25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

It’s not always easy to have frizz-free hair that looks perfect anywhere you go. Finding the right natural haircare products that work for you shouldn’t have to be such a chore. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best natural haircare products that will definitely get the job done without harming the environment. This guide has everything you need, from vegan shampoos & conditioners to hairsprays that will eliminate frizz to hairstyling tools that will look like you stepped out of a salon. So get ready to turn heads this summer with the most amazing natural haircare products on the planet!

Best Natural Haircare Products


25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Now that the summer is in full-blown effective, it’s time to get out the door…fast! There are places to be and people to look fabulous around and the last thing you probably want to deal with (besides the heat) is your kinky curly hair that needs to retain its precious moisture balance – and Kinkistry knows this.

Kinkistry’s Kinknesis Headband Wig is the kinky straight textured wig that is made with 100% Peruvian human hair. This beautiful wig blends well with any texture and allows for various styling options for your summertime styles. The Kinknesis Headband Wig comes in a natural color, blackish/brown, and in 1B hair texture. You can wear it straight, use a wand curler or curling iron for larger, bouncy curls – whatever you choose, this beautiful texture blends in seamlessly with your natural hair texture.

Kinknesis Headband Wig’s best feature is the 200% hair density, which gives you so much hair you might never know what to do with it – but it’ll look gorgeous! This natural hair wig can be taken care of just like your natural hair – finger combing, and washing weekly or bi-weekly.

With securing combs, adjustable bands, and strong velcro closure, your newfound hairstyle isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it to go!

Kinkistry designs headband wigs to give your natural hair a break while still rocking the fun, kinky style you were born with. The headbands are adjustable to fit your head snuggly and securely with the lengths of the 100% natural hair varying from 12inches to 22inches. Fully embrace your kinky curls without having to manipulate and style them every day thanks to Kinkistry. Say hello to summertime protective styles!

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You may not know that the health of your scalp determines the health of your flowing or curly locks. If you know this, then you understand the importance of scalp treatment therapy sessions every now and then to keep your hair growing and thriving. Instead of expensive salon treatments… we’re introducing the Laduora DUO, the world’s first pod-based hair and scalp care device. The DUO is an innovative beauty device featuring the latest dermal technologies to gently massage your scalp, stimulate circulation, and deliver pure ingredients to your scalp and hair.

The DUO Pod is filled with your chosen hair treatment, then enjoy a luxurious hair and scalp treatment from the comfort of your own home – no gas or salon expenses are necessary.

Get ready to enjoy DUO’s Sonic vibration technology which provides a gentle scalp massage to relax and rejuvenate your senses, while the Therapeutic warmth soothes and calms the scalp while treating it with Balance. This ultra-moisturizing formula is packed with protein and vitamins and helps to restore balance to the scalp while revealing healthy, lustrous locks. Rose flower, argan, raspberry seed, and castor oil work together to create a powerful blend that will leave your hair looking and feeling its best.

If you’re looking for a product that will help you achieve healthier, more vibrant hair, look no further than the awaken DUO pod. This innovative formula contains a blend of peppermint, tea tree oil, and aloe vera leaf extract to soothe the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Plus, its cooling properties make it ideal for those with an irritable scalp. Use it as part of your daily routine, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in the condition of your hair!

For those curly tresses that are type 3 & 4 hair, you can focus on their most concerning areas such as temple & crown in a slow circular motion to ensure all the benefits of red light therapy, microcurrent stimulation, and elixir actives are successfully delivered there. This summer, get ready to revamp and recondition how well your hair grows, thrives, and feels with Laduora!

Moroccan Oil

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

For years, Moroccan Oil hair products have been the highlight of any salon shelf. Their iconic scent and luxurious feel are incomparable, and now, they’ve added even more amazing natural haircare products to our lives.

The Body Souffle is a body moisturizer unlike any other. This lotion is crafted with argan oil, so it is rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that penetrate the skin and soften even the neediest dry skin. Avocado and Macadamia Seed oil and squalane help to build your skin’s natural defenses while repairing dry, sensitive skin. This luxurious souffle is the balm you never knew you needed for tired, dry skin. Apply it lavishly over your entire body, and be sure to focus on those areas that need the most moisture (knees and elbows will absolutely drink it up!)

