The Top 25 Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Congratulations! You’ve become a homeowner! Now what? How about tackling some of those DIY projects you’ve been itching to do? Well, you should probably round up some must have tools for homeowners before you get started. Or, just in general, how about putting together a well-balanced arsenal of hand and power tools so you’re ready when some guaranteed maintenance tasks arise?

Gathering up the right products can be daunting, but don’t worry. We’ve put together a well-thought-out list of must-have tools for every homeowner so you can get started on whatever DIY projects your heart desires.

The Top 25 Must-Have Tools For Homeowners

Do I Really Need To Own Tools?

As a homeowner, it is important to have the best home tool kit to maintain and repair home systems and items. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but needs to be well thought out. Even if you aren’t a handyman or woman, having the right tools can help to prevent safety and financial problems around the house.

For example, having a basic set of tools allows you to quickly make small repairs, such as tightening a nut on a dripping faucet or replacing a broken door handle. Having a set of general tools, and the ability to do a little Google searching, can minimize the cost of repair services by allowing you to perform repairs yourself. Basic home repairs become easier, more affordable, and more efficient.

And listen up ladies! This isn’t the 50 tools every man needs – these tools are for you too! You should not only own the must have tools for homeowners, but you should know how ot use them properly and safely.

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The Top 25 Must Have Tools for Homeowners

What tools does the average homeowner need? What should everyone have in their toolbox? Having the right tools is essential to get any job done, whether it be simple DIY projects or major repairs around the home. From simple carpentry to plumbing and electrical fixes here is a complete tool list of 25 must-have tools for homeowners.

Drill – A drill is the first of the Top 25 Must Have Tools for Homeowners because pretty much every project will utilize a drill of some sort. Besides drilling holes to hang pictures, curtains, or lights, you can switch out the bit to a screwdriver bit and speed up any project. Even putting together IKEA furniture or opening the battery doors on all those toys your kid got for Christmas becomes quick and easy. Check out this Black+Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill – the perfect drill for any homeowner. And if you’re a DIYer, this is also one of the must have tools for woodworking.

Ladder: It goes without saying that a ladder is a helpful household tool. You’ll need a sturdy ladder at least 6ft tall for anything from cleaning your drain gutters to changing a lightbulb and don’t forget about hanging holiday decorations!

Hammer: This isn’t one of the new must have tools, but every DIY project needs a hammer. Installing hardwood floors? Hammer. Hanging perfectly framed family photos? Hammer. Putting together furniture because everything comes “assembly required”? You’ll need a hammer. And yes, even scaring off that opossum that’s surely more afraid of you than you are of it will require a hammer. (Even if only to make you feel like you’ve got the situation under control…)

Tape Measure – Every homeowner should have a tape measure and use it often. You’ll need one to measure the area you’d like the furniture to be placed and figure out whether it will fit. You’ll also need it to figure out how many feet of lighting you’ll need for those Christmas lights, what size blinds or curtains will fit that window, and what size door to get to replace the one your kids put a hole in. It also comes in handy for placing and hanging just about anything on a wall, and even when there’s a discrepancy between who’s taller of your kids.

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Rake & Snow Shovel – Depending on your climate, you may need both a yard rake and snow shovel, or just one. Regardless, if you want to upkeep your yard and get your car out during a snowstorm, they are seasonal outdoor necessities. Don’t get stuck with a soggy mess of leaves on your lawn because you didn’t rake them up, or a soggy mess in your driveway on account that you don’t have a snow shovel.

Vise Grips – Vise Grips can be used as pliers, a wrench, or even a clamp. Got a stripped screw that needs to come out? Break your zipper pull? Can’t get that pesky heel tap out to replace it? Grab a pair of vice grips for leverage. Your hands will thank you.

Flashlight – A flashlight is one of the Must Have Tools for Homeowners for many reasons. Your first recourse for proving there aren’t monsters under the bed, venturing into the attic, checking under the house for the source of that awful smell, and very during emergencies or power outages. Make sure you have extra batteries, and keep it someplace that can be found easily in the dark. Better yet get a few so you won’t have to go far in the dark!

Tarp – You can use it for covering anything outdoors that you don’t want to get wet, such as your grill or lawnmower. They work great for covering your flowers or vegetables to protect them in case of a frost. Tarps make sturdy, reusable floor cover as well – stick one under your kid’s craft table, on the garage floor, or lay one down before you start your next DIY project for easy cleanup.

5 Gallon Bucket – You can use this bucket to store all your other must have tools for homeowners or for another thousand possible uses. You can also buy them inexpensively at your local hardware store, usually with their logo on the side, for less than $5 which is great because you’ll need more than one.

Long Extension Cord – A long, heavy-duty, exterior extension cord is useful for many things, both indoors and outdoors. You can use it for Christmas lights or powering a weed wacker. It is also great when you need to power your wet/dry vac to clean out the mess your kid has in the back seat of your car.

