Essentials for a Beautiful Bump & Giveaway

You’re pregnant, excited and in love with your little baby bump, but alas, your growing bump, plus the bloat and excess weight gain, has you feeling less than thrilled with your current wardrobe options. You want nothing more than to emphasize that bump, have the rest of you look flawless and give you amazing support for your bump! Here are some shapewear and essentials to get you through the whole 9 months.

Essentials For A Beautiful Bump

This is the perfect product to take you from early pregnancy all the way to postpartum, because the Flawless Belly by Belly Bandit is a multi-wear support. The wonderful part about this product, unlike many others on the market, is that it’s breathable, thanks to it’s “wonderweave” material. It helps to lock in the moisture from your belly cream, and it does it without any uncomfortable feeling or irritation. Many women complain their pregnant bellies feel itchy or irritated with other products, and in turn, get no use from it or their belly cream because the material has not been breathable.

Flawless Belly


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Another common problem you may have experienced with similar products is that the band doesn’t stay in place as your belly grows! Luckily, the Flawless Belly has ruching in the back that allows it to expand and grow with your belly.  This also helps you to know which way to wear the product!

Finally, you can extend the life of your non-maternity clothes during pregnancy before investing in pieces, as you just slip it over unbuttoned pants or tights. Post-pregnancy you can wear the Flawless Belly to help support your stomach while it returns back to its pre-pregnancy form. It is also useful when breastfeeding by keeping your belly discreet and not visible (no need to layer your tops).



Thighs Disguise



Essentials For A Beautiful Bump &Amp; Giveaway 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Another great product we have found to help in achieving the “perfect bump” is the “Thighs Disguise” from Belly Bandit. It is such a discreet item to have and one that gives great support. Wear it under dresses or pants without any indication it is there. It smoothes out everything without feeling like you have support on. The “moisture wick” technology of the “wonderweave” material not only makes it comfortable but it also creates a gentle belly support. Carrying the extra weight is easier and even your tush looks better!



Belly Bandit Thighs Disguise



Maternity Essentials

There are certain pieces during pregnancy that count as essentials.  The essentials that end up not just covering the bump, but also help to give extra support become the favorite essentials. That is why the Ruched Tank and Capri Leggings from Ingrid & Isabel are the perfect essentials for your baby bump.

Ruched Tank

Essentials For A Beautiful Bump &Amp; Giveaway 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Ruched Tank from Ingrid & Isabel is not only comfortable but will stretch with you as your belly grows!  The ruched material and generous length allow great coverage for your belly from week 1 to week 42!  We love that the seamless fabrication and high quality elastic allow you to continue wearing this tank postpartum.  It is the perfect layering item!



Capri Belly Legging

Essentials For A Beautiful Bump &Amp; Giveaway 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

What makes these leggings amazing? The Capri Belly Leggings are made of soft material and elastic that stretches and covers your bump.  They provide abundant belly coverage allowing these leggings to grow with your baby belly and, once pregnancy is over, you can use it postpartum.  You can wear them pulled up over your stomach or fold them underneath at your hips, if that is more your style, thanks to its full belly panel.  They not only give you great coverage, but they are also amazingly comfortable. Wear the Ingrid & Isabel Capri Leggings with a tunic or a sweater during the cooler seasons!


Other Necessities

What else is necessary to complete your pregnancy look? A comfortable yet elegant nursing bra! When looking for a bra that not only provides good support but makes you look good, check out Bravado Designs.

The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra


The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in Jungle Berry is everything you could want in a maternity/nursing bra!  The playful color will make you feel young and beautiful despite the current state of your growing belly. The seamless design and stretchy material provide the comfort you are looking for when lounging at home, out shopping or while doing downward dog at the Yoga studio.  Each bra comes with a Bra Conversion Kit so once you are done nursing, you can convert it to a regular bra for continued wear!

Bravado has different maternity options to fit whichever stage of pregnancy you are in!

If you’re looking for products to wear under your clothes to support you during pregnancy and smooth out your bump, look no further than the Flawless Belly and Thighs Disguise from Belly Bandit to give you just that, and for comfort and style check out Ingrid & Isabel for essentials that will carry you through those glorious 9 months. We are sure you won’t be disappointed and will come back to those items time and time again, even for your next pregnancies!


For more Maternity Fashion Inspiration check out Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Fashion Essentials



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