Another option for dry skin is the Body Butter. Featuring the same intoxicating scent as the other Moroccan Oil products, this body butter lavishes your skin with nourishment and long-lasting hydration. Hyaluronic Acid means that your skin will keep receiving moisture long after you’ve applied it. This moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft and non-greasy and it all adds up to a heavenly experience. This moisturizer is an especially sweet treat for tired feet, hands, and cuticles that could use some softening!

Before the moisturizer, the bath is calling with the Moroccan Oil Shower Gel! This gentle cleanser is perfect for everyday use and features a rich blend of Vitamin E and other natural oils that are designed to give you the softest summer skin. Glycerin helps improve your skin’s elasticity and locks in the moisture our skin craves during those long summer days.

Whether you choose to moisturize with Moroccan Oil after your bath or shower or head out the door, the gentle scent of this body wash is as appealing throughout the day as it was the first time you applied it in the shower.

When it comes to styling with hot tools in the summer, smoothing our manes is the name of the game. If we were counting on smooth hair from Moroccan Oil products, we can certainly trust them with our styling tools. The new Ceramic Heated Brush combines the heat styling benefits of a flat iron with the ease and safety of a paddle brush. This combination offers smoothness in one easy step and is one of the best natural haircare products on the market.

Other brushes only feature heat elements throughout the paddle, but this Moroccan Oil heated ceramic brush features heated bevels along the edges of this brush which help you to reach those parts of your hair that are typically forgotten, for example, the roots of your hair and those areas right behind your ears.

Ionic technology minimizes static that you may experience using other hot tools, leaving you with smooth, frizz-free style (an absolute MUST in these hot summer months!)

This brush is also very comfortable to use and safe to use even on the youngest hair in the family, thanks to the heat protection offered by the design of the ceramic cool tip bristles. The ergonomic soft-touch grip makes this brush easy to hold for as long as your style takes, and the 1-hour automatic shut-off won’t leave you wondering if you turned it off throughout the day.

Do you want frizz and worry-free style? Then add Moroccan Oil to your list of the best natural haircare products! This summer, get ready to create the hair of your dreams!


25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

We all want thick, lush hair that is always shining, but for most women, that is a dream. The truth is that so many haircare products promise the world and deliver nothing. KIMTRUE has created high-quality beauty products that focus on customer needs. You can count on them to enhance your skin and hair to perfection. With cutting-edge active ingredients and a commitment to delivering results, KIMTRUE creates non-traditional care products. The amazing duo Amino Acid Shampoo with Sea Salt and Seaweed Extract Hair Conditioner is a perfect combination that will keep your hair hydrated, healthy and shiny.

The sulfate-free shampoo exfoliates the scalp and removes dirt and oil without damaging the hair or scalp. While balancing itchy and oily scalps, the shampoo removes styling products, dry shampoo buildup, and chemical residue from color treatments. Formulated with sea salt, a natural exfoliant, this shampoo also eliminates impurities and supports natural, healthy blood circulation. 

The hair conditioner provides deep hydration and minimizes dryness. In addition, it improves scalp health by reducing the discomfort associated with dry and itchy scalps. The formula penetrates your hair’s layers to repair structural damage, reduces frizz, and removes gritty irritation.

The aromatic Ultra Treatment Hair Oil is incredibly effective, revitalizing and nourishing the hair, increasing keratin, repairing dye and perm damage, and softening and dimming frizzy or dull hair. The pure hair oil that moisturizes and soothes your frizzy hair will make it silky and smooth, and with frequent use, your hair will also become softer. KIMTRUE haircare products will make your dull, dry hair shiny and healthy, leaving all your friends wondering if you go to the salon every day!

Maria Nila Haircare

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Maria Nila Haircare created professional, natural haircare products that are produced in Sweden, animal-friendly, and free from sulfates and parabens. The Head & Hair Heal Series uses high-quality products that treat and prevent dandruff and scalp problems while leaving your hair feeling and looking amazing.

