Why All New Moms Should Opt for a Travel System

New motherhood is a wonderfully exciting time, but trying to figure out what you need can be overwhelming and confusing. Between cribs, car seats, strollers, and all the baby gear, new parents have quite a few decisions to make before the baby even comes home.

One of the biggest purchases you will make as a new parent is your child’s car seat and stroller. Not only is it one of the most costly expenses you will have, but it is also one of the most important. You will more than likely use both of these things just about every single day, and you want your child’s car seat to be safe and the stroller to be functional and comfortable. There are so many different options when it comes to car seats, strollers, and combinations of the two but one of the most convenient options is a travel system.

What is a Travel System?

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

A travel system is a car seat and stroller combination, where the car seat can connect seamlessly with the stroller for easier transfer of your baby from the car to the stroller without removing them from their seat. Travel systems are usually sold as a bundle from the same company, but there are a few travel systems in which you can interchange the car seat and the stroller using car seat adapters.

Travel systems use an infant car seat and a coordinating stroller. The infant car seat will click into the stroller easily for an easy transfer of your baby from the car to the stroller. You can use the stroller with or without the car seat, so it can grow with your child as they move out of the infant car seat.

Why Should New Moms Chose a Travel System?

Travel systems are convenient for new moms in many ways, and they can help solve questions like, “What car seat should we get?” “Will the car seat work with the stroller?” or “Do I need to purchase an additional stroller down the line?” Here are some reasons why new moms might want to opt for a travel system for their new baby:

It Takes Out the Guess Work

Trying to decide which car seat is safest, and if it will work with the stroller you want can be overwhelming. Do you need an infant seat adapter? Will the adapter be safe enough to hold the seat in place? With a travel system, you will be confident that the infant seat your using will work seamlessly with the stroller, and it takes out the guesswork of having several different infant seat options and coordinating strollers.

Infant Car Seats are Easiest to Use with New Babies

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System
Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System
Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

When looking for a car seat for a new baby, there is always a discussion of which type of car seat to get. Should you get an infant seat or jump right to a convertible car seat? Many new parents, and even parents with more than one child, find it easiest to have an infant seat especially for those first few months of a baby’s life. Many times its easier to keep your infant in the seat when you pop into a store or while running errands rather than taking them out and placing them in a carrier, especially in the winter when getting them out of the seat can make them cold and uncomfortable.

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You Don’t Have to Carry the Car Seat Everywhere

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

A travel system is great to have because when using the infant car seat you can simply pop the seat into the stroller rather than having to carry it around. With travel systems, the infant car seat will easily snap into the frame of the stroller since they coordinate, making it simple and quick to transition from the car to the stroller.

The Stroller Can Continue to Be Used as Your Child Grows

One of the best parts about having a travel system is that you already have a stroller that grows with your child. After your child grows out of the infant seat, or as they grow big enough to sit in the stroller on their own, then you can switch to using the regular stroller seat without making a later, secondary purchase down the road.

It is More Affordable

Buying a separate infant seat and stroller is costly. If you add in some of the accessories you will need to use the infant seat with the stroller, like a car seat adapter, then the price tag adds up. A travel system is an affordable way to get both a car seat and a stroller and eliminate additional accessory purchases.

The Travel System Grows with Your Family

A travel system will be especially beneficial if you add additional members to your family. You can transfer your first baby to a convertible car seat as they grow, and the new baby can use the infant seat. This way you aren’t buying two new car seats to fit your growing family, and you still have a stroller that you can use for either the older child or the infant. You can even get an additional seat or a stand for use with many travel systems so you can still use the same stroller for both children at the same time.

The Best Travel System for New Moms

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

There are plenty of travel systems on the market, but none are quite as stylish, functional, and efficient as the new Summer Myria Travel System. This travel system not only provides the comfort and style you want for your new car seat and stroller, but it is also convenient and safe. The Myria Travel System comes with both the Summer Affirm 335 rear-facing infant car seat and the Myria Modular Stroller, as well as the Affirm Steeloc base for use in your vehicle.

