How the Willow Breast Pump is Changing Women’s Lives

There are several factors to consider when looking for a quality, reliable breast pump that will keep up with your pumping schedule and overall daily routine. If features like cost, milk volume, portability, easy to clean, and adjustable suction are important to you, you may want to consider the Willow Breast Pump. Mothers who intend to use a breast pump when they have a new baby can often times be overwhelmed with choosing a breast pump. With so many breast pumps on the market, they find themselves unsure of which one they should get or which one will work best for them.

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How the Willow Breast Pump is Different

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

The Willow Breast Pump is the first ever of its kind. This unique pump allows women to live their life untethered. The Willow is a completely wireless, battery operated breast pump. This breast pump is two separate wearable pumps that are worn in each cup of your bra or shirt. This feature allows the two pumps to be worn independently to allow you to nurse your baby on one breast while pumping with the Willow on the other. No cords, tubes, or bottles will interfere or be in the way while trying to nurse and pump simultaneously.

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

By fitting together just a few parts you have everything you need. Simply insert a milk bag and attach the flange to the pump and begin pumping. The long lasting battery will stay charged through five pumping sessions giving you enough life to pump throughout the day. With this pump you can now pump in any position including lying down which allows you to pump while you are resting without any leaking. The Willow pump will fit women of all breast sizes from A cups to an H Cup as well as different flange sizes to accommodate different nipple sizes.

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Go Anywhere, Do Anything

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

The Willow Breast Pump is uniquely designed to somewhat resemble the shape of a breast. This is done intentionally so the pump can fit into a bra and not look like a machine is under your shirt. This shape allows you to wear the Willow in public without people taking notice to your breast area. The Willow Breast Pump allows you to pump at any time whether you are running errands, exercising, driving, or working. The Willow Pump does not have the level of volume that noisy, traditional breast pumps do so women can literally be pumping in public without anyone ever knowing.

Willow Breast Pump Cost

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

On average, a quality double electric breast pump will cost somewhere around the $300 price range. With most breast pump purchases you will receive the pump itself and one set of the parts needed. Many times, women still find themselves buying extra tubes, flanges, bottles, hands free pumping bras, and milk storage bags, upping their overall cost even more. The Willow Breast Pump costs $500, but when you consider what you get for that price compared to a more traditional electric pump your decision may sway towards the Willow.

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

For the price of $500 you will not only receive the Willow Breast Pump and all of it’s included accessories, you will regain your freedom while pumping. Say goodbye to the days of being tied to the one spot that your regular pump would need to be plugged in to. The Willow Breast pump includes 2 pumps, all the required parts, cleaning brushes, protecting bags, and breast milk storage bags making this price point well worth it.

My Willow Breast Pump Review

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

I will never go back to using my old breast pump again! The Willow breast pump is genius and a total game changer for me. I prefer to do a combination of both breastfeeding and pumping so that my baby can be bottle fed when I am not with him. I find so many benefits to pumping, including continuing to give my child nutrient rich breast milk and saving money by not having to purchase formula. Yet sometimes I look at pumping as a chore. I dread having to pump and the time it takes away from my day sitting there not being able to do anything except wait for it to be over.

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How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

So many women end up giving up on pumping because of the limits a traditional breast pump imposes on them. Pumping mothers frequently find themselves stuck in an area where they can find an outlet with very little mobility. They have to sit there, unable to do anything else, for 30-45 minutes until their pumping cycle is complete. No one knows better than moms, there are always things to be done. Busy mothers with a list of a million things to accomplish cannot stand having to waste time (that they would really rather be spending with their new baby) bring tied to a breast pump.

Willow Breast Pump

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If you are going to have pumping be a part of your regular daily schedule, you should at least have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything you while while pumping. The Willow Breast Pump is the answer to all of your pumping problems because it offers freedom, portability, and discretion, all while making sure you are preserving your nutrient rich breastmilk, the best for your baby.

How The Willow Breast Pump Is Changing Women’s Lives

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The WIllow Breast Pump is a completely wireless, hands free breast pump that is discreet and quiet enough to be worn in public without notice. Willow gives women the freedom they want while still being able to pump when needed. How the Willow Breast Pump is Changing Women's Lives