10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong

Life is full of ever-changing phases as are the friendships made along the way! High School then college. College to a new job. Single then married. No kids to two kids. From one city to another. From one state to another. Throughout all the location changes you experience, the essential friendships you have made don’t have to fade. Even across the miles, your long distance relationships with your friends can stay strong. 

Obstacles In Long Distance Relationships With Friends

10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “the only way to have a friend is to be one.” Long distance relationships with your friends can definitely cause questions on how you will remain friends. Some questions might be how can you be a friend when the miles keep you separated? How can you support each other when you no longer can just drop by to catch up or your kids can meet for a play date? How do you keep the foundation of your friendship strong as you each experience two separate lives?

Long distance friendships do face some obstacles and it would be crazy to think otherwise. Many may fear their friendship drifting apart when one friend moves away from the other. Others will find themselves in an endless cycle of unanswerable questions. How will you react to not living in a common location? Will you be able to relate as your friend shares stories of new people they have met? Will the lack of your kids no longer being on the same team or at the same school weaken your foundation? It is not unfair to ask these questions but know that only time will be able to provide answers.

In long distance relationships, one may worry about being there for the other friend as time obligations pull them in many directions making time for those random phone calls more difficult. That’s the thing with life though, change happens. It is best to realize each person’s obligations will change through job deadlines, parenting responsibilities, and just life in general. There are steps each friend can take though to ensure their friendship is welcomed support in their life. 

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Ways To Keep Your Connection Strong

10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong

Long distance relationships take work! Friendships take work! It doesn’t matter if you live next door or around the world, keeping a strong and supportive connection requires tender loving care. The key though…being intentional with your effort.

Here are 10 ways to keep your long distance relationships going strong: 

  1. Texting! This usually takes the least amount of time but can make a big impact on a person’s day. So the next time you’re eating your friend’s favorite ice cream, send a picture of all the sprinkles with a text stating you are thinking of them. No doubt, it will make them smile. 
  2. Phone calls can be a little more tricky to pull off during daily life obligations but there is something emotionally impactful hearing your friend’s voice. If you find that you two are playing phone tag more than actually talking to each other, take the time to schedule your catch-up phone calls. This gives you both something to look forward to during the week. Be sure to make it a priority though verse canceling. 
  3. Did you two have a favorite show you love watching? If so, plan a watch party! Enjoy watching your show together while Facetiming with each other. Nothing like discussing a major plot twist as you both watch it unfold. 
  4. If TV isn’t your thing then pick out the same book to read and discuss. You can agree to read a chapter a week and promise not to reveal spoilers…maybe. Don’t forget, this would be a great opportunity for one of those random text messages while reading. Catering to the needs of long distance relationships just requires thinking outside the box.
10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong
  1. You can never go wrong with sending a handwritten letter or a card to your friend! What a great way to share what is going on in your life while taking the time to ask how they are doing or even reflect on past adventures you two shared. Letters can feel much more personal and are very intentional in keeping your long distance relationships strong. 
  2. Who doesn’t love to get flowers, trinkets, or other gifts? Show your friend you are thinking of them by sending a thoughtful gift. Don’t worry, all gifts do not have to cost a lot of money. Be creative! If you take a walk on the beach, send a seashell to say I’m thinking of you. Maybe an edible arrangement would be a fun surprise to send as well. 
  3. When the time apart has grown to be too much, plan an annual trip to catch-up. This could easily be a town halfway between your two homes or a great reason to travel someplace new together. Don’t rule out alternating between visiting between your own two homes. This gives you each the opportunity to experience each other’s environments and meet the friends you keep hearing about on the phone. 
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10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong
  1. A great way to let your friend know that you are thinking of them across the miles is to remember important dates. In long distance relationships, it can be difficult to stay in the loop with big events. Be sure to take note when your friend shares an upcoming event. Call, text, or send a card for those special days such as birthdays, new job promotions, a new house, or even to celebrate their child getting the lead in the school play. Remembering important dates helps your friend know you continue to think of them.  
  2. If you feel your long distance relationships are waning, think of ways you can encourage each other and find a connection. One way is to set a common goal together. For example, maybe you both love hiking. You both set a goal of exploring new trails in your area over the next month. On your next hike, take photos along the way. Afterward, you can share the pictures with each other and your experience along the trails. 
    • Your goal can be as simple as keeping up with a spring cleaning checklist or more personal such as designing your own vision board. What a great way to share your new hopes and dreams with your bestie through a vision board. 
  3. Open communication is essential in keeping the foundation of your long distance relationship solid. You both will need to be intentional in your actions and words to keep your friendship strong. You’ll also need to be open and honest in how you each are feeling. Truly listening to each other and offering empathy will go a long way in reminding each other your friendship is important.  
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10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong

There is no doubt your long distance relationships can survive the miles apart! It will look a little different seeing each other through technology-based visits but you are investing in a great friendship, capable of surviving the miles apart. It takes flexibility, creativity, and openness to keep your long distance relationships strong. By putting in the work, there will be many more memories to be made together!


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10 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships With Friends Going Strong

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