Baby Bump and Nursing Style: What You Need to know

Pregnancy is a beautiful magical time. Our bodies show great strength as the grow to accommodate and nurture the tiny human we carry inside of us. After the birth of our sweet babe, our bodies yet again go through great changes. They once were equipped to sustain our child while on the inside, they now are able to do the same thing while they are in our arms. Sometimes, dressing our ever growing belly and nursing body can be a difficult task. Jo Jo Maman Bebe makes styling your ever changing- awe inspiring- mommy bod effortlessly easy.

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Comfort is one of the key ingredients to feeling happily dressed during and after pregnancy. Often times, maternity and nursing clothes are too tight, too itchy, too stiff- they work against us. This just isn’t right, and if we don’t feel comfortable we don’t feel confident. Clothes should move and flow with our bodies, thus making us feel like the pregnant Goddess that we are. Jo Jo Maman Bebe has the best chic inspired pieces that can easily be adapted to any situation.

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Ease of Accessibility

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Nursing a baby can be tricky: “how do I get these guys out?” Then panic sets in, “My baby is now screaming in public and I’m either going to take my whole shirt off or just rip it open to feed him.” Luckily there are nursing clothes that are easy to access where we need it the most, making both momma and baby happy. The Jo Jo Maman Bebe nursing collection offers both style and accessibility to make both breastfeeding and looking flawless, effortless. They offer a wide variety of nursing cardigans, tees, shirts, and tie front tops in a wide choice of prints and colors – so you’re sure to find a style that’s right for you.

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Personal Style

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Finally, we need clothes that project our personal style – clothes that say “here I’m Mother, Goddess, Superhero”. Our bodies are changing, our hormones are raging, and if our clothes don’t fit right we may break down at any moment. That is why finding clothes we love and speak to your own style is so important. This is yet another reason we love Jo Jo Maman Bebe. They have beautiful layering pieces, flattering styles, and variety of patterns and colors that grow as you your body changes making them your most favorite-go-to maternity and nursing clothes.

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One thing is for certain, after you have a baby your life becomes more fulfilled than you ever thought was possible. You love in a way you never knew you could the second those tiny fingers grab your own. These babies have a funny way of turning our lives upside down- in the most beautiful way possible. We need to honor and appreciate our bodies for bringing us such a precious gift. You need clothes that work with you, not against. You need something that is both comfortable, beautiful, and tells your own story. You need Jo Jo Maman Bebe.

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