no one wants to carry around a big chunk of rock with them all the time. To bring the energy and protection your crystals offer with you wherever you go, wearing and carrying your protection crystals are probably the most effective and accessible options.  

Wearing your crystals in the form of jewelry of both ease and style. No lugging around a chunk of rock that you feel obligated to explain to anyone who stares curiously. This way, your protection crystal can rest in a ring on your finger, in a bracelet, necklace pendant, or even earrings! 

If jewelry isn’t your thing, you can also obtain pocket stones. Pocket stones fit easily in your purse or pocket where you can slide them into your hand easily as needed. They’re mall enough to not too much weight to an already heavy purse or cause your pockets to bulge.  

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 

Protection Crystals in Your Home 

Protecting your home’s energy is important. But just like you don’t want to carry a big rock around in public, most people also don’t want piles of rocks in their homes. There are plenty of ways you can style protection crystals in your home, but here are just a few. 

Crystals in the form of bookends, serving trays, and coasters are just three easy options to add a level of protection to your living space. These can be incorporated as décor in nearly any room.  

Crystal bowls can also be added to spaces to create texture while incorporating protection too. Bowls can be large enough to hold other objects (like crystal spheres, dried flowers, or other decorative ornaments), or small and used for trinkets or earrings.  

Crystal grids are another way to use your protection crystals and to easily change up the colors and energies you want as often as you like. Grids can be incredibly flexible or strategically planned.  

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However you use your protection crystals is right for you. You can go big or small, carry or wear, style or strategically place your crystals to your heart’s content. These are just a few ways, and a few options, for getting started with protection crystals. 

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7 Ultimate Ways To Use Protection Crystals 
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