26 Easy Fall Snacks and Drinks for On-the-Go

With the seasons changing and school starting back up, it may feel like you never have a second to eat. Luckily, there are so many fall snacks and drinks that are perfect those few seconds you get to break away. When you’re searching for easy fall snacks, you’re going to want to look for something that is healthy and can easily be thrown in a lunchbox or diaper bag. Here are 24 fall snacks and drinks to help you get through this season!

Healthy Fall Snacks to Try


Whether you’re racing off to soccer practice or have to make a Zoom meeting, trying to find time to eat a well-balanced meal is a challenge parents always face. The next time you find yourself trying to balance your family’s extra-curricular activities with mealtime, don’t stop at the drive-through! Grab a Ka’Chava meal replacement shake. Ka’Chava meal replacement shakes are nutrient-dense and packed with over 70 superfoods. Designed for a busy lifestyle, Ka’Chava shakes can be mixed with water and shaken to blend. They are available in two flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla making them perfect fall snacks!

Raw Generation

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

It is no secret that fresh and unprocessed foods are better for our bodies than the alternative. But going to the store, buying all the ingredients, and finding and making fall snacks that are healthy and tasty can be cumbersome. Raw Generation was created to help its consumers live a healthy life without sacrificing time or taste. The company offers healthy, on-the-go fall snacks to aid in weight loss, boost immunity, or as a post-workout recovery.

The Juice and Protein Variety Pack is a great way to try everything Raw Generation offers. The assortment includes 3 different cold-pressed juices and 3 different plant-based protein smoothies in quantities of 18, 30, or 42. All products arrive flash-frozen and go straight into your freezer.

To consume, simply place into the refrigerator for a day or two and then shake and drink. This variety pack gives you a variety of clean protein, healthy fats, and nutrients that will feed your body and give you the convenience you need. Use Raw Generation today to help you achieve your optimum health.

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve taken a renewed sense of interest and pride in family meals over the past few seasons. When our favorite restaurants hit the pause button, we learned how to cook differently ourselves, sourcing delicious ingredients, and creating memorable meals right at home. (Psssst….want to know one of our secrets? It’s Divina.)

Create an epic charcuterie board by adding Feta Stuffed Olives.

Garnish that martini with Buffalo Blue Olives.

Looking for olives bursting with rich flavor? Try Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.

And Garlic Stuffed Olives…yum! These will pretty much compliment any meal.

Try Organic Olive Bruschetta, a delicious, appetizer for almost any menu.

The subtle sweetness of Fig Spread will perfectly complement any savory side.

And then there’s always Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is great for either cooking or dipping.

Elevate your fall snacks and make amazing ingredients a part of your next memorable meal. Get your garnish on with Divina.


Did you know that National Coffee Day is coming up? Now that’s a holiday we can get behind! This September 29, celebrate with Torani by creating your own gourmet coffee bar at home. Torani offers many amazing syrup varieties and flavors, but our favorites are their Puremade Syrups. With pure cane sugar, natural flavors, and no artificial colors or preservatives, Puremade delivers amazing flavor and is GMO-free.

Fall head over heels for everyone’s seasonal favorite, Puremade Pumpkin Spice. Enjoy an everyday classic, Puremade Signature Vanilla. Create the perfect caramel macchiato with Puremade Caramel. For more of a fall caramel flavor, mix things up with Puremade Salted Caramel. Or, enjoy a more grown-up spin on your typical caramel latte with Puremade Bourbon Caramel.

Perk up your coffee station with a traditional Puremade Chocolate Milano. Finally, introduce a taste of the tropics with Puremade Coconut. Don’t forget to add Syrup Pump or two, to make crafting your morning brew a breeze.

With Torani, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative beverages. There are more than 30 Puremade varieties to choose from! Not only will your coffee pack a more flavorful punch, but these syrups will add pizzazz to sparkling water, put some oomph into iced tea, and create bold cocktails. We’ll drink to that!

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Dear Mom Wine Co.

Between the brisk fall weather that’s just around the corner and the need to keep a safe social distance, more gatherings are moving outdoors. Add a four-pack of Dear Mom Wine Co. to your next picnic, tailgate, or al fresco dinner party and experience an enjoyable premium wine that’s ready for adventure.

Start with the Sparkletown, a sweet, bubbly classic fit for any celebration.

