How to Make Money Recycling Junk Cars

Cash for clunkers” was a marketing tactic used by the United States government to bolster a floundering automotive industry; critics claim the program was nothing more than a public-sector subsidy, selecting private sector winners – capital fascism. Personal ideologies aside, consumers embraced the program as hundreds of thousands enrolled eagerly into the program. Two things were clear: there was a real need to recycle clunkers, and people wanted to be financially compensated for their vehicles. You can make money recycling junk cars.

Unlike the government run program, categorizing a “clunker” is subjective, based on one major prerequisite, a financial burden to the owner; the vehicle is either broken down, or not worth repairing. Rather than turn in a vehicle which is simply worn for the guaranteed ‘cash for clunkers’ government payout, automobile owners today have to make rational decisions based on free market value. One company, leveraging the principles of ‘cash for clunkers’ is Extreme Cash For Junk Cars, with two critical differences: it’s a for profit enterprise, and it does not require any additional purchases.

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America is a capitalist nation, where free markets dictate price and consumers vote with their wallets. Unlike cash for clunkers, predicated on artificially inflated price value as the catalyst to an even larger purchase, Extreme Cash For Junk Car’s value starts and ends at the first transaction. Both parties, consumer and business, need to exchange value at the moment of transaction, not in hopes of rebates or perceived value in new purchases. The cash for clunkers program has increased interest in junking cars, but has also done a disservice to those who overestimate their vehicle’s true value. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is one of the most established junk cars for cash program, with plans on expanding nationally. They are transparent in the process of buying unwanted vehicles, partly educating clients while helping them in tough financial times. In a shrinking middle class, money is more important than ever, leading to delayed purchasing decisions, especially for new vehicles.

How To Make Money Recycling Junk Cars 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesOmar, CEO of, envisioned a way for financially burdened individuals to “junk” their cars, while paying top fair market value. Just as moms know how to stretch left-overs, Omar’s value is his ability to squeeze value from the rusted heaps of “trash” through recycling auto parts.

Automotive Recycling: Parts are Greater Than its Sum

Whether a climate skeptic or believer, civilized nations have relied on adequate waste disposal for thousands of years. Rome relied on intricate sewer systems, while today’s generation is tasked with mitigating waste in the form of reusable applications, colloquially known as recycling. As part of a closed system, any material wasted is a burden on the ecosystem or taxpayer to clean up. Recycling is a logical solution, eliminating waste, allowing industries to “go green” through solar, wind, and geothermal technologies. The automotive industry is notorious for contributing endless fields of hard-to-dispose materials. Massive machines, power, and energy are needed to break down car parts when traditionally discarded through landfills or other archaic processes. Companies such as Omar’s recycle the automobiles, not purely for altruistic motives, although it’s a major reason many clients do business with them, but for logical profit. It makes more financial sense to salvage every usable part from an automobile, rather than crush and bury the car under heaps of other trash, as is unfortunately the predominate method in modern car disposal.

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Free Towing & Assessment:

Not every car owner is in dire need to sell an old vehicle left idle in the driveway, but Murphy’s Law can strike on America’s highways. One minute you are cruising down the highway when you hear a loud bang or a thud. Your car is breaking down, literally as you coast to the shoulder. The stress of the situation alone is enough to cause panic, compounded by subsistent reality, the vehicle is a financial burden, towing is costly, and repairs aren’t cheap. This is why Omar and his team offer real-time assistance; after successfully helping thousands of distraught car owners, his team understands this is either an inconvenience or a major financial burden, depending on one’s financial status. Not everyone has disposable income to afford repairs or the willingness to invest in a vehicle 8, 17, or even 25 years old. Because Extreme Cash For Junk Cars is not subsidized, it is a for profit enterprise. Like any market, its value proposition is based on market demands. With direct relationships spanning hundreds of wholesalers and salvage yards, Omar is able to cut out multiple middle-men, which often inflate pricing beyond natural levels.

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  • Omar and his assessors factor the price of the unwanted car based on major criteria: Make, Model, Year, Mileage, and Condition.
  • All pricing estimates can be done via phone, expediting the decision process.
  • Car owners can quickly and easily discern whether the deal is fair, accept it, and feel less burdened or elect to keep the vehicle and tow it to a nearby automotive repair shop.

It’s a transparent process in an industry fraught with secrecy and distrust. The creed of fair, honest, and open is personified in the form of dozens of testimonials and reviews online. As a testament to Omar’s commitment to excellence, auto titles are required to do business. While competitors may buy a vehicle, which is unlawfully being sold such as theft or unbenounced family member, Omar and his team go above and beyond to quote, tow, and pay cash on the spot, with the owner’s legal consent, and full approval in the entire process.

Breaking down while driving is a horrible experience few would wish on their worst enemy, yet a reality of driving older vehicles. Cash for clunkers via the government may be discontinued but private sector companies are filling the need, as free markets abhor a vacuum.

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Photo Credits: Pixabay, Extreme Cash for Junk Cars

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