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Thirteen-in-One Screwdriver – There are many different types of screws, and you never know which one you may run across. One of these screwdrivers has interchangeable bits that will work with most projects. No more trying to use a flathead on Phillips Head screws.

Crescent Wrench – Instead of having one wrench of every size, this wrench will fit most nuts or bolts. While you may not have had much use for one of these before, you’ll need it for your DIY bathroom and kitchen projects. This will come in handy for adjusting the seat of the bike you’re probably to busy to ride.

Putty Knife & Spackle – You probably remember these items from using them often as a renter. Whether you’re tackling a big project like blowing insulation into walls, or a smaller project like fixing the door-knob-sized hole the kids made in the wall by swinging the door too hard, a putty knife and some spackle will be of use to you.

Utility Knife – A standard box cutter can be used immediately from unpacking boxes at move-in to cutting through drywall. You’ll be glad you have one of these if you have to do any rewiring in your home or simply need to cut a hole into the cardboard-like backing of your new bookshelf so that you can hide the cords to your router.

Level – You may not have thought that a level is a Must Have Tool for Homeowners, but whether you’re hanging artwork on the wall, ensuring the meatballs won’t roll off your table, or conquering basic DIY projects, you’ll probably need to use of a level.

SawYou can either buy a hacksaw, which will cut through anything (metal, or wood), or you can get a battery-powered one that can cut through anything from nails to 2x4s. These will come in handy when you need to trim back overgrown tree branches.

Plunger – Everyone knows what this is for. However, you may want to invest in two, just in case you also need to unplug your kitchen sink. Pick one with a caddy or hideaway holder so you aren’t struggling to find a place to stash it when it isn’t in use.

Fasteners – Fasteners are Must Have Tools for Homeowners because you never know when you’ll need to bust out your super glue, duct tape, or assorted sizes of screws and nails. The last thing you’ll want to do is go back to the hardware store after getting through step 17 of putting your new TV stand together only to realize you’ve lost a screw. Keep an assortment on hand and you’ll be able to make due and keep your projects on track.

The Top 25 Must-Have Tools For Homeowners

Start with a pack of nails and screws. Then add adhesives such as glue and tape to your kit. Fasteners and adhesives are must have tools for homeowners because you’ll inevitably need to tape, glue, nail, or otherwise adhere something to the wall (or back together when your kid breaks it.)

Wet/Dry Vac – It’ll pick up anything that will fit down the tube, even nuts, or bolts. Additionally, since a wet/dry vac will suck up water, you can use it to clear water from a plugged drain or, if you have a carpet spill, you can get down to the carpet padding, rather than rubbing or scrubbing on the surface.

Fire Extinguisher – Your home may not have one when you move in but a fire extinguisher is definitely one of the Must Have Tools for Homeowners that you’ll be glad you have in an emergency. Smaller, portable ones are not usually rechargeable, however, a larger one can easily be serviced every couple of years by your local fire department.

Broom & Dustpan – Whether you’re tackling spring chores, your toddler’s latest glitter project, or drywall pieces from your DIY insulation project, you’ll need a broom and dustpan to sweep it all up. You can get an inexpensive version of the duo for everyday needs or a more heavy-duty variety like this for bigger messes. Regardless of which you choose, a broom and dustpan are must have tools for homeowners.

Heavy Duty Work GlovesA good pair of work gloves will help protect your hands from prickly weeds or splintering lumber, and even provide a barrier between fingers and hammers if you’re a novice DIYer.  They are one of the must have tools for homeowners because they are also great to have around for light gardening, spring cleaning, or Eww – bagging the dead rodent you found in the basement/attic/garage/insert dark or unfinished area of home here.

Large Trash Can – If you are lucky enough to be provided a trash can by your municipality or inherited one from the previous homeowners who didn’t take their purchased one when they vacated your new home, it may not be ideal for home projects. A sturdy trash can come in very handy for anything from collecting recyclables to sorting through giveaway clothes or hauling debris from gutting the closet in the guest room. Check out this one for a good option.

Work Light – Whether you want to brighten up your garage while working on a special project, detailing your car interior (because your kid threw up on the seat again) took longer than the amount of daylight you had left, or you simply want an inexpensive way to light up your patio while you sit outside enjoying the cool night air, having a work light is one of the must have tools for homeowners. This one from Olafus is bright, LED, and kind to your wallet.

Shammies/Towels It’s always a good idea to have a stash of “Not the good towels!” when someone spills the entire contents of their cup, glass, or can on the carpet. They’re great for washing the car, and cleaning up the variety of bodily fluids that the kids will inevitably wipe, smear, or evacuate onto your floors. Absorbent, washable towels help reduce the amount of your budget spent on paper towels and reduce your paper waste too!

Every homeowner should have this set of 25 essential hand and power tools in order to tackle the common DIY projects and maintenance tasks that will inevitably arise. From basic screwdrivers and hammers to more specialized tools like a drill and vice grips, this list of 25 must have tools for homeowners covers it all and will help you get your tool collection on the right track.



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The Top 25 Must-Have Tools For Homeowners



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