Oregon White Wine is a light, fruity Pinot Gris that will please every white wine lover’s palate.

Whether you’re a red or white kinda girl, Dear Mom has you covered. Oregon Red Wine is a dry Syrah blend bursting with plum, cherry and cranberry flavor.

Last but not least, there’s Oregon Rose, a Syrah/Malbec with hints of strawberry, watermelon and lavender.

If the adorable packaging wasn’t enough to convince you, the selection of lovely, light flavors certainly will. Dear Mom Wine Co. was founded to pay homage to moms everywhere–that’s certainly something worth toasting! They’re the perfect addition to your on-the-go fall snacks and drinks shopping list!

Skout Organic

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Snacks are simple. You’re hungry, the kids are hungry and there’s no time to complicate things, so don’t. With Skout’s Organic Protein Bars, it’s simply that, protein without the hype powders, artificial mystery ingredients, or unnecessary sweeteners and binding agents. It’s all you need, mom or dad, to keep you going while the Real Food Bars for Kids only contain…real food. It’s the perfect snack for the pantry or glove compartment that contains just 7 ingredients or less. Oh, and they’re gluten-free too!

ICONIC Protein

Rise and shine! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if the alarm clock didn’t go off in time, no worries! The kids can have a healthy breakfast they’re sure to love, with ICONIC Protein.

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Sugary cereal doesn’t stand a chance against these delicious, protein-packed drinks. Grab the Variety Pack Kid’s Drink to try two of each flavor—Fruity Fiesta, Vanilla Vacay, and Chocolate Carnival.

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Grown-ups will enjoy the protein Variety Pack (5 Flavors). These ready-to-drink beverages come in many great flavors as well—Chocolate Truffle, Cafe Latte, Vanilla Bean, Cacao + Greens, and Turmeric Ginger.

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Or, opt to mix it up yourself in your favorite shaker cup with a pound of Chocolate Truffle Protein Powder. It tastes great, and will give your diet a much-needed protein boost.

These protein drinks make great after school fall snacks or mid-day snacks, too. Best of all? They contain zero grams of sugar and one full serving of organic greens. That’s something everyone can be happy about. Thanks, ICONIC Protein!


26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

One may think that with a snack that’s been around for hundreds of years, finding a clean, organic, jerky would be easy right? Well, surprisingly no.

But don’t fret. Prevail Jerky has made it super simple. They only use 100% organic marinade on 100% grass-fed, grass-finished non-GMO beef. They also don’t add preservatives or soy either. Prevail Jerky is just all good, natural flavor on amazing beef. That’s it. Feel healthy and fuel yourself deliciously with these perfect fall snacks!

Chum Fruit Bites

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Yes! Fall snacks for you (or just for you) without the added “nasties” of artificial ingredients, added fake sugars, preservatives, or funky chemical color combinations. The fruit in the Chum Fruit Bites is picked at the peak of ripeness and this baked slowly to retain all that Mother Nature had originally intended for her fruit to contain, nothing but pure goodness. Shaped into some fun bite-sized morsels, they’ll not only satisfy but you’ll also be giving back by helping to protect endangered species featured on every pack.

Woodridge Snacks

Tired of eating the same boring fall snacks for lunch every season? Spice up your routine with Woodridge Snacks.

Their Asian-inspired Teriyaki and Tom Yum-flavored Taster Pack of Mochi Rice Nuggets are just what your taste buds need. Seriously. It’s like enjoying a savory dish from one of your favorite Chinese or Thai restaurants in a mini, poppable crunchy snack.

For some smoke, salt and heat, try the Taster Pack of Tempura Seaweed Chips. Dipped in a light batter and tempura fried to a delightful crisp, these Hickory BBQ, Sea Salt and Sriracha treats make for another satisfying snack.

Can’t decide between Mochi Rice Nuggets or Seaweed Chips? That’s OK. Try a combination of each with the Mixed Grab & Go Sampler Pack.

Finally, don’t forget the Sriracha Sticky Rice Chips, a grown-up take on the traditional rice cake with a firey kick that only Sriracha can provide.

For big flavor and delicious treats with a unique global flair, try Woodridge Snacks today.

