25 Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids

Only a few weeks away, Easter is upon us even though it has probably slipped many of our minds in the midst of the current pandemic. That said, what better time to start planning our at-home Easter celebrations and Easter basket stuffers than now. From backyard egg hunts to baskets filled with sweet treats or even educational toys that are likely to help get us through the next few months, take a break from the grim and exhausting trove of social media madness and spend a bit of time planning your Easter Sunday affair (which will likely be very different than every other year). So many have lost so much already and so much has changed in such a short time that there is no time like the present to focus on what you have to be thankful for this season of renewal and rebirth.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids

BEB Organic

Springtime for babies means cute little bubble outfits with chubby baby arms and legs cutely peeking out. We love showing some baby skin, but to keep it soft we have to properly take of our littlest one’s skin. BEB Organic is the best when it comes to healing and protecting our sweet babies’ skin.

The Vital Touch Magic Box Set combines the best five essentials from BEB Organic together in one set. Babies are constantly growing and changing, their skin can be perfect one day and the next completely different, BEB Organic is specially formulated fluctuate with these changes.

To get started the Bubbly Wash is made from 78% organic and 100% non-GMO ingredients. Made with a Phytocura Complex this conditioning shampoo and body wash are perfect for the most delicate skin. The Therabalm Ointment battles diaper rash. Use it as a preventive measure at nighttime or healing for when breakouts occur. Finally, the Silky Cream prevents dryness and will prove to be your favorite moisturizer yet.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Who doesn’t love a spa day? BEB Organics allows you to give your little one a relaxing spa experience every day. The Healing Gel is one of our favorites. It works wonders on baby eczema and acne. Made with Phytocura complex, it gently heals your baby’s skin. You will truly be amazed at how awesome The Healing Gel is. The Nourishing oil is another must add to your baby’s skincare routine, the ultimate in connecting in a special bond through massage with your baby. BEB Organics with their Vital Touch Set: The Magic Box offers amazing skincare and creates a special bond between parent and child.

Zoey Naturals

If you are a parent to a young babe you have more than enough toys, blankets, and other fun items. This Easter you may be searching for something simple and useful to fill your baby’s Easter basket. Zoey Naturals is a perfect choice.

Zoey Naturals is a skincare line that vows to keep your baby’s skin as healthy as possible with specially formulated products that are both gentle and effective. Everything from their body wash to sunscreen is free of harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. They also smell absolutely delicious. You can’t go wrong filling your little ones Easter basket with Zoey Naturals.


25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

If you’re searching for some fun and educational Easter basket stuffers for kids this year look no further than Mindware for plenty of cool, crafty, and classic gifts they’ll love. With all this extra time on their hands, children love the opportunity to learn something new through play so fill up your cart, fill up their basket and consider this year’s Easter basket stuffers time and money well spent.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Hosting your own backyard or living room Easter egg hunt this year? Check out the Dig It Up Dragon eggs perfect for hiding, seeking, and exploring. Let your budding archeologists have the time of their lives as they excavate their dragons in the days after easter. Dinosaurs, pets and other animals are available as well.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Head outdoors this Easter and celebrate Spring with the Paint Your Own Stepping Stones. This is the perfect season to start planting and decorating your outdoor patio and garden space so let the kids join in by giving them a craft project and a stepping stone to call their own. Choose from mosaics, dinosaur footprints, turtles, snails, unicorns and more.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Calm your anxious child’s fears this Easter and all year long with the Sensory Genius: Sensy Band from Mindware. This sensory slap bracelet will not only make for hours of fun, but will actually help to calm your little learner, provide plenty of tactile stimulation, and even focus their minds, which is especially difficult for us all during this time.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

While April showers bring May flowers, the prospect of being stuck indoors these days has parents everywhere groaning. Make sure to pick up a few indoor activities for your kids’ Easter basket stuffers this year too such as the Extreme Dot to Dot Wildlife collection books. Puzzle books and workbooks can keep kids entertained screen-free for hours so kick it back old school style, pick up a pencil, and connect the dots.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Finally, much to most parents chagrin holiday gifting just isn’t complete these days without the requisite putty. Children of all ages love this sensory and tactile pliable goop that comes in a variety of colors and aromas. This Easter we love the tropical putty scents and the sweet treats putty scents for being light, airy, fruity, and perfect for the Spring season.


