Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

School plans change daily. Travel arrangements are nearly all on hold. It seems the only thing you can count on this year is the calendar: the holidays are coming whether you are ready or not. And with the holidays comes cooking and baking and preparing the house (especially the kitchen!) for guests. Caraway cookware is one way to get ahead of the seasonal hustle and bustle. Non-toxic and ceramic, Caraway cookware will keep your family healthy and well fed this holiday season.

Cook Healthier With Caraway Cookware

Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

Non-stick is essential – especially when cooking for kids and family members. That being said, Teflon®, a chemical, is one of the most common ways to make cookware non-stick. Unfortunately, once a pan is used repeatedly, the chemical can stick toxic substances to your food and be released into the air. No one wants that – especially when entertaining the people you love.

Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

Caraway cookware is 100% ceramic which means that it does not require chemicals in order to be non-stick. The pans have a mineral-based coating that will not adhere to your food. Additionally, the coating releases up to 60% less CO2 when compared to traditional non-stick coatings. Another advantage to using pans with a non-toxic coating is that the pans are naturally slick and require less oil/butter and less scrubbing. This gives you more time to spend with family and friends.

Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season
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Super Simple Maintanence

Upon receiving your Caraway cookware, the only maintenance required prior to use is a quick wash. No need to season your pans or prepare them prior to use. Because the pans are ceramic, they can hold heat better than traditional non-stick pans making low to medium heat hot enough for most dishes outside of boiling water. After you finish cooking and are ready for clean up, a gentle scrub will clean most messes off the bottom of any one of the pans. For super difficult dishes that just don’t want to leave the bottom of your Caraway cookware, simmer soapy water over low heat and just scrape away!

Caraway Cookware Offerings

The easiest way to own the best that Caraway offers is by purchasing the Caraway cookware set. This bundle includes all four pans created by Caraway with lids, a lid holder, and pan racks. The pans cover just about every cooking need possible and run the gamut in size. Additionally, Caraway cookware is beautifully designed and offered in five different colors: cream, gray, perracotta (pink + terracotta), sage, and navy. All Instagram worthy. The only issue will be the difficult decision on whether to store in a cabinet or on a countertop for your guests to view and envy.

Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

Included in the Caraway cookware set:

  • Fry Pan: This 10/5″ diameter pan is perfect for cooking vegetables and frying up eggs.
  • Sauce Pan: With a capacity for 3 quarts, this pan is perfect for sauces, soups, or whatever you can dream of cooking.
  • Sauté Pan: Larger than the fry pan and with more room than the sauce pan, the sauté pan is 4.5 quarts and ideal for making dinners for the entire family.
  • Dutch Oven: Holding 6.5 quarts, the dutch oven was designed to cook pastas, stews, or any hearty meal your family can gobble up. Nothing says cold weather more than a good chili or stew!
Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

In addition to Caraway cookware pans and sets, the website also offers accessories like tea towels, pot holders, oven mitts, and aprons. All accessories are offered in the same appealing colors as the pans giving you the option to coordinate with your cookware. Talk about dressing to impress during the holidays!

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Designed For Easy Storage

The people designing Caraway cookware were thinking ahead when creating not only the pans but the lid holder and pan racks. When purchasing a Caraway cookware set, aside from the beautiful cookware, you additionally receive magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder. The pan racks hold each pan sideways. Being lightweight and magnetic, you have the option to move to your countertop when drying pans and then back into your cabinet to store.

Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

The lid holder fits all three sized lids perfectly and was designed to hang – ideally on a cabinet without a middle shelf or on a wall. All sets have two clear adhesive hooks that are discrete and sturdy. Because they were designed to hold the weight of all three pan lids, they require 48-72 hours to dry and bond. If you decide to rearrange your kitchen and shift your storage space, these hooks can be removed after a little time with a hairdryer and a butter knife.

Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season

Regardless of what is happening with current events or the world around you during the holidays, you can control what is in your kitchen and how it is prepared. Caraway cookware allows you to not only offer your family and friends a healthy and easy to use cooking option – but can help you look good doing it. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind in the kitchen this holiday season by purchasing Caraway cookware!

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Let Caraway Cookware Help You Cook Like A Professional This Holiday Season



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