Uncle Matt’s

Juice drinkers rejoice! Uncle Matt’s Organic juices are here, they’re organic, and man, are they delicious. It’s easy to see why it’s the #1 Organic selling orange juice. But they don’t just make just orange juice. Uncle Matt’s offers other juices such as Grapefruit, Orange Mango, Lemonade, and even a sugar-free Strawberry Lemonade. Perfect by themselves or mixed, they taste great and you’ll feel great about drinking them.


With holidays right around the corner, FOODMatch has everything you need to give your charcuterie platters a Mediterranean kick! Add Feta Stuffed Olives to your Greek Salad! Tired of the same-old pizza? Swap out the tomato sauce with Divina Chili Fig Spread and give your pizza a sweet and spicy kick! When your cravings for some sweet fall snacks – kick into high gear, break out the Divina Fig & Cocoa spread. Made with fair-trade cocoa, this spread is perfect for pairing with ice cream, waffles, or cream cheese with crackers.


26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Smoothie to go? Yes, please! Now you have Fruit + Veggies + Super Foods all in one convenient smoothie shot pop. reBlend is simply a product that gives you high-impact, functional ingredients your body craves while diminishing the food waste among farmers. That produce may not make it to the supermarket all pretty, but it’ll be in your smoothie shot, completely nourishing and blended to perfect on-the-go fall snacks.


Looking for ways to “beet,” bad eating habits? Beetology can help with that. Why beets? Beets have amazing health benefits and research as shown they are heart-healthy, brain-healthy, and blood pressure healthy! Beetology juice beverages are 100% organic. They don’t have any added sugars or artificial flavors. Beetology juices are available in multiple blends such as Beet and Berry or Beet and Veggie. They are every bit as tasty as other high-sugar juices but don’t have the sugar or calorie content. So what are you waiting for? Starting adding beets to all of your fall snacks!

Tempo Beverages

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

When the weather gets breezy, sometimes our motivation for getting up and doing things goes down. Ditch the couch and add this drink to your on-the-go fall snacks list for a boost to keep you going! Tempo Beverages gives us a variety of CBD infused sparkling drinks that are not only delicious but will help keep you fresh and focused during your day.

There are so many benefits to CBD and opposed to energy drinks, Tempo Beverages uses natural boosters like black tea and green tea! So you don’t have to worry about getting jitters when you need a pick me up. The variety pack includes two caffeinated flavors, Ginger Tumeric and Matcha Raspberry Lime, but you’re just looking to relax with a nice beverage, their caffeine-free Hibiscus Blackberry Lemon sparkling drink is definitely for you!


Are you looking for healthy and yummy fall snacks to pack in school lunches? Whisps are the fall snacks you’ve been looking for! Made with 100% cheese, these high protein snacks are every bit as addictive as potato chips but, unlike potato chips, Whisps will leave you feeling satisfied. Now available in 12-pack varieties you can send your children to school with either Parmesan and Cheddar Cheese or Tangy Ranch and Nacho! Plus, each pack is only 100 calories, making it easy for moms with munchies to keep track of their daily caloric intake!


26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

If you’re looking for delicious grab-and-go keto fall snacks, look no further than MCTco. No need to compromise on health, taste, or convenience. MCTco makes superfood keto snacks from high-quality, great-tasting ingredients that anyone maintaining an active lifestyle will enjoy.

Their Breakfast/Dessert Variety Pack will keep you energized all day. It includes twelve MCTBars in total, two of each yummy flavor: Berry Beautiful, Lemon Boost, Banana Beautiful, Cocoa, Caramel Sea Salt, and Cookie Dough. You’ll quickly find your fave!

Who can resist keto-friendly fall snacks with an amazing taste and clean ingredients, plus protein, grass-fed collagen, and brain-boosting MCT oil? We can’t, especially with all of these fantastic flavor choices. Whether it’s a breakfast, snack, or dessert bar you’re seeking, you can’t go wrong with MCTco.

Silver Hills Bakery

Breakfast just sprouted a whole new look and taste with these chewy classics we all love to hate. Now, without the guilt-trip (or excess bloating), you’ll have the nutritional power of sprouted goodness using whole grains and the subtle yet inviting flavor of sourdough. By using sprouted grains, you’re unlocking nature’s sacred nutrients, making them readily available and easier to digest. So, smother these goodies with some butter and your favorite toppings because you have nothing to gain but seeds, tightly packed with vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients your body needs.

