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So you already love Boob Design clothing for their maternity and nursing wear? Whether your style is bold and bright or subtle and demure, Boob Design's summer apparel is perfect for expecting and nursing moms alike! Check out all of their new styles for summer!

Bright Hues

Boob Design is known for their bright hues and patterns! This spring and summer collection is no exception! Choose your hue and enjoy the comfort and style of this season's picks!

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Perfect Patterns

The patterns that Boob offers are classic and adorable. Whether you love bold,nautical inspired stripes,thinner,chic stripes or more of a floral pattern,Boob Design has what you need!
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Pregnant or Nursing

Whether you are expecting or breastfeeding,these dresses last from 1st trimester to well into your little one's toddler years. Enjoy the flattering cuts and discreet nursing-friendly overlays that Boob Design offers to your wardrobe!

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 Lightweight Fabrics

Enjoy the light fabrics that can be worn on their own during this sweltering summer season and can be topped with a cardigan and layered over opaque tights in the fall and winter season. Emerald and violet are great hues to carry into the colder months.

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We have found that Boob Design apparel can easily be your version of "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants." Due to the fabrics being stretchy and universally flattering, you can pass Boob Design clothes throughout your group of girlfriends with ease. It fits right in with your desire to reduce and reuse while also helping out your girlfriends! That is a winning combination in our book!

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