Designing a Fun Playroom for Kids

Now, more than ever the spaces in our homes have become fluid spaces. Almost everyone is living, learning, playing, and working all from the comfort of their own home. As we embark on the journey of homeschooling during a pandemic, creating a playroom for kids is a must. Young children learn through play thus creating a space in which they can express themselves is of utmost importance.

Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

Factors to consider:

Playrooms can be found in the most unlikely of spaces. In other words, not all homes come equipped with a large room out of the way of visitors for playrooms. Sometimes, converting an extra bedroom, dining room, office, or another unused space into a playroom is our best option. One of the caveats of doing so is that often these rooms are in plain view of guests. Thus finding pieces that are sleek, modern, and elegant is important. Pieces that don’t feel as much as gaudy toys but more complementary to your decor style.

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Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

Decor Style

There are such a wide array of decor styles to consider when designing a playroom for kids, luckily websites like Scandiborn create a wide variety of toys that fit with any decor style. Here you can find everything from farmhouse looks to modern. We love the look and simple, natural color scheme of the Kid Concept Play Kitchen. The design and neutral tones promote flexibility and thus makes this the perfect kitchen for all. This piece is intricately created with an all-wood design that blends perfectly with a variety of decor.

Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

Learning Through Play

Children create, learn, and explore through play. Providing spaces that encourage exploration and play is important. Through play, children learn vital concepts about the world by simply doing what is natural. Blending the ideas of everyday activities such as cooking with play, our children develop skills for the natural world. The Kid Concept Play Kitchen in Natural/White is simply beautiful and encourages hours of play for all ages.

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Kid Concept Play Kitchen in Natural/White
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The space you create as a playroom for kids should be encouraging and comfortable for play. Makes sure toys are at accessible heights, to encourage independent play. Also using simple designs that encourages children to use their imagination by creating sounds and unique uses for items. Critical thinking and extrapolation skills are born through independent playtime. Your child’s age plays an integral part in where your playroom for kids is within your home. Young toddlers need to be close to parents’ watchful eye while also being able to explore their own surroundings.

Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

Over the past few months, we have spent more and more time at home. Many of us are trying to balance work and family, thus our homes have transformed into offices, schools, and daycares. While it may not always be feasible to let your little one roam wild and free, you can create a space that is either close to where you will be working or somewhat portable.

Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

A Portable Playroom

A portable playroom for kids that sounds like a novel idea, right? However, in 2020 almost anything goes. Especially when you are trying to teach older ones, work from home, and take care of your house. A comfy, portable play mat just may be the answer to all your woes. Toddlekind Prettier Playmats are the perfect accessory to move your playroom anywhere in the house.

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Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

Toddlekind Prettier Playmat encourages fun without sacrificing beauty and style. These cushioned mats will protect your little one from bumps and scapes because they are made with non-toxic EVA foam that exceeds safety requirements, thus giving you peace of mind. The plush foam is not only easy on little one’s knees while crawling around, but is also comfortable for adults to sit and play with their little ones. The tiles easily transform to fit any space. They come in a variety of packages and every package fits into another. Simply snap together allowing for ease and flexibility of bringing the playroom for kids to you.

Prettier Playmat
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Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids

Designing a playroom for kids allows you to think outside the box of normal decor. Here you can pick fun designs, childhood favorites, or bright colors that may not fit anywhere else. Playrooms should be warm, welcoming spaces that allowing children to express themselves and learn through play. This room should be designed for play, so design it in a way that exudes happiness and fun.

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Designing A Fun Playroom For Kids



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