This series includes a soothing hair growth stimulating shampoo, a moisturizing and calming conditioner that has healding properties that add balance to both your hair and scalp, and a hair masque that you apply for 5-10 minutes after washing for softened, nourished, and moisturized hair.

There’s no such thing as too much volume! Especially when that volume comes in vegan, climate-compensated, and beautifully packaged natural haircare products. Maria Nila’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner thickens and adds body to fine hair without weighing it down. Vitamin B5 adds moisture and long-lasting volume, while Color Guard Complex preserves your color by protecting your hair from UV radiation and free radicals; all with a citrusy and floral scent of Neroli, Lemon, and Hyacinth for a fresh feel.

Act + Acre

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Give your scalp some tender love and care when you use the Essentials Renew by by Act+Acre. This 3-step system exfoliates and cleanses the scalp. We love that this system will work on multiple scalp and hair types. You’ll love the savings you get when you subscribe.    

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Sun Bum

Heading outside for some fun in the sun this summer? Trust the Bum®, and show your skin and hair some love with Sun Bum!

First things first – you’ll want to start by protecting your skin. Adding sunscreen to your daily skincare regimen is one of the best ways to ensure those harmful rays don’t sneak in and surprise you! Thankfully, Sun Bum has several great new skincare products from which to choose.

The Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer, Daily Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer, and Daily Sunscreen Face Mist are great options for everyday use. All are SPF 30, broad-spectrum, and water-resistant choices, not to mention amazingly scented! After a long day, refresh and reset with the hydrating and balancing Daily Cleanser.

After gently washing away the day, finish off with the Hydrating Serum. Loaded with antioxidants and good ingredients like banana, brown algae, and niacinamide (a form of vitamin B-3), it helps protect against harmful free radicals and daily skin stressors.

Your beautiful skin isn’t the only thing you need to shield from sun damage. Take great care of those lovely locks too, with Sun Bum’s natural haircare products. The Scalp & Hair Mist is an SPF 30 and is a great addition to your usual pre-sun routine. The Anti-Frizz Oil Mist tames frizz and boosts natural shine. Both are made with naturally derived ingredients like Tahitian Noni and Sea Kelp to keep your beach hair looking its best.

When your locks need a little extra love, there’s Sun Bum’s revitalizing hairline. Start with the Revitalizing Detox Scalp Scrub to gently cleanse and banish dirt and excess oils from the scalp. Then, treat your mane to a Revitalizing Hair Mask, a concentrated conditioning treatment that nourishes hair and leaves it softer and smoother.

Finish with the 3 In 1 Leave-In. Simply spray into wet or dry hair and comb through for softer, tangle-free locks. Trips to the shore, salt water, and sunshine can be great for the soul! Make sure your skin and hair are up for the adventure with Sun Bum!

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25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Though it may seem silly, a good hair tie can be hard to find. Too often they’re the wrong size, are made of cheap and flimsy material, or lack enough elasticity to keep your hair up. Furthermore, they can cause headaches and tear your hair upon removal. Fortunately, TELETIES is here to change that. Forgoing the one-size-fits-all myth, Teleties’ elastics are available in multiple sizes and made of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane material shaped into a spiral to grip hair without pulling, tugging, or causing discomfort.

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Offering a variety of hair coils (in three different sizes), headbands, and accessories in a variety of neutral shades, vibrant colors, whimsical finishes, and fun patterns all embellished with the brand’s signature small metal ring, there are Teleties for everyone (even your itty bitties). But the best part is that these hair accessories cause less creasing and damage than regular elastics, don’t cause headaches, stay in place, are waterproof, and are incredibly trendy. Heck, you don’t even have to wear them in your hair!

Prefer a headband? Teleties Headband is designed to pull back your hair in the same way any headband would and features all the benefits of their hair ties paired with a comfortable new rubber branding piece designed to prevent slippage. Wear it just above the back of the neck for the ultimate comfort and hold. If you need to take it off, it looks just as great on your wrist (or around your neck as a casual necklace).

And if you have way too many Teleties as we do, the TELETOTE is the perfect accessory for displaying, organizing, and traveling with your collection of TELETIES.

I-N Beauty

If you’re looking for a scalp and hair remedy that can address any and all ailments, look no further than Soothe-Sayer™ Bi-Phase Scalp Serum. This powerful, yet lightweight serum is packed with hydrating and soothing plant actives that will calm, strengthen, and restore your skin’s protective barrier. It’s also proven to visibly reduce dry patches, scale build-up, and help balance sebum production. Plus, the rich oils in the formula provide emollience and nutrients to replenish your hair. So if you want natural haircare products that do it all, Soothe-Sayer™ Bi-Phase Scalp Serum is the one for you!

Thinning hair got you down? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution. Pure Plenty® Nourishing Scalp Serum is a serum that helps support hair follicle health and inhibits the hair-thinning hormone DHT. With the advanced Intelli-Cell™ plant stem cell science, you can improve your healthiest hair cycle and protect the length you currently have. So say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to thicker, fuller locks!


Are you frustrated with your continuous hair loss, which has almost turned you bald? Do you want to add volume to your hair and make it look healthier with some natural haircare products? This Actsyle Growth Serum appears to be a solid choice then. This revolutionary serum absorbs magically into your scalp without leaving any sticky residue, allowing you to go out while it’s on. Moreover, it promotes hair growth from bald spots and reduces hair loss.

Besides that, using this serum will significantly increase hair growth and improve the health of hair follicles from root to tip, avoiding split-ends. Additionally, it inhibits DHT, the enemy of hair and a ubiquitous cause of hair loss in both men and women.

Speaking of hair growth, consider adding in the Lash Growth Serum, which can help you save a lot of money on eyelash extension treatment or fake lashes. Applying it, you will notice results within days, and with continued use, giving you natural beautiful long lashes. Also, if you want to thicken your brows, Actsyl Eyebrow Serum is a must-try. With three powerhouse natural haircare products, you’ll be growing the hair you actually want in no time!


Ladies, the natural haircare products you have been waiting for are finally here. The Organic Hydrolyzed Keratin Instant Smoother System by Mayraki is just what the stylist ordered. This vegan keratin system will take unruly hair and make it smooth & shiny, all from the comfort of your home.

This two-step program has a purifying shampoo (step 1) and keratin treatment (step 2) that lasts up to 3 months. It’s formulated with organic ingredients and is safer than salon-grade keratin treatments.

Tame your hair with the Wooden Paddle Brush that massages your scalp, detangles unruly hair, and reduces frizz, giving you smooth and healthy hair for that fresh salon look. So give your hair the attention it deserves with this high-quality shampoo and keratin treatment, coupled with the perfect brush! These are some of the easiest natural haircare products to use at home.


Ready to take your haircare routine to the next level? Let us introduce you to ENSO by Vegamour. ENSO is the first smart hair care system designed for the unique needs of fine, medium, and thick hair.

The ENSO Overnight Restorative Hair Mask will pamper you as you get your beauty rest so you can wake up to soft, well-nourished hair. ENSO’s intuitive technology will instantly adjust to your hair on contact, helping to provide ideal amounts of moisture, volume, and protection, while enhancing color and shine. Plus, these natural haircare products include Vegamour’s Karmatin™ and micro-encapsulated vegan b-silk™ protein, to suit the unique needs of each hair type.

Pair the mask with the soft, gentle Good Nights and Hair Days Pillowcase. The 100% organic bamboo pillowcase is the perfect way to pamper yourself as well as preserve smoothness, volume, and style while getting your beauty rest. It doesn’t create friction or damage and prevents both flyaways and frizz, so you can rest easy!

Treat yourself to the GRO Revitalizing Scalp Massager for a little at-home TLC. It’s safe for use on all hair types, wet or dry hair, and features gentle bristles that both stimulate the scalp and its circulation while offering a calming massage you can do to relax. Add this relaxing massager to your natural haircare products list.

Finally, we love GRO Biotin Gummies. They’re pink, heart-shaped, and strawberry-flavored, making them a great addition to your spring and summer hair-care routine! They include 16,666% of your daily value of biotin, or 5000 mcg, along with folic acid, Vitamins A, B-5, -6 and -12, C and E, zinc, and more key minerals to neutralize free radicals, supporting and nourishing the scalp and hair. Plus, they’re a tasty way to get in a daily dose of vitamins!

Flower Hair Tools

Take your hairstyle to a new level with the Wet or Dry Styling Iron by Flower Hair Tools. Now you can combine blow-drying and styling in this one compact tool that will make all your hair dreams come true. This styling tool is a game-changer. It will not only blow dry hair, but it will also straighten your hair faster, and you can also curl it. How convenient is that? The 1.25” rotating titanium barrel & wet/dry ionic bristles, and automatic shut-off make it the perfect traveling tool. If you’re going to a special event, this styling iron will save you time and money. 

 You can add volume and style to your hair with bouncy curls or sleek straight hair. This amazing styling iron will let you walk out the door looking like you just paid a visit to the salon!


25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Hey there blondie! If you’re like us, you’ve lightened up your previously darker hair with a new blonde ‘do for spring and summer, but the idea of hitting the salon every 4 weeks is a little out of budget. Enter HASK’s Blonde Care Collection which includes Blonde Care Purple Toning Shampoo & Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, and 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray; formulated to brighten and maintain your perfect shade of blonde and extend those trips to the salon.

This collection is truly effective at getting rid of brass, period. Introducing their highly pigmented, violet formulas that remove an overabundance of warm pigments in your hair, you can enjoy everything about being a blonde without the yellow, orange or red tones you hate.

Beyond blonde hair, Hask has a few other natural haircare products worth checking out this season. First up – Hask’s Biotin Boost Thickening Clay Hair Mask. This mask is formulated to help you achieve thicker, healthier hair by targeting the root of the problem: build-up on the scalp which is weighing your hair down. This unique whipped texture mask will leave strands super conditioned with air-light bounce and visibly lifts hair from the root without making it feel greasy.

Then we have Hask’s Curl Refreshing Mist. This water-based mist reactivates and boosts curls, smooths frizz, and keeps hair smelling fresh in-between washes.

Finally, Hask’s Miracle Damage Repair Cream. If you’re obsessed with finding an affordable dupe for “that popular bond-building reparative cream,” then let us introduce you to Hask’s Argan Miracle Damage Repair Cream. This weightless styling cream is formulated with Argan Oil and Cuticle Smoothing technology to rebuild broken bonds, seal split ends and visibly reduce breakage.

Made for all hair types, we particularly love it because it works as a hair care primer by providing heat protection up to 450 degrees while also preventing future damage! This is one of the most essential natural haircare products that you will ever use.

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Little Moroccan Things

Got fragile hair? Not all combs are created equal and it’s time to pamper your delicate strands with a great protective tool for the most fragile and frizzy hair and beards. The Keratin Comb line, handmade by artisans of the Imlil Village in Morocco uses sustainable sheep and cow horns to create elegant combs that are naturally rich in Keratin and great for both hair and beards.

This ancient craft has been passed down through generations for more than 1000 years, and the artisans have perfected the process, resulting in a product that is of the highest quality. Each comb is carefully crafted using 40 artisanal steps, ensuring that it is durable and will last you for many years to come. The Keratin Comb line is the perfect tool for achieving healthy, lustrous hair. It helps to tame frizz and flyaways, making your hair look and feel smoother and softer.


dpHue is changing the way people take care of their hair in between salon visits with their line of natural haircare products. Using their signature apple cider vinegar ingredient in many of their products, the benefits for your hair and scalp are many. Through products like the ACV Scalp Scrub that chemically exfoliates and helps eliminate product buildup and impurities from hair and scalp and the ACV Hair Masque helps to seal the hair’s cuticle for increased shine, your hair will be strong, moisturized, and smooth.

The Justin’s Favorites Set is 4 hand-picked items from dpHue’s co-founder, Justin Anderson. Each product is great for all hair types and colors and is known for its part in creating healthy hair and scalp. This set includes the ACV Scalp Scrub, the ACV Hair Masque, Color Fresh Oil Therapy, and an ACV Hair Rinse. Each of these natural haircare products is cruelty-free, color-safe, and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and gluten.


Get ready to turn heads this summer with the best natural haircare products on the market. Of course, we are talking about Lasio. Lasio creates high-quality products for all hair types and backgrounds.

The aromatic HYPERSILK Color Treated Shampoo and Conditioner offers maximum protection to your color-treated hair while giving your hair back its natural strength and shine. This brilliant duo will provide UV protection and will make sure your color stays vibrant even after multiple washes.

If your hair looks dull, then use the HYPERSILK Texturizing Keratin Mist. This ultra-lightweight mist will take your stylish locks to the next level. The protective mist goes on wet and then dries, giving you added volume and shine you need to have all eyes on you. If you want smooth, healthy-looking hair that will get you noticed, always trust Lasio.


25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

From body wash to lotion, shampoo, and conditioner, Graydon Skincare, plant-powered clean skincare made with superfood ingredients, has you covered from head to toe. You can feel good knowing that Graydon’s natural haircare products use sustainably-sourced ingredients which are always clean, green, and cruelty-free.

Starting with Graydon’s All Over Soap, this vegan blend of Jojoba, Lavender and Rosemary will make you feel rejuvenated and won’t strip your body of moisture. Furthermore, the 4L bottle will last you 800-1330 showers.

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Matcha Mint Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated with a plant-based surfactant that will leave your hair looking shiny and smooth without stripping your hair of its natural oils. We particularly love that the smoothie (aka conditioner) not only conditions but also detangles while soothing even the most sensitive scalps.

Vatika Ayurveda

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in front of the haircare aisle wondering if you need moisturizing, strengthening, or volumizing products, then let us introduce you to Vatika Ayurveda. Vatika Ayurveda’s curated line of natural haircare products offers a transformative wellness journey for your hair.

The five elements – air, fire, earth, water, and ether – influence your hair’s destiny and hair wellness is balanced when all of these elements are in harmony. However, when the elements start to fall out of balance, your hair falls into one of three doshas – Vāta, Pittā, or Kaphā.

Understanding the doshas from their base levels, Vatika Ayurveda has crafted clean rituals that each cater to a different hair concern, made with authentic ayurvedic herbs and plant extracts to give you remarkable natural haircare products that are right from the heart of nature. Take their personalized hair quiz to figure out which collection is the best fit for you!


25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Looking for the perfect blowout this summer? Whether you want a sleek, bouncy, or wavy look, the Up In The Air Volumizing Brush by Hairitage will have you out the door with perfect hair every time. The built-in cool shot technology helps lock in and extend your style for days; and with tufted bristles, say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to shiny, silky hair!

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

But, don’t let the heat get to you! Play It Cool’s Heat Protectant Spray’s weightless formula provides protective hydration while maintaining the strength of hair and shields against the use of heat styling tools, up to 450°F. Use before you blow-dry, flat iron, or curl for instant conditioning that will leave your hair smooth, soft, and shiny while using your heat-styling tools.

Need some chic and functional accessories for your post-wash day needs? Hairitage’s collection of scrunchies, claw clips, and headbands are not only cute but will bring beachside elegance to any look. Perfect for all hair types, textures, and lengths, you’ll want a few of these pieces for the season.

Finally, the Hold My Hair Shower Basket is the answer to your messy shower needs. Keep your shower hair-free with this rust-proof basket that collects hair, bobby pins, hair ties, and jewelry. The adhesive backing attaches to most shower walls and its rust-proof design is easy to slide on and off the wall to empty. The best part? It is dishwasher safe; shower cleanup has never been so easy!


Infuse your moisture-starved locks with outstanding manageability, shine, and texture to achieve a youthful and healthy look with Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. With a potent blend of supreme quality and uncompromising performance, Caviar creates luxurious and youthful-looking hair and a lavish, indulgent experience.

The luxurious cleansing shampoo restores and hydrates dry hair., while also replenishing and sealing in moisture, adding softness and shine, and protecting against factors like physical, chemical, and natural aging. The conditioner then works to restore moisture while protecting hair from color fade, daily stresses, and future damage. Alterna is one of the most luxurious natural haircare products available today.

Shea Radiance

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Shea Radiance creates beauty products inspired by the traditional uses of unrefined shea butter to help women achieve beautiful glowing skin and hair at any age. The Natural Hair Care Bundle covers every step of your hair care regimen.

The Maximum Moisture Shampoo cleanses your hair without stripping its natural oils, leaving your hair softer and manageable while the Maximum Moisture Conditioner works on dry, brittle hair to strengthen the hair shaft, prevent breakage, and repair damaged hair.

Also included in this bundle is the Moisturizing Hair Milk, a weightless spritz conditioner that softens, detangles, and eliminates frizz, and the Moisture Rich Hair Butter that gives dry, damaged hair a luscious, nutrient-rich treatment.

Heatless Hair

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get gorgeous bouncy curls. Ladies, the answer is the Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon™ Kit! The 100% silk Curling Ribbon™ is 34-36″ long and can be used on various hair lengths. This innovative ribbon will help reduce frizziness and is handmade with love in Los Angeles. The Curling Ribbon kit comes with a silk Curling Ribbon, baby claw hair clip, two satin charmeuse scrunchies, and an instructional card. The Curling Ribbon gives you total control over how you want your hair to look. Wanting tighter curls? Wrap your hair tightly around. Or achieve beachy-looking waves by adding a bit of slack.

You simply wrap sections of your hair around the ribbon and then tie off the ends with the scrunchies and sleep your way to stunning salon-like curls! It’s that easy.

The Curling Ribbon™ Kit is the perfect addition to your beauty routine so you can walk out looking like a million dollars every time! This magnificent kit is very gentle on your hair and will leave your new locks looking bouncy and silky soft.

Jack 59

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

Ready to switch up your hair care routine for summer? Then it’s time to check out Jack 59! These shampoo and conditioner bars will give you a whole new perspective on convenient haircare, with their planet-friendly, plastic-free packaging. The Shampoo Bars-Travel Buddies Trial Pack will let you sample Citrus Shine, Energize, Vitality, Restore, and Island Tropics shampoo bars so you can choose your favorite.

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

We all know shampoo is nothing without a great conditioner! Add the Conditioner Bars-Travel Buddies Trial Pack so you can pair your shampoo bars with their matching scent. Enjoy soft, smooth hair and tons of shine this summer with Jack 59 natural haircare products.

Sisi Spray N’ Style

25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair

This summer, enjoy tangle-free hair with the Sisi Spray N’ Style hairbrush. This unique hairbrush has an integrated spray within the handle so you can add styling products to your hair while you brush! The curved brush head’s boar hair bristles and nylon pins glide through the hair gently and comfortably to detangle without causing pain or discomfort.

The portable brush contours to your head and gently massages your scalp, distributing oil evenly and helping to stimulate hair follicles with these natural haircare products. With three interchangeable bottles, you can have one for your detangling products, a leave-in conditioner, and another for moisturizing spray. You can use the brush for adults and children. This perfect hairbrush will make your life easier and give you the style you always wanted with little effort.

If you are someone who messes up her hair trying to recreate a salon look, then this guide is your savior. You won’t have to see your hairdresser every time you want your hair to look its best. These natural haircare products will give you bouncy, shiny hair without breaking the bank and will also save precious time. This guide has you covered whether you need a super-moisturizing shampoo & conditioner combo, hydrating hair masks, or styling tools that give red-carpet-ready, bouncy curls. 

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25 Natural Haircare Products For Longer, Healthy Hair



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Parveen Duggal
Parveen is a former healthcare professional who lives in Canada on Lake Huron with her husband and three gorgeous daughters. She loves fashion, jewelry, sunglasses, scrapbooking, cooking, enjoys whipping around town in her Tesla, and watching movies with her handsome husband. She is religious and loves to raise money for charities around the world. Parveen loves traveling especially going to Disney World with her entire family.

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