ONE Brand

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Your best friend is just ONE bite away. Indulge in guilt-free fall snacks anytime you crave something sweet and sultry, like Pumpkin Pie this fall. ONE Brand bars are packed with 20 grams of protein without sacrificing taste, texture, or time to eat something healthy and delicious. You’re welcome!


26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

“Hell yaass!” That’s the way you’ll be feeling after drinking this collecting of hemp-infused sparkling beverages. They not only quench your thirst but allow you to create a sense of total well-being by feeling good. Made with natural ingredients, deliciousness just met bliss in a single can. Simply perfect to drink with all of your favorite fall snacks!

Old Trapper

Jerky is one of the healthiest snacks out there. It’s high in protein (umm… it’s meat), low in carbs, and if done the Old Trapper way using lean-cuts of beef, it’s low in fat too. Dehydrated beef is totally portable and long-lasting, so grab a bag or 10 and always have a satisfying and delicious snack on the go.

Are you into cutting even more carbs or sugar, or just want a more basic beef taste? Old Trapper’s Zero Sugar variety has all the flavor, none of the sugar. They’re the perfect fall snacks for those Keto diets or an even healthier lifestyle.

Crystal Farms

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Calling all cheese-lovers and Keto-goers! Crystal Farms has fall snacks that you need to stay on track and satisfy your cheddar cravings. Available in two flavors: Mozzarella and Marble Jack Cheese, Crystal Farms cheese wraps will redefine sandwiches in your home. These cheese slices are cut so they can be rolled easily and come in a resealable tray. But don’t think they’re just for sandwiches, Crystal Farms has a number of recipe ideas on their website including pinwheels, taco shells, and taquitos.

VK Energy Bars

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Forget all those artificial stimulants followed by untimely crashes, and overall feelings of lacking energy. Most of us have probably forgotten about the powerhouse vitamin B12. So, here’s your tasty reminder about a sure way to boost your energy levels to help support your BOSS lifestyle as an entrepreneur, mom, or post-COVID traveling fanatic. Whatever your pleasure, keep up with yourself in the most mouth-watering way!

St. Pierre Bakery

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

That “ah” moment when your fall snacks transport you from your kitchen straight to Paris. Don’t worry about having to pack your bags, you can experience the incredible and delicious taste of hazelnut chocolate crepes right from home with St. Pierre Bakery! These crepes are individually wrapped and ready to eat, so you can take them practically anywhere you go. Whether you choose to eat them by themselves or pair them with a scoop of ice cream, St. Pierre Bakery are simply the best when it comes to crepes!

And while you’re looking for your fall snacks, don’t forget to pick up something to store them on-the-go!


26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

The start of Autumn kicks off the season of fall snacks with caramel corn, nutty trail mix, apple treats, and pumpkin everything! Don’t let the holiday season ruin your waistline. Let PackIt help you keep healthy fall snacks easy with their on the go customizable Mod Lunch Bento Container. This modular system includes three interiors, leak-resistant dividers that can be adjusted within the container, and moved around to get the exact space you need. The Tritan base is BPA free, dishwasher, microwave, and freezer friendly. The simple shatter-free design features a snap-lock that makes packing fall snacks easy and mess-free.

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Needing a place to carry your bento box with some style? PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box has taken an old-school lunch box design and added a twist of modern style. These fun patterned, lunch bags have freezable walls filled with a non-toxic gel that will keep fall snacks and lunches cold for hours. Like all other PackIt products, this too is made from PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, and lead-free material. With a zipper top load design, packing this lunch bag flat or using the buckle handle to clip onto a backpack or gym bag makes travel to school or extracurricular activities super easy. Fall in love with easy snacking and packing designs from PackIt!

Kuhn Rikon

26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go

Kuhn Rikon makes some of the best products for the kitchen. These Swiss-made products are engineered and designed with precision and quality in mind. The Colori Paring Knives are a must-have for lunch and family dinner prep. The super sharp, non-stick blade makes tasks like coring vegetables, chopping fruit, or cutting cheese snacks a quick and easy task.

Whether you’re rushing to the office and need an energy bar or you’re hosting a kid-friendly tea party, these fall snacks are perfect for any on-the-go occasion. Make sure to pick up some on-the-go wine and plan a few picnics in the park to enjoy the beautiful leaves that are about to fall – you deserve the break!


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26 Easy Fall Snacks And Drinks For On-The-Go



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