25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

What if your child’s building blocks could do more than they already do? What if those building blocks could help your child discover a joy for reading? Excellent news! With the help of Story Blox, they can! Story Blox are building blocks that use QR codes to tell a story about Seymour and his robot, Robyn. With these building blocks, your child will actively participate in Seymour and Robyn’s adventures by building the worlds they are investigating. And, in case you’re wondering, these building blocks are compatible with LEGOS. Kick your child’s interest in reading up several notches with this amazing set, today!


25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Pillowie has just what your child needs to feel comfortable and secure during the National Pandemic we are facing. Each pillow and blanket set brings the comfort of home with your child if you need to travel, even to the next door neighbor’s house. Many families are living in quarantine and some are separated due to illness. Pillowie allows your child to bring their pillow and blanket with them, no matter where they may go, including the hospital. There is even room for storing a few security items or favorite pajamas within the pillow.


Deciding what you get your littlest one for Easter can be hard. Of course, you want to save face with your big kids to make sure the Bunny brings her something, but what? Zoli has the perfect solution by adding useful but also adorable gifts to your babe’s basket.

Their beloved BOT comes in adorable pastel shades that are perfect for Easter. The BOT is the one and only cup that uses a weighted straw to make sure your little one gets her drink from all angles. It is easy to clean and easy to hold quickly becoming a favorite cup within your household.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Adorable teethers will bring a smile to your little one’s face. Both the Bunny and Chubby Gummy teether are just what your baby has been longing for. They massage the gums, made with soft textured material, and are safe for your little one to use.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Finally, what could make mealtime even more fun than delicious food? A Colorable mat, of course, called colorMATTIES. These nonslip mat helps to keep food off the table and your child entertained. Each mat comes with four non-toxic, washable markers so these mats can be used over and over.

XShot Epic Fast Fill Blaster

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Easter is a great time to load the kids up with all kinds of fun water activities, including water guns! At nearly 21-inches long, the newly sized Epic Fast-Fill by Zuru is the must-have water blaster for any kind of water fight, anywhere since it holds up to 1250 ml – more than 5 cups of water! The Epic also fills in one-second and comes with a robust pump-action feature that enables kids to blast up to nearly 34 feet. Four different nozzles allow kids to blast four different ways, making this the ultimate water gun for the season!

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

If the Epic Fast-Fill is too much for your kiddo, also check out Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons! The original and best-selling water balloons let you fill and tie 100 balloons in 60 seconds. Each Bunch O Balloons stem comes with a completely new mix of multi-colored balloons that your kids will love (and you’ll love that you don’t have to fill each balloon individually).

L.O.L Surprise! Lights Collection

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

If you have a school-aged little one then you are bound to know about the newest doll on the scene- L.O.L Surprise! They have unleashed their newest dolls the L.O.L Surprise! Lights Glitter Doll. Each doll comes with all the pizzaz that L.O.Ls are known for but with an extra touch- they glow in the dark. Each doll comes with a black-light to reveal even more fun. These are must add to your Easter basket.


25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Absolutely adorable for your toddler or preschoolers easter basket this spring are the new Eric Carle Magna-Tiles featuring all of their favorite childhood characters. With bright and beautiful characters, scenes, and phrases on each piece, these new Magna-tiles create an interactive storytime full of hands-on imaginative play. Perfect for teaching sequencing, math, reading, language arts, and science, your little learner will love being able to story tell and build simultaneously seeing their favorite stories come to life. These new Magna-tiles are available in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?, The Very Busy Spider, 10 Little Rubber Ducks, and Papa Please Get Me the Moon. This Easter pair a set of these Magna-tiles with the classic matching storybook for the perfect Easter basket stuffers.

Grimm’s Rainbow Toy

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

If you’re looking for something special to fit into your child’s Easter basket this year that encourages creative play, check out Scandiborn This unique online boutique offers U.S. based customers trending Scandinavian-inspired children’s decor, essentials, toys, accessories and more. It’s the only place to get celeb favorites like Grimms collection of colorful wooden toys that haven’t been available to the United States until now. We particularly love Grimm’s six-piece Rainbow toy in bright, beautiful colors as it’s a wonderfully versatile toy for small children and is sure to spark their imagination! Toddlers can stack, sort and build with these pieces. Your older children can use it as a cradle for dolls, as a fence for animals, like a tunnel or bridge for vehicles, like a doll’s house or to build amazing sculptures. Whatever the case, this rainbow will always be integrated in play with a lot of fantasy.

Dino Smashers Epic Egg and Rainbocorns

Mix-it up at this year’s Easter Egg Hunt with ZURU’s Smashers and Rainbocorns! Not only will the be a giant surprise amongst all the other candy-filled easter eggs, but they’ll provide surprise after surprise, interactivity, and playtime beyond the plastic candy-filled eggs.

Apple Park

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Give the Easter Bunny some ideas for your little one this Easter from Apple Park. The Pink Flamingo Collection is sure to be a hit this spring. If you have an infant or toddler who loves to carry their pacifier around everywhere the soft plush Flamingo Pacifier Buddy adds style and flair to any boring paci. The Pal Squeaker Fox Rattle will quickly become your child’s favorite comfort toy with its fun and entertaining noises and soft organic fabric. Make Easter extra special for your little one this year with Apple Park.


Are you struggling to find Easter basket stuffers for your newborn or infant? WubbaNub is the perfect addition to your baby’s Easter basket this year. These pacifiers are soft, adorable and cuddly. The perfectly sized stuffed animal helps your infant grasp the pacifier with their tiny little fingers. The choices are endless. Whether you love giraffes, elephants or another animal, WubbaNub is sure to add some style to your baby’s pacifier.

BotBots Series 5

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Are your kids BotBots fans? Then they’ll love seeing BotBots Series 5 Transformers toys in their Easter basket this year. The BotBots are competing in the Goldrush Games to see which tribes are the most mischievous! Winning tribes are awarded shiny gold trophy bots from the Winner’s Circle tribe! The mad dash to grab the gold is on! Don’t miss the fun!

Plus-Plus Learn-to-Build Jewelry

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Part art, part engineering and a whole lot of fun, Plus-Plus’ Learn-to-Build Jewelry Kit is sure to empower kids with free explorative play while helping to develop fine motor skills, logic, creativity and imagination, all without the use of screens this Easter. This new jewelry playset includes 170 pieces and instructions to build a necklace, ring, crown, and headband.

5 Surprise Unicorn Surprise

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Looking for a fun stocking stuffer that doesn’t include chocolate or candy? Your kids will love unbox a magical unicorn surprise with 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad! Every unicorn comes with surprise accessories so you can style her and swap accessories with her squad! You can also find mystical magical Unicorn Poop compound for you to squish and stretch! Collect all 13 including the RARE GOLDEN UNICORN!

Hairdorables Scented Series 4

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

If your girls love Hairdorables, they’ll really love some of the #freshlooks that Noah and the Hairdorables are showing off in Series 4 for Easter! The girl squad with “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes are now scented and have three new friends: Saige, Phoebe, and Emily! Series 4 dolls come in a reusable plastic carrying case and feature fashion-forward looks with tons of unique accessories from three new themes: Carnival Cuties, Garden Party, and Splash Sensation. Each doll lives up to the “Hairdorables” name with a variety of unique luxe hairstyles in vibrant colors!

Tonka Metal Movers

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

If your kid loves trucks, then Tonka trucks are a no brainer to put in their Easter basket this year. Built “Tonka Tough”, this set includes two diecast vehicles and Tonka Tough Dirt, a no-mess sand compound that mimics real construction site conditions! It’s a whole new way to play with all your favorite Tonka vehicles!

Boppi Dancing Llama

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Wanna add a little fun and giggles to your child’s Easter basket this year? Then be sure to add this booty shakin’ llama to your list! Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shaken’ Llama dances like nobody else and will get the whole family up dancing this Easter (which is especially important if you’re quarantined). You’ll have more fun than you can imagine twerking and spinning to 3 awesome songs. Absolute adorable, hilarious and great fun for family and friends. See who’s got the best moves this Easter- you or Boppi?

SCHLEICH Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Just in time for Easter, give your new rabbit and guinea pig friends a place where they can run, play, eat, and sleep as they wish with Schleich’s Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch. Rabbits and guinea pigs have lots of energy, which means they need plenty of space to run and play! Whether your little furry friends are looking to run up and down the ramp or stop for a quick lettuce snack and water break, the Schleich rabbit and guinea pig hutch playset offers it all.

Bixby & Co.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

No Easter basket is complete without the candy so this year pick up some craft confections from Bixby & Co. to use as Easter basket stuffers for the little kids (or adults too) this holiday. Bixby & Co.’s fine chocolates and confections are made in Maine with real food ingredients making them a truly delicious and delightful treat this season. Indulge in their Spring Bon-Bon Collection that includes a variety of fillings from Maple Maine Blueberry Jam to Strawberry Mimosa and more, or pick up a few Peanut Butter Ganache Eggs, perfect for celebrating the season. No matter what sweet treat(s) you choose the creamy and delectable confections from Bixby & Co. are sure to be a hit this Easter.

Aden + Anais

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Aden + Anais is leading the way in luxury when it comes to baby items. From stroller blankets to bibs and swaddles in between, Aden + Anais has the softest cotton muslin around. Items stay soft wash after wash. Aden + Anais pajamas are some of the softest we have found! Their towels are at that same level. The Mickey Classic Muslin Dream Blanket will soothe your infant and be your toddler’s favorite blanket. Even preschoolers will love this snuggly blanket in the Mickey Classic print- who wouldn’t? It is one the entire family can snuggle up together in, especially while spending extra time at home. If you are looking for extra comfort at home during uncertain and scary times or want to send something special to a new or expecting mom, we highly suggest shopping Aden + Anais!


25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Dionis has what you need to add an extra special touch to this year’s Easter basket! With all that is going on in the world today, Dionis offers comforting items such as Hand and Body Cream that will help you escape into relaxation. Aromas such as Love and Lavender Blossom allow you to enjoy a moment of serenity as you give your skin the moisture it needs. Never greasy, Dionis Hand and Body Cream leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and smelling great beyond the act of moisturizing. Their incredible scents stay with you. Be sure to include Dionis within this year’s Easter baskets!


25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Owala has perfected the art of the water bottle. The easy to clean water bottles keep your drink cold for up to twenty-four hours! With design options such as the Free Sip, you can choose which spout type suits you best. Carrying loops allow you to bring your Owala bottle with you wherever you may go. Add something to Easter baskets this year that everyone in the family can use for years to come. The only hard part is narrowing down your choices! Owala offers several designs, sizes, and color options. You have to see the vibrant colors available!

Blume Baby Pop by Skyrocket

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Give your kids the hottest toy of the season, Blume Baby Pop — the newest addition to the globally acclaimed and best-selling Blume dolls, this Easter. With Baby Pop, the surprises don’t stop, as hidden under every sprout is either a baby or a cute baby accessory…just pull and “POP” to reveal what’s inside! Blume babies come wrapped in removable swaddles with unique, out-of-this-world hairstyles on top. Collect all 50!


With these Easter basket stuffers, you are sure to find something for everyone’s basket this year, especially the kids. Choose a sweet treat, an educational toy or book, and something fun to really round out the gift-giving this Easter ensuring everyone has plenty of fun and activities to do both indoors and out over the next few months. While this year’s celebration may be different from years past, revel in the time spent with your loved ones and be thankful for everyone’s health, relaxation and learning to live and love together no matter what. Happy Easter!

Stuck at home this Easter? Check out this Ultimate Easter Reading Guide for Kids for some great reads to use as Easter basket stuffers, or simply to get you through the season.

25 Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids



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