About the Summer Affirm 335 Car Seat

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

The Summer Affirm 335 Car Seat is designed to fit even the smallest babies from 3 pounds all the way to 35 pounds with a height window of 15 inches to 32 inches. The SureShield protection adds additional front-, side-, and rear-impact protection as well as rollover protection. It has been tested with two times the impact force to ensure that your baby is safe in the event of an accident. The deep and low child positioning in the seat is surrounded by EPS energy-absorbing foam, which adds another layer of protection. The anti-rebound handle can be moved to in front of your child for added impact protection as well.

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The Steeloc base is another safety measure that ensures your baby is as safe as possible while in your vehicle. It is easy to install giving you the confidence that the seat is in your vehicle safely and correctly each and every time. The Steeloc Arm provides reinforcing steel throughout the base, making sure the seat stays in place even in high impact.

The Affirm 335 Car Seat is super lightweight, coming in at only 8 pounds, and the FloatCarry handle makes it easy to carry around when you aren’t using the Summer Myria Stroller.

About the Summer Myria Modular Stroller

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

The Summer Myria Stroller is not only easy and convenient to use with the Summer Affirm 335 Car Seat, but it also offers 6 different modes for use from infant to toddlers. When using the Summer Affirm 335 Car Seat, you can simply snap the car seat into the Myria Stroller frame either facing you or facing out. As your child grows older, you can use the toddler seat. The toddler seat also offers the option of facing the parent or facing out to see what’s going on in the world around them. The toddler seat also has an integrated rebound bar and snack/cup holder.

One of the unique things about the Myria Modular Stroller is that it also comes with a third option- a carriage. The toddler seat can easily be transformed into the carriage seat, and it can be used from birth all the way up to 6 months of age. This is a great option for walks around the neighborhood or your favorite walking trail while you little one naps soundly in their carriage.

Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System
Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System

The Myria Stroller is not only functional, but it is also efficient. A large stroller basket allows you to carry all your essentials underneath the stroller and the extra-large canopy the infant car seat, the toddler seat, and the bassinet shield your little one from the sun’s harmful rays. It is also easy to open and close with a one-handed mechanism and has accessories like a parent cup holder and peekaboo window in the toddler seat and carriage so you can check on your little one.

5 Reasons Why We Love the Summer Myria Travel System

The Summer Myria Travel System gives new parents everything they need in terms of a car seat and stroller for their new bundle of joy. Here are just a few reasons why it should be at the top of your baby gear list:

  1. The Summer Myria Travel System takes the guesswork out of what to buy- With one purchase you have a car seat, stroller, and even a carriage bassinet.
  2. The Summer Myria Travel System grows with your child– From infancy up to toddlerhood, the Summer Myria Travel System can be used for several years down the line.
  3. You can adjust the seats to face you– With many strollers your child has to look one way- out. But with the Summer Myria Travel System, you can turn the seat to face you which is wonderful for those days where your little one needs some extra face time with mom, dad, or their caregiver. Additionally, research has shown that children are able to grow and develop more rapidly when having face-to-face interactions.
  4. It has space for your stuff, too- The extra-large storage bin, as well as the parent cup holder, ensures you have everything you need for yourself and your little one (namely iced coffee, because you’re going to need it as a new parent!).
  5. It is convenient- Both the infant car seat and the stroller frame are lightweight and easy to use. Everything snaps into place easily and effortlessly, and you can use the different seats in the way that works best for you.

A car seat and stroller is probably one of the first, and one of the biggest, purchases you will make when preparing for your little one’s arrival. A travel system makes that purchase quite a bit easier (and less expensive). The Summer Myria Travel System also offers the convenience of 6 different modular seating options with a simple and easy to use frame, as well as a top-safety rated car seat to use in your vehicle. Travel systems are the way to go for new parents everywhere, and the Summer Myria Travel System makes the decision of which one to get easy.

Summer Myria Travel System
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Why All New Moms Should Opt